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Your Throwback Summer Romance Mix You Need In Your Life

Your Throwback Summer Romance Mix You Need In Your Life

Your Throwback Summer Romance Mix You Need In Your Life

Summer is a time of sunshine, relaxation, and potentially romance. The warmer weather and more free time set the backdrop for the perfect time to spend time with that special someone. And like all great aspects of life, you’re going to want a soundtrack to go along with it. Here are some throwback love songs to have you feeling nostalgic in a romantic kind of way!

1. I’ll Be: Edward McCain

When I hear this song I always think of the scene from A Cinderella Story where Sam and Austin slow dance in the gazebo. McCain sings about the woman who he is in love with and how she is his whole world. It’s impossible not to melt upon listening to this track. Like it was featured in the classic rom-com movie, this song is perfect to have in the background whether you’re at the beach, in the mountains, or taking a stroll through the city!

2. Daughters: John Mayer

Let me first just start off by saying how much I love John Mayer! Perhaps one of the most lyrically intuitive artists, Mayer always is able to capture the hearts of his listeners. The song “Daughters” as he expresses his discontent at the fact girls become guarded towards love after bad relationships with their fathers and his vow to break the cycle and treat the women in his life right. The song features melodic acoustic guitar, which will have you and your loved one swaying to the beat!


3. If I Ain’t Got You: Alicia Keys

Sometimes when in a relationship, it can feel as though nothing else matters except for that other individual. In her song “If I Ain’t Got You”, Keys shares this belief in the fact she doesn’t care about material goods, but just the presence of the man who she loves, as this is the only thing worth living for. The song is incredibly romantic and hits in all the feels!

4. Underneath It All: No Doubt ft Lady Shaw

Ever date someone with some definite flaws, but underneath you know he has the best intentions? Stefanie sings about how when you love someone, you may not like everything about them, but what’s most important is the person who they are underneath. Not only in the song incredibly cute, but it also gives off total tropical vibes, which fit in quite nicely. So flip this song on the next time you and your bf are chilling at the beach or just driving along the shore.

5. She Will Be Loved: Maroon 5

The album Songs About Jane will always be defined by the hit She Will Be Loved. Adam Levine’s dedication to the lady in the song is so sweet and heartfelt that you cannot help but fall in love with the track. I think any girl would hope that someone out there felt about them the way Levine feels about this woman. So put this track on a rainy day and daydream about the guy you love standing out in the rain to prove his love to you or if not just Adam Levine doing so works too!


6. Kiss Me: Sixpence None the Richer

This track always hits me in my dreamy feels. It’s so picturesque in its imagery that it makes you want to just be in the moment that lead singer Leigh Nash is talking about. It’s perfect for summer when the weather is finally nice enough to be able to picture yourself and your significant other taking a night nature stroll like in the song!

7. You’re Beautiful: James Blunt

Blunt is very descriptive and in touch with his emotions in his track “You’re Beautiful”. The song tells the tale of seeing someone who just so incredibly beautiful, but it’s just a fleeting moment that won’t last. Regardless of the somewhat bittersweet nature of the song, who wouldn’t want to put on this track and think that somewhere some guy has similar thoughts about you that Blunt has about this random stranger!

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8.Accidentally In Love Counting Crows

Does this song seem familiar? Well, it should it was in Sherk 2, one of the greatest animated movies of our generation! The tune has a totally fun and carefree vibe about unconsciously falling in love. This throwback will have you feeling warm in all the right places. It’s also an incredibly enjoyable song to sing to when driving, so add it to your car mix stat!

9.Bubbly: Colbie Caillat

In the initial stages when we’re crushing on someone, it feels exactly what Colbie Caillat is singing about in her song “Bubbly”. We get this all over the sensation that makes us feel good from our head to our toes. This song is totally cute and I imagine it playing in my head when I think of summer love!

10. Over The Rainbow: Israel Kamaiawiwo’ole

This version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow has to be one of my favorites! The ukelele as the only instrumentation gives it a total beachy vibe and Kamaiawiwo’ole’s voice is like a breath of warm summer air. This song is perfect for chilling with the one you love at the beach at sunset!


Have some favorite love tracks? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section!

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