Your Week Told By Leslie Knope

If you’re a college student, your week is bound to be filled with a combination of stress, excitement, sadness, fun, and disappointment. It’s truly a rollercoaster of emotions that doesn’t end even when summertime hits as you are either continuing your schooling with classes, working, interning or a combination of these.

But when it feels like the work and stress is too overwhelming, take a deep breath, step back and reevaluate what you’ve done. Oh and if you’re looking for someone to put your feelings from the days into words, here are some insightful quotes from our favorite Leslie Knope!

The Monday Motivation

The start of the week is never fun for anyone. Monday makes you feel like you just want to crawl back into bed, so you can avoid facing your responsibilities for the week. However, like Leslie Knope, you just have to stay positive and remember that work isn’t everything when you have good friends and good food on your side!

Your Week Told By Leslie Knope

Tuesday Tears

All of the responsibilities for the week have hit you and you’re only one day in, but the time is quickly moving. You’ve already let out a few tears thinking about what’s ahead. But eventually, you feel too cried out to cry anymore. So like Leslie, rehydrate and keep on plugging!

Your Week Told By Leslie Knope

The Wishful Thinking Of Wednesday

It’s midweek and the weekend is somewhat in view. You’re halfway through the week’s to-do list, so at least some weight is off your shoulders. But you still have a lot left to go. The other priorities in your life seem slightly less important at this moment, but you still know that somehow and someway you will get the job done!

Your Week Told By Leslie Knope

Thursday Thoughts

The work has hit an all-time high and right now you’re pretty much ready to be done. You are sleep deprived and just want a good fat nap. Between all your work shifts and the papers and tests from the week, your brain is basically burnt out. Is a breakdown heading your way? Maybe so, but at least the weekend is almost here!

Your Week Told By Leslie Knope

The Friday Freakout

It’s finally Friday! After all the hard work you put in for the work you think you’re done and can relax. WRONG! Instead, you are greeted with more work to do over the weekend, most of which is do that Monday. The grind never ends so all you can do is laugh about the disillusioned dream of having the time to have fun this weekend!

Your Week Told By Leslie Knope

Song Filled Saturday Nights

But by the time Saturday hits, you just want a night out to forget all of your stress. Your best gal pals decided you need to let off a little steam by singing and dancing the night away. But you may have gotten a little too carried away and are barely able to put together the lyrics of your favorite song. However, you sing your little heart out, not caring about the consequences that will face you tomorrow!

Your Week Told By Leslie Knope

The Sunday Scaries

The next morning the night before hits and you’re laying in bed remembering mistakes from the night before and all the work you still have to do. But you sleep anyway, hoping that eventually, you’ll get the strength to get out of bed. You’ll get to that to-do list…sometime later in the day. But for now, you just want to put on your favorite show, curl up and forget!

Your Week Told By Leslie Knope

While the week can be full of a jumbled mix of emotions it doesn’t have to be so bad. Just remember that regardless of how much stress you feel, there are always ways of relieving it. Like perhaps watching a little “Parks and Rec” on Netflix!

What is your favorite Leslie Knope quote? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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