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Your Top University Essentials For The Upcoming Academic Year

Whilst you may be enjoying your fabulous and fun summer break so much that uni has completely gone over your head, whatever it is you’re doing, uni is coming up soon and you need to make sure you’ve got all your essentials. Here’s our top picks that you need to have next year.

1. Planner

First and foremost, organisation is key to making the most of your uni experience and making it the best it can be. This doesn’t necessarily mean having a regimented routine that had every minute of your day plan which is set in stone (unless that’s your thing, then sure go for it). Even getting the basics of your life organised is enough like knowing when all your classes are, when assignments are due, having all your meetings and appointments written down, any social events, things you need to remember and anything else that goes on in your life, and by having them all in one place you can get a good idea of what your schedule is like and how your day, week or month is planned out. It helps you stay on top of things by knowing what’s going on and helps you to remember everything you’ve got going on, which is probably a lot given the busy nature of uni both on your academic, social and personal life. If they don’t seem entirely appealing to you at first, a lot of planners come out in great colours, prints and patterns to get you more into them and excited to use your planner. They’re best carried wherever you go so you can check it, make changes and edit your planner accordingly as plans get changed or added to your schedule. 

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2. Reusable coffee cup

Coffee itself is any uni student’s (or any functioning human’s) necessity, and we can be prone to drinking buckets of it to get through our busy schedules and hectic days so it’s important to do our part for the environment by using reusable coffee cups. There are endless choices online but the KeepCup is particularly great since it’s lightweight and durable, has a splash-proof lid, has internal fill lines for the correct amounts of coffee and is recyclable at the end of its life. Not to mention that most coffee shops even give you discounts when you being your own cup, so everyone wins.

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3. Reusable water bottle

As it’s practically impossible to go a day without water, having a reusable water bottle on you throughout the day is definitely handy. They’ve become increasingly popular as the years have gone by so it’s time to jump on the bandwagon if you haven’t already since you see nearly everyone in your lectures and in the library having theirs out. A practical and environmentally conscious purchase. The bottle we’ve chosen is even more handy since it has a straw to save you from the strenuous bottle and neck lifting.

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4. Desktop weekly planner

Whilst having a daily planner is great for keeping you on top of things, having a desktop weekly planner too boosts your efficiency and organisation even more. Unlike a daily planner where you can see how your schedule is in detail day to day, a weekly planner (as the name suggests) lets you see how you’re week is planned out and lets you view what you’ve got going on on a wider scale which is helpful.

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What do you think of our uni essentials? Let us know in the comments and tell us if you have any more to share!

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