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Your Worst Dating Habit Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your Worst Dating Habit Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It’s no secret that dating is hard. I know it, you know it, your 2nd-grade boyfriend with the cool crayon box knows it. What’s even harder than dating is Admitting to ourselves that we may have quirks that are driving our partners crazy. Blaming it on astrology, of course, is the simple answer, but admitting our faults to ourselves is the first step in fixing the problem. We want nothing but good vibes for you and your next date so we are here to help. Here are your worst dating habits based on your zodiac sign.

1. Aries

 You are a fiery spirit that sometimes acts on erratic emotions. One minute you are fully into your boo and soon enough you are acting standoffish AF.

This type of behavior can be confusing to your partner. Sending mixed signals is anything but romantic and can confuse your partner into not knowing how you really feel about them. Pay attention to your ever-changing emotions, Aries. Once you’ve mastered this your relationship will be nothing but smooth sailing. 


Your Worst Dating Habit Based On Your Zodiac Sign

2. Taurus 

 You are romantic, passionate and sometimes a bit too flirty with people other than your date. This can lead your date into thinking you are just not that into them which is the opposite message you want to portray!

Focus your flirty behavior on the one you’re with. They will love the compliments and you will get your flirting fix in without anybody getting hurt in the process.


3. Gemini

You love open communication Gemini, but sometimes you can come off a little strong. This may come as a surprise to you because you welcome communication more than most.

Stop smothering your boo in texts especially if he is not responding. Nonstop communication can make your crush feel overwhelmed and may cause them to lose interest in you. Take advice and set the phone down, Gemini, the text CAN wait. 

Your Worst Dating Habit Based On Your Zodiac Sign


4. Cancer

Your emotions get the best of you, Cancer,  and this includes in your dating life as well. Sometimes your emotions are a little strong and they may cause you to want to stay inside and binge Gilmore girls by yourself,  for the one-hundredth time.

In other words, your worst dating habit according to your zodiac sign is that you can be a tad bit flakey. Try not to let your emotions get the best of you when it comes to your dating life. Your partner may think you are blowing them off because you are no longer interested in them! Push yourself to go out when you’re feeling this type of way or plan a cozy night in together. Either way, don’t blow your date off! 

5. Leo

You’re boss AF. We think your great and chances are your date does too, but your constant desire for competition wears on your relationship. Try not to constantly one-up your date because competitive vibes in a relationship seldom work.


Celebrate your Victories together and just listen when your partner tells you something exciting. They will reciprocate and lend you their ear when you need them too if you respect their desire to share their wins without working yourself into the conversation. 

Your Worst Dating Habit Based On Your Zodiac Sign

6. Virgo

You are as smart as they come, Virgo. We would never encourage you to dumb your self down for anyone but sharing your vast amount of knowledge may be intimidating to your partner especially if they are not an intellectual person.


Although being smart is sexy AF, you don’t have to quote Shakespeare on your first date. Be sure to find common ground with your partner so they don’t feel like they don’t measure up to an incredible person like you.

7. Libra

Don’t take this the wrong way Libra, but when it comes to dating you always make sure to leave yourself a backup boo. Keeping someone on the back burner until someone else better comes along is unfair.

You and your partner deserve better than that. Welcome a new relationship with open arms and give it a real shot before you decide to move on. Be optimistic, you never know where love can take you.


Your Worst Dating Habit Based On Your Zodiac Sign

8. Scorpio

Scorpio, Aka the ex-obsessed sign. At times you can act a tad obsessed with the ex who did you wrong. While we think it is BS your ex played you like that, your date 100% does not want to hear about it.

Leave the past in the past and don’t let the baggage of your old relationship weigh down your new one. Focusing on your ex will only make your date believe you are still hung up on him and that you are not ready for a different future. Let go Scorpio, it is for the best.

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9. Sagittarius

As far as your worst dating habit You tend to overbook yourself… romantically. You would be the perfect contestant for the bachelorette because you often find yourself interested in more than one person.

Dating more than one person at a time can be confusing and misleading to your date. Just because there is more than one fish in the sea it doesn’t mean you need to date all of them. Limiting yourself to one partner at a time may be hard, but give it a shot.


Your Worst Dating Habit Based On Your Zodiac Sign

10. Capricorn

You are mature AF and know exactly what you want. When it comes to dating you set your standards high, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, hold off on the judgments and give yourself the chance to know who your date is before you decide to write them off entirely. Focus on how much fun you have rather than how they fit into your 5-year plan. 


11. Aquarius 

You often find yourself on a date where you are not quite vibing with your partner. Writing people off too quickly is the dating habit that your partner dislikes. You rely on your emotions and act quickly when your partner says the wrong thing or says something that immediately turns you off.

As an Aquarius, you dislike wasting your time on someone your not that into and that’s fair. However, this may lead your date to be confused when you go cold on them and meanwhile they are having a great time. Try giving them a second chance before you write them off for good, Aquarius. 

Your Worst Dating Habit Based On Your Zodiac Sign


12. Pisces

Before you meet up for a date you make sure that you’ve done some digging. From late-night Instagram searching to endlessly clicking through Facebook to find out who that girl is that he was standing next to in a photo back in 2012.

When it comes to dating, lay off the internet sleuthing so your date can tell you a story you didn’t already read on their twitter. Oops. Being a little too curious can get you into trouble which is why we decided this is your worst dating habit. Leave some mystery and get to know them IRL, Pisces. 

We’re all figuring it out—this dating game. And, okay, nobody is perfect (except me!)-kidding! Without our flaws, we wouldn’t be who we are and that would leave us with no room to grow. Acknowledge your flaws and your worst dating habit for the sake of improving your dating life. 

What are your dating pet peeves? Let us know in the comments below!

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