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8 Yummy Autumn Desserts To Satisfy Your Tastebuds

There’s nothing better after a crisp fall day than a tasty dessert to sink your teeth into! We’ve compiled a selection of the most delicious fall dessert recipes that you absolutely have to try!

Unpack your fall decor and check out these autumn dessert recipes!

1. Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread cookies are a classic fall staple! Gingerbread is sweet and interesting while still maintaining a little bit of spice!

You can cut out your gingerbread in the oh-so-loved gingerbread people shapes or you can go a different direction! These cookies taste great with royal icing but will also be a huge crowd pleaser if you choose cream cheese frosting instead. 

Gingerbread is actually not that different from your typical sugar cookie! The only unique ingredients are cinnamon, ginger, allspice, cloves, and molasses, all of which create that recognizable taste and color of gingerbread!

This is our favorite recipe.  

2. Eggnog Ice Cream

Who says you can’t have ice cream when it’s cold out? Especially when it’s such a delicious fall flavor like eggnog!

This ice cream would pair amazingly with some gingerbread cookies or pumpkin muffins. We also recommend scooping some into your coffee in the morning for some eggnog heaven!

This recipe gives you detailed step by step instructions to create this delectable ice cream. 

3. Fall Brownies

Brownies can be eaten for any celebration, all year round. We find it super fun to dress up our brownies for fall!

This recipe infuses the brownies with pumpkin puree to add some fall vibes to the taste as well as the appearance!

The key to getting the look of these brownies right is the toppings! Those toppings are brown and orange Halloween chocolate chips as well as Halloween Sprinkles.

If you want to add something special of your own that’s not in the recipe you could add any assortment of crushed chocolate Halloween candy or even candy corn!

4. Ghost Cupcakes

These ghost cupcakes are spooky and adorable! The natural shape of icing on a cupcake in white icing creates the perfect shape for a surprised ghost!

This recipe values cute and simple designs for themed desserts! We love this quick thirty-minute recipe that results in such a fun Halloween treat!

The white icing and little ghost face can be piped onto any cupcake flavor of your choosing!

5. Caramel Apple Cider Cookies

These caramel apple cider cookies are a fall dessert miracle! The cookie itself is infused with apple and caramel flavor. In the middle is a surprise circle of pure caramel!

This cookie recipe takes an interesting route to getting that apple cider flavor! It uses an instant apple cider drink mix in the dough! To get that pop of caramel in the middle, they use already made chewy caramel candies. 

Have a couple of these cookies fresh from the oven with a cup of hot chocolate and realize that Belinda Carlisle was right! Heaven is a place on Earth!

See Also

6. Butterbeer Cake

We’re sure you’ve seen butterbeer drink copycat recipes floating around, but have you seen this extraordinary butterbeer cake? 

There’s nothing better than living out your Harry Potter fantasies than through creating desserts inspired by the story. 

This recipe is absolutely phenomenal! It uses butterscotch pudding and cream soda to create that unparalleled butterbeer taste!

7. Vanilla Latte

Sometimes dessert comes in the form of a drink rather than a cookie or a cake! We’re not complaining when it comes to this vanilla latte!

This recipe is spectacular and creates this drink inside of a crockpot!

Vanilla extract, white chocolate, and strong coffee are key to this sweet drink!

8. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

These sweet muffins are reminiscent of chocolate chip banana bread with a fall twist! We love how this recipe combines chocolate chips inside the muffin batter as well as puts some on top of each muffin before they bake!

These muffins are simple and easy to make! They’re perfect for those who like their desserts sweet but not too sweet!

Are you ready to make these fall delicacies? Comment down below your fall dessert plans!

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