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Zara Clothing Reviews, Sizing and Quality

Zara Clothing Reviews, Sizing and Quality

Here's your run down on Zara clothing reviews. These Zara reviews are a good indicator towards Zara's flaws. However, shopping at Zara has its pros and cons

It’s a Spanish clothing company based in Arteixo Galicia. Yep, Zara. Essentially, it’s where everybody shops. You see people in the black moto jacket pass you in the winter every day and you know they got it from Zara. The trousers with the side stipe? Zara. It’s a household brand name at this point. Over the past year though, Zara has been getting a bit of flak. Whether it’s the quality or downright morale behind a clothing piece, debates have been sparked. Here is your look inside some popular Zara clothing reviews.

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Since Zara is a primarily a European company, several Zara clothing reviews focus on sizing issues. Clearly I you are a US citizen, it takes some getting used to. One useful trick is actually using the sizing chart if you are thinking of purchasing an item online. Seriously, it’s a lifesaver. On the website they now have a new feature that helps you calculate the perfect fit based on your unique measurements. I’d say that’s pretty awesome. It takes down your height and weight in either cm or inches. Additionally, it takes into consider how you like your clothing to fit: tighter, perfect or looser. Then you just find my size and you are good to go. It gives you a percentage of how many people with the same measurement bought that size suggested. Pretty forward thinking Zara.


Here are a few Zara clothing reviews below.

The Consensus?

I think it’s safe to say people strongly dislike the customer service at Zara. There are some mixed reviews though about the quality of the clothing. Personally, I think the quality of the clothing is great. Obviously you aren’t buying luxury branded clothes so you can’t expect to have clothing that is durable for more than a few years. However, these Zara clothing reviews seem pretty upset about the quality of their clothing. My advice for those of you buying their clothing online, stay away from making pant purchases and stick to tops. You never know what you’re going to get when you go shopping for any type of pants so you may as well go in store and figure out what you like.

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