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5 Youtubers Who Provide All The Laughs

5 Youtubers Who Provide All The Laughs

I know that a lot of us turn to Tik Tok to find funny people to watch now, but did you know that there are still an enormous amount of funny Youtubers who are still killing the comedy game with their videos on Youtube. You can’t watch a whole 10-minute long video on Tik Tok so that’s why we still need to turn to Youtube for some of the best funny content. Instagram allows you to post IGTV videos that can be up to like an hour-long, but it’s just so much better to go to Youtube to watch funny videos. I don’t know why, but it is. Actually, it’s probably because funny video compilations exist on Youtube. Plus that’s where most of these content creators posted content first, so why not take it back to the platform that started it all.

I’m about to provide you with a list of my top 5 funny Youtubers that will have you laughing so hard, you might pee your pants. Their videos are up there on the comedy scale and will make you want to binge their entire video archives. Especially number one on the list; he’s my favorite. 

1. Brandon Farris (imbrandonfarris)

Every time I put on a video by Brandon Farris I die. I laugh so hard at all of his videos that my stomach hurts. He has quite a few series that are gold. You’re going to want to sit and watch them all. One he does is “Google Translate!” where he takes a recipe and runs it through Google translate in a bunch of different languages until he has a noncoherent recipe in English and then he’ll make it no matter how ridiculous the steps sound. He also has a bunch of videos called “5 Minute Crafts!” where he tries a bunch of internet hacks, again, no matter how ridiculous they are. And then we can’t forget the ones where he tries to convince himself to hold, touch, or eat scary bugs or eat really spicy things. Or when he tries to follow Jeffree Star makeup tutorials; hilarious. The man does it all.  


Brandon’s commitment to everything that he does on his channel is what makes him such a funny Youtuber. No matter how ridiculous something might be, no matter how much of a mess it might make, or no matter how uncomfortable he is, Brandon always does what he promises to do in his videos and they turn out to be amazingly hilarious. I really hope you check out his channel. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

2. Sweetea (sweetea) 

The Sweettea channel is made up of four best friends that live in Los Angeles, California. Julian, Frank, Danny, and Logan create vlogs where they just film themselves doing ridiculous things throughout their day. Some of their funniest videos are when they sit in Logan’s car and have their “car talks.” During these talks, they usually debate about things like girls, food, songs, and the best stores to go to. These conversations stray off topic so often making the content 100 times funnier. These guys are some of my favorite funny Youtubers because they often pick on each other, try ridiculous Youtube challenges, and just act like dumb guys in their 20s. And no video is complete until they go and pick up a sweet tea from McDonalds. They recently started a podcast channel called, “SweeTalks,” which is basically just their car talks but longer and funnier. 


3. KNJ (KianAndJc)

Out of all the funny Youtubers I watch, KNJ are the guys I think I have watched the longest. I think I’ve been subscribed to their channel since it was created in 2015 and they still make me laugh daily. Known for their videos where they take on some of the craziest Youtube challenges, best friends Kian Lawley and JC Caylen are not only fun but they are genuinely some of the coolest guys. They do challenges where people can win money, they give money to a bunch of charities, and they do all of this while making people laugh. They also vlog and do videos where they just sit and talk or reminisce about the past and sometimes those are their funniest videos. One of my favorite videos of theirs is “Rewatching Our Old Videos (Part 2)” because they just sit and make fun of the content they made when they were younger. You can see in their videos that their humor and friendship is genuine and this is why they are some of my favorite funny Youtubers. 


4. Trevor Wallace (Trevor Wallace)

We all need a raunchy, funny Youtuber in our lives, right? Trevor is that guy. He creates hilarious sketches about the types of people you see walking around today. Some of my favorite of his sketches are when he pokes fun at fraternity guys and people that live in California. A couple of my favorite videos of his are “*drinks White Claw once*,” “When People From SoCal Meet People From NorCal,” and “What Pumpkins Actually Think of October.” He has a couple reoccurring characters like Kyle, Frat Guy, Entrepreneur Guy, and Hipster Guy who make appearances in various videos on his channel.

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What makes Trevor funny is how relatable he makes the characters in his sketches. After you finish laughing because of how funny the video is you’ll say, “You know what? I know someone who is exactly like that.” He also has a podcast with fellow funny Youtuber Michael Blaustein called “Stiff Socks,” which is also hilarious. Sometimes the topics can be a little raunchy so just remember that as you dive into Trevor’s channel. 


5. Dante D’Angelo (Dante D’Angelo)

If you like to listen to music and you like to laugh then Dante’s channel is the place for you. Dante is one of my favorite funny Youtubers because his humor comes in his reaction videos to new music and music videos. Whenever a new popular song comes out, Dante will film himself reacting to it and the music video. His commentary that is included in the video will have you laughing so hard you’ll fall out of your desk chair. All of his videos reacting to new Jonas Brothers and new Why Don’t We music are my favorites because I know those two groups really well so I understand all his little inside jokes and innuendos when he’s talking about the boys. He, of course, did a reaction to “Driver’s License” and it is fantastic. Subscribe to Dante if you want to laugh while discovering some new music. 


Who are some of your favorite funny YouTubers? Do you watch any of the ones on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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