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You’re Going To See This Neon Cat Eye Look All Spring Long, So Here’s How To Pull It Off

You’re Going To See This Neon Cat Eye Look All Spring Long, So Here’s How To Pull It Off

The neon cat eye look is everywhere. This makeup look is amazing but it can definitely be intimidating if you’ve never tried it before. If you’re wanting to try the neon cat eye look but are unsure where to begin this list is for you. Below are a few examples of how to wear the neon cat eye look. This look is going to be here all spring long so you’ll definitely want to know how to pull it off. You definitely don’t need to be an expert makeup artist to be able to achieve these neon cat eye looks. All you’re going to need are some eyeshadows, liners and an angled eye brush. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to achieve a neon cat eye look.

1. Two Tone

This is one of the easier neon cat eye looks on this list. You won’t need to do much of anything on your eye besides prime it. From there find your favorite pink liner or eyeshadow and create a dramatic cat eye. Except instead of going all the way to your inner eye you’re going to want to stop there and line it with a muted yellow shade. It’s an unexpected twist on an otherwise simple look. 


2. Green Light

If you’re wanting to pop all night long regardless how light or dark the room is you’re going to want to try this neon cat eye look. Simply find an out of this world shade of green and create the most dramatic cat eye you can think of. Add even more dimension to this dramatic look by extending the cat eye far beyond your inner eye. This will make you look like a neon dream. 

3. Rainbow 

If you love darker looks but still want to try the neon cat eye look this is the look to try for you. Create the perfect smokey eye and then from there create a rainbow eye look. Be sure to blend all the colors together at the edges to create a seamless transition of each shade on your eye. From there line it with a white liner. This look is over the top in the best possible way and combines the best of both worlds, a colorful makeup look with a dramatic darker look.


4. Skyblue 

This is a simple neon cat eye look but that just means it’s perfect to wear for various occasions. Choose a light, sky blue liner or eyeshadow and create this look. You can definitely barely line your lashes with a dark black to ensure your falsies will look perfect on your eyes. 


5. Layered

Now this is a dramatic neon cat eye look. Not one, not two but three different colors are required here. It is very dramatic but the colors aren’t that in your face, making it more wearable. If you aren’t a fans of the shades of these eyeshadows you can definitely just use the shape as an outline and choose three different shades that you love. 

6. Bright Orange Sunrise

If you want to look like your have the sunrise on your eyes you’re going to want to try this neon cat eye look. Create a dramatic orange look and then line your eye with a smooth, bright yellow. 


7.  Sorbet

Choose your favorite sorbet color and go to town on your eye. You’re going to want to make sure every line connects from top to bottom to ensure that this neon cat eye look is flawless. 

8. Geometric

This is both a neon cat eye look along with a glitter eyelook. Line your eye with a glittery eyeshadow and then top it off with a mustard yellow, geometric liner. This is going to look amazing when you go out. 


9. Ombre

The cool thing about this neon cat eye look is that it doesn’t just incorporate the cat eye, it takes it a step further with the mascara. First line your eyes with this geometric neon cat eye look with various pinks, fading into the lighter of the shades towards the end of the lines. After you’re satisfied with that look be sure to top of your eyes with pink mascara to complete the look and take it to the next level. 


10. Vibrant Ombre

If you’re wanting to create the perfect ombre look this look is for you. Pick colors that are similar but different enough to make a statement. 

11. Dramatic Inner Eye

Start on your inner eye with a light, mint color and then blend it in to a softer lilac shade. From there darken it towards the wing to make it a true neon cat eye look.


12. Bottom Waterline 

This neon cat eye look is fairly simple, use an eyeshadow to create the cat eye shape, carve it out with black liner and line your bottom waterline with a blue liner. 


13. Black And Neon Contrast

This is the definition of a neon cat eye look because it actually looks like you have a neon sign on your eye. This neon cat eye look stands out from others because it’s not just edgy it’s also incredibly well done. 

14. Rainbow Fish

If you grew up in the 90s odds are you remember the infamous Rainbow Fish picture book. If you were obsessed with that children’s story you’re going to want to recreate this neon cat eye look. It looks incredibly similar to the bright, colorful scales that fish had. It’s vibrant, has flecks of purple and different shades of blue in it. Be sure to bring the cat eye below your bottom line a little bit than you normally would to create more dimension and depth. 

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15. Soft Colors And White

This neon cat eye look takes softer shades and makes them pop. The white liner is what takes this look over the top because it fits seamlessly over the eyeshadow, allowing the perfect top to a dramatic background. 


16. Simple 

This is a pretty simple neon cat eye look because all it requires is you line your eye like normal. From there follow the line you created with another line on top of with an orange liner, or you could simply choose whatever color you’d want because a lot of colors would work here. 


17. Euphoria Inspired

You can’t have a neon cat eye look list without including something from the HBO series “Euphoria”. This look is dramatic but definitely wearable beyond just going to a concert or a crazy part. You could definitely wear this going out our or even a date. The bright, denim blue liner is bold but the softer, almost disco like brown glitter eyeshadow takes this neon cat eye look in a softer direction. Make sure the rest of your face is more natural looking so that way your eyes will have all eyes on them. 

18. Lime Green

Create a monochromatic lime green neon cat eye look like the one below. This look will have people impressed at your ability to match your eye makeup. 


19. Thick Yellow Liner

You could always just line your entire eyelid as well. Create this neon cat eye look by going all in with your favorite yellow liner or you could carve this out with a yellow eyeliner. 


20. Soft Coral

While this doesn’t pop as much as another neon cat eye look this is still a look that’s daring. It’s bold enough to where people will be impressed with your makeup abilities. It’s not too over the top though, making it something anyone and everyone can wear. You’re going to want to try this neon cat eye look if you’re a little unsure of this trend and would rather wade into the water rather than immediately start out in the deep end. Be sure to line your entire eye with this look, you’re going to want to line your inner eye and bottom waterline as well. 

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