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Your Top Astrological Matches According To Your Star Sign

Your Top Astrological Matches According To Your Star Sign

Horoscopes, zodiacs, your star sign—it all sounds a little bit like astrologic BS sometimes, doesn’t it? But, there’s something you can learn from your star sign that will reveal much about the other star signs in this world that may be compatible for you. 

However, we tend to fray away from the power of star signs and their accuracy in telling us much about how compatible someone might be for us. Perhaps this is because it’s important to equally believe that while someone may identify with a certain star sign, that does not mean all the traits have to match with the characteristics of their horoscope. 

To better comprehend the kinds of traits you should be looking for in a partner, it’s important to first consider your own star sign and then look to your partner’s star sign to see whether they are a reputable match for you. To do so, I’ve compiled a list of the most compatible star signs with your own, and how this can help you look for things in a partner. So, it’s time to find out which star sign is most compatible with yours! 

1. Aries

Aries are very firey, hot and steamy. And rightly so! This star sign’s element is fire and is ruled by the planet Mars. To discover and ignite their passion, Aries needs a love match that will adhere to their steamy qualities and be just as passionate lovers as they are.

To keep up with them, offer honesty and action, Sagittarius is a wonderful match for Aries. Arguments between these two signs are likely to be firey, but equally passionate. Other compatible star signs include Gemini for adventure, Libra for balance and Taurus for rationality. 

Your Top Astrological Matches According To Your Star Sign

2. Taurus

With an element like earth, it’s no wonder Taurus is so grounded and well balanced. This star sign is ambitious, trustworthy and incredible at maintaining relationships that are fruitful and valuable to them. They are incredible lovers due to their ruling planet Venus, the planet of love, no less! 

Both being earth signs that are able to share an almost-psychic connection, Virgo is an incredible match for Taurus. Both star signs are attentive to what their partner needs, and this makes their love beautiful and strong. Other compatible signs include Pisces to allow Taurus to feel their emotions, and Capricorn to get tasks done responsibly and with ease. 

Your Top Astrological Matches According To Your Star Sign

3. Gemini

Having excellent communicators, smart, and passionate, Geminis are able to show two sides of themselves flawlessly due to this star sign’s character of the ‘twins.’ They are affectionate and kind, and dynamic and passionate about romance. As lovers, however, it takes a lot for a Gemini to settle for something conventional. 

Geminis are a wonderful match with Aries. Both of these star signs have a ‘live and let live’ approach to dating and life, and as such, it can be difficult for both to settle down. However, when they are paired, this is a match so passionate, fiery, and intense. Other compatible signs include Leo for romance and Libra for bringing Gemini balance and stability. 

Your Top Astrological Matches According To Your Star Sign

4. Cancer

Emotional, intuitive and intelligent, this water star sign is extremely deep and seeks just as much emotional depth in relationships that they are willing to offer. As lovers, they have a high capacity for feeling and fall in love rather quickly. This star sign seeks stability and commitment. 

To help ground the emotional Cancer, Taurus is an excellent match and will help inspire Cancer for action. Meanwhile, Cancer can help Taurus tune in to their emotions. Other compatible matches include Pisces for equal emotional depth and imagination and Scorpio for fierce loyalty. 

Your Top Astrological Matches According To Your Star Sign

5. Leo

Bold, fierce and courageous, Leos are inclined to lead and show politeness to everyone, never becoming selective over who they choose to be in their circle. As lovers, Leos seek passion and romance but are difficult to pin down for a stable relationship. 

Leo’s optimal match is Libra. When fire and air come together, the two can connect through their love for socialising and make their time together pleasurable. Other matches include Scorpio for intense passion, Aries for a similar lust for life and Pisces for getting in touch with their emotions. 

Your Top Astrological Matches According To Your Star Sign

6. Virgo

Extremely graceful, organised and kind, Virgos are intense lovers who fall hard and deep. Once they give their heart to their lover after a lot of strain and hardship, they will give their everything to the relationship to make it fruitful and valuable.

Both earth signs, Taurus and Virgo perfectly understand one another and when they come together in a relationship and can trust each other easily. Other good matches include Cancer for physical connection and Capricorn for practicality and being equally grounded partners. 

Your Top Astrological Matches According To Your Star Sign

7. Libra

Diplomatic, artistic and intelligent, Libras are innate people-pleasers, always putting other people’s needs before their own and are excellent in seeing different perspectives and are never set in their own ways. 

Libra’s best match is Leo, as Leos are great at wearing their heart on their sleeve and Libra will fall hard for this. Other good matches include Aquarius for equal dependency and partnership, and Sagittarius for encouraging Libra that appearances aren’t everything—other’s people’s opinions don’t matter as much. 

Your Top Astrological Matches According To Your Star Sign

8. Scorpio

Unafraid of who they may displease, passionate and independent, Scorpios are extremely in tune with their emotions. This star sign hates people who are not genuine. As lovers, they are extremely passionate, physical and when they let their guard down, they can offer a stable love that lasts. 

Scorpio’s best match is Pisces, as both signs value emotional depth and are understanding of their feelings. Other great matches include Cancer for equal emotional intimacy and Taurus for honesty and drama-limited partnership. 

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Your Top Astrological Matches According To Your Star Sign

9. Sagittarius 

A natural-born leader, Sagittarius is adventurous, open-hearted, generous and give their all in relationships. They are honest and true to themselves, but if they believe a relationship will not work for them, they will not stay.

Aries is an excellent match for Sagittarius, as this relationship can be intense, passionate and both star signs offer the same amount of energy. Other great matches include Aquarius for challenging one another and Leo for a shared sense of adventure and wanderlust. 

Your Top Astrological Matches According To Your Star Sign

10. Capricorn

Hardworking, constantly driven and detail-oriented, this star sign often enters a relationship like a new job, constantly approaching it with hard work and effort. Ruled by strict Saturn, this star sign knows well that hard work is needed to maintain a relationship. 

An excellent match for Capricorn is the equally hard-working and grounded Taurus. Other excellent matches include Pisces for Capricorn to get into touch with their emotions and to get Pisces head out of the clouds, and Virgo for loyalty and commitment. 

Your Top Astrological Matches According To Your Star Sign

11. Aquarius

Incredibly independent, Aquarians believe that as lovers, they do not need to compromise who they are for their partner. This does not mean they are selfish, however; it merely means that this star sign is honest with who they are and incredibly pragmatic. 

To match the psychological space they need, Gemini is an excellent match for Aquarius. Other great matches include a fellow Aquarius for an understanding of their need for independency, and Sagittarius for adventure and an understanding of their needs. 

Your Top Astrological Matches According To Your Star Sign

12. Pisces

Deeply intuitive, emotional, artistic and imaginative, as lovers, Pisces crave emotional intimacy, romance and loyalty within their partner. This star sign can be incredibly intense which can often be mistaken as clingy, but rather, Pisces simply seek partnership and emotional depth within their relationship. 

To fully understand their emotions and receive the same amount of depth back, Cancer is the perfect match for emotional Pisces. Equally, Virgo can help ground the head-in-the-clouds Pisces, as can Taurus and Capricorn. 

Your Top Astrological Matches According To Your Star Sign

What traits do you recognise within yourself that match your star sign? Will you attempt to date a person that is an astrological match for you? Let us know in the comments down below!

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