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10 YouTubers In Asia That You Should Watch Now

They say the internet connects us all, and that’s not wrong! Travelling to Asia might sound exotic and maybe a little bit out of your summer budget; but, fear not! Here are ten Youtubers in Asia that you should watch now and get connected with.

1. PONY Makeup

If you adore Korean beauty trend, you have probably heard of Pony. This Korean girl does all kinds of makeup tutorials: naturalistic, blossom, flawless-skin, camera-ready looks… She even have her own makeup brand called the Pony Effect. One of her most popular videos is a Taylor Swift inspired makeup look, watch now:

2. Heizle

Kpop stars always have the coolest makeup. If you are looking to try the ulzzang look (Korean for “best face”), stop by this channel the next time you are looking to recreate the latest kpop idol makeup! Like Pony, Heizle speaks in Korean, but most of her videos are English-subtitled.

3. Bellywellyjelly

If listening to English is more your thing, take a look at Christabel’s channel! This bubbly girl does monthly favourites, GRWM, lookbooks, and more. Apart from the vlogs on her channel, she also has a vlog channel with her boyfriend Joal.  So if you ever wonder what life’s like in a city-state, check our her channel!

4. Naomi Neo

Naomi is one of my fav Youtubers! She is one of the most subscribed Singapore lifestyle influencer. Expect advice videos, vlogs, as well as hauls and reviews. I’d also check her Instagram account out just because  her feed is pretty amazing.

5. CupofTJ

Okay I might have cheated a bit for this one. Meet TJ, the Asian American who quitted her job to travel around the world. Her channel is a great inspiration for those who wants to travel, and her videos def scream #wanderlust.

6. meejmuse

This Korean Australian moved to Korea to develop her career. Korean beauty products review, products haul, and shopping vlogs are what you’ll be binge-watching! Her channel is informative, but certainly not boring! Check out her video here!

7. Joan Kim

Attention coffee lovers! Joan takes you to hit Korean cafes! This American Korean moved to boisterous Seoul too! Look out for reviews for Korean and Japanese products and tones of travel vlogs.

8. Taylor R

Born and raised in the 6ix (Toronto, Canada), Taylor is now based in Tokyo. I first heard about Taylor in a Japanese fashion magazine and was amazed at how cute she is! Check her out for kawaii lifestyle videos like this one here:

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9. KimDao

Currently living in Japan, Kim Dao is from Australia. She followed her dream and moved to Japan so you can experience the country with her! Watch tones of travel vlogs where Kim travelled to places in Japan, to Korea, and back to Australia.

10. Joanna Soh

Joanna Soh is a Malaysian fitness enthusiast. Check out her channel for workout routines of all levels, and burn those calories with her encouraging words! Joanna also make videos about food and nutritions, including Asian tea that helps debloating, healthy Indian meals, no-chilled soups, and more!

Do you know of any other Youtubers in Asia that have an awesome channel!? Share in the comments below!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own!

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