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Your Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Dating App

Choosing the best dating app is like choosing a good pair of shoes; you have to find the one that fits you the best. There are a ton of different options out there regarding dating apps so it’s important to look at your options and then pick the one you feel like best suits you. Listed below are some of the best dating apps in the app store!


I’m pretty sure everyone at some point has heard of Tinder. It is one of the most popular, well-known dating apps, mostly since it is so easy to use. You upload pictures of yourself, add a short bio, maybe connect your Instagram or Spotify, and voila! Your account is officially ready to go. From there you just go about swiping left if you don’t like someone and right if you like them. If they swipe right on you too, then it’s a match and either person can message each other. Most people on Tinder are not really looking for something serious, so if you are just looking to date someone casually this would be the app for you.



Bumble is almost the same as Tinder except the girls have to message the guys first. It can be a bit intimidating but the whole point is that the women are more in control and have to make the first move. It’s great because you no longer get a stream of unwanted messages from guys because the women initiate contact Another great thing about this app is you can actually choose what you are looking for on the app whether that is something casual, something serious, or maybe even just friends. The people on Bumble seem more genuine and you are more likely to have better conversations than on Tinder where the opening line is “What’s your Snapchat?” or “Your hot” (Yes, I purposely used “your” instead of you’re). This app is great for women if you are willing to make the first move!



Hinge’s motto is “the app that is meant to be deleted.” The app is designed to be more interactive. People are required to choose six pictures that can have a caption attached too it and they also are required to answer 3 “get to know you” questions. A person can like or comment on someone else’s picture or answer to “like” them. Then to match the other person has to like you back. Unlike Tinder and Bumble, you know automatically the people who like you. This app is perfect for picky people and those who want to be in a serious relationship.


The League

Tired of dating people who seem to have no passion or motivation to do anything in life? Well, The League is made for people who value intelligence and education. You actually have to apply to be a member of The League. The waiting list can take up to three months. They judge if you are a good match for the app-based on your Linkedin and Facebook profiles. Once you actually get accepted to The League, you only receive 3 new profiles a day at Happy Hour (5 pm). You may get fewer matches but the whole point is that when you do match with someone it is someone you are more likely to hit it off with. If you want to see more people a day or see people who like you, then you have to pay for a membership fee which costs around $300. I recommend this app to people looking for that smart businessman.



This app is not as well known as the others, but it is actually an interesting concept. Happn actually matches you with people who are in close proximity of where your location is. So next time you see a cute guy at the coffee shop, you may just be in luck. This app seems like it would be great for college students because we all know that feeling of seeing a cute guy in a lecture but not having the courage to get up and talk to him. The app also calculates how many times you cross paths with your matches. On Tinder and Bumble it is easier to get away with catfishing, but at least on this app it tries to take away some of the catfishers.

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Do you hate how guys just swipe on your profile based on the way you look? On Pickable, women can keep their identities hidden and just swipe on the men. The women are fully in control. You don’t even need to have a profile on the app to start swiping. You choose when the man gets to see a picture of you when you match. If you like to keep a low profile and don’t really want people judging you just on the way you look, then Pickable is a great app for you. 


There are many more out there, but here are some of the best dating apps to get started with. It can be really hard to meet someone great off a dating app, but it can happen! According to a U.S. survey taken, about 40% of couples actually met online. More and more people are choosing to use dating apps instead of actually meeting in person first. It can be scary to put yourself out there online, but it could lead to positive results! Whether you are looking for something casual or serious, there are dating apps designed for everyone even farmers ( Remember no matter what app you are on to always be careful though. People do try to catfish you, so make sure you are on the lookout for false profiles. Most importantly don’t forget to be yourself on any dating app! People are most attracted to those who are real and honest so be true to yourself. Now it’s your turn to start swiping!

Have you tried any of these dating apps before? Let us know in the comments below!

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