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Your Theme Song Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your theme song highlights all the important parts of who you are. The best way to determine your theme song is to figure out your prime personality traits. What comes to the forefront of your mind when you think about who you are? A great way to determine this is by taking a look at your birth chart. Here is our curated list of your theme song based on your zodiac sign!

1. Aries – Daisy by Ashnikko

If you’re an Aries, you’re likely to be fiery and bold. Unafraid of what others think of you, you carry yourself with pride while flaunting an unapologetic persona – which is exactly why your theme song is Daisy by Ashnikko. You can probably relate to lyrics like, “Respect a bitch I’m a maverick / Flexible, so elastic / But don’t you dare bend a bitch backwards”. You demand the respect you deserve, making you an admirable person. “Fuck a princess I’m a king / Bow down and kiss on my ring” is the exact definition of who you are.

2. Taurus – Good Days by SZA

Grounded and down-to-earth, Taurus people are easygoing individuals. A huge part of that easygoing persona is the need for self-care and relaxation. Good Days by SZA is the perfect theme song for a Taurus, with lyrics such as “Good day in my mind, safe to take a step out / Get some air now, let your edge out”. While valuing your alone time is a big part of who you are, you’re also unwilling to let others change who you are, relating to lyrics like “Gotta let go of weight, can’t keep what’s holding me / Choose to watch / While the world break up and fall on me”.

3. Gemini – Lost by Frank Ocean

Geminis are constantly on the move. Whether you’re wrapped up in your thoughts or exploring the world, your intellectual curiosity is endless. Lost by Frank Ocean is a song you can probably relate to as a Gemini. As the song title suggests, you may often find yourself getting “lost in the heat of it all.” On the track, Frank Ocean sings about a woman who finds herself lost in the finer things in life while having a hard time maintaining a relationship. Lyrics like “Amsterdam, Tokyo, Spain, lost / Los Angeles, India, lost on a train, lost” may resonate with you as you find yourself busy and wrapped up in your world.

4. Cancer – Moon Song by Phoebe Bridgers

If you relate to Moon Song by Phoebe Bridgers (or really any of her music), you’re probably a Cancer. Cancer individuals are highly emotional and empathetic. In tune with their inner self, Cancers tend to be sensitive; especially in relationships. If you find yourself putting in most of the effort when it comes to your love life, you probably relate to lyrics like “You asked to walk me home / But I had to carry you”. While you may find yourself easily affected by the action of others, you’re also unafraid to say what you think and talk about your feelings. “And if I could give you the moon / I would give you the moon” is a lyric that captures the essence of a true Cancer.

5. Leo – Tia Tamera by Doja Cat

Vivacious and bright, Leos aren’t afraid to shine in the spotlight. Your confidence inspires the people surrounding you, and you are able to fully embrace who you are! Tia Tamera by Doja Cat is the perfect song to represent your fiery personality. All about confidence, Tia Tamera boasts lyrics like “Hair grow long like Chia / Money go long like Nia / I am the big idea” and “Thick in the thigh, thick in the waist / Thick in the right motherfuckin’ places”. If you’re a Leo and you don’t already have this song on your playlist, be sure to add it.

6. Virgo – Just What I Am by Kid Cudi

Characterized by perfectionism, Virgos constantly strive to be the best versions of themselves. You pay attention to every little detail, constantly working to become a better version of who you are. You need the perfect space for expression, making Just What I Am by Kid Cudi your theme song. “I’m just what you made God, just what you made God” is a line that might resonate with you if you fall under this sign. On the flip side, Virgos also have empathetic souls, constantly looking to help others. Lyrics like “But, I can’t fold, some poor soul got it way worse / We’re all troubled in a world of trouble” tune into that side of you.

7. Libra – Be Sweet by Japanese Breakfast

It’s no secret that Libras are the peacemakers of the zodiac world. If you’re a Libra, you likely believe in balance and justice. That said, you expect others to treat you the way you treat them, and you’ll settle for no less. Be Sweet by Japanese Breakfast is all about craving a relationship with someone who will give you the love you deserve. With lyrics such as “Make it up to me you know it’s better / Be sweet to me, baby / I wanna believe in you, I wanna believe,” your patience is perfectly captured. As a Libra, you want the kind of love that will benefit both sides, making this your theme song.

8. Scorpio – 20 Min by Lil Uzi Vert

Scorpios carry themselves with an air of mystery. Calculated and passionate, Scorpios go after what they want; however, they’re not always keen on being tied down by any person or thing. 20 Min by Lil Uzi Vert is the perfect theme song for a Scorpio. The song is about staying on the move rather than settling, with lyrics like “Back by the mornin’ girl, I gotta go / Gotta get ready, tonight is my show”. Regardless of the fast life, Scorpios also like to indulge in pleasurable things, relating to the lyrics “Livin’ life on the edge, on a tightrope / I am so clean I might start movin’ soap / Drive a new ‘Rari, I don’t need a note”.

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9. Sagittarius – The Spins by Mac Miller

Think of a Sagittarius in your life. You’d probably describe them as fun, outgoing, and charismatic! Sagittarius individuals are spontaneous and free-spirited, constantly putting themselves out there. The Spins by Mac Miller is the perfect theme song for a Sagittarius. The song starts out with the iconic line, “Ummm follow your dreams, / Yeah!”. Light-hearted and fun, the song has lyrics like “Wanna get a mansion / A jacuzzi, a theater to watch my movies” and “Mirror, mirror hangin’ on the wall / Who the flyest white boy of them all?”. Check out this song to feed your Sagittarius soul.

10. Capricorn – Money Trees by Kendrick Lamar

Capricorns are probably one of the most hardworking zodiac signs. Characterized by persistence and achievement, it would be hard for Caps not to relate to Money Trees by Kendrick Lamar! Capricorns are ambitious individuals, putting everything into whatever life throws at them. If you’re a Capricorn, you may relate to lyrics like “And I been hustlin’ all day, this a way, that a way / Through canals and alleyways, just to say / Money trees is the perfect place for shade and that’s just how I feel”. With a strong focus on your goals, this song is a great way for Capricorns to kick it into gear.

11. Aquarius – Fine Line by Harry Styles

True humanitarians, Aquarius individuals care about the people around them as well as the world around them. If you’re an Aquarius, you’re likely to be progressive and unique. You make the world your own place while also remaining open to others. Fine Line by Harry Styles is a song that you may be able to resonate with, as this song is all about basking in the belief that you’ll be okay no matter where life takes you. “We’ll be a fine line” is repeated throughout the song various times, emphasizing the care you put into the world.

12. Pisces – Space Song by Beach House

If you’re a Pisces, you may find yourself constantly caring (and worrying) about the people in your life. Driven by your strong connections with others, you’re an empathetic person through and through. On top of this, you may find yourself getting lost in your own world, making Space Song by Beach House your perfect theme song. Made up of dreamy vocals and instrumentals, the song includes lyrics like “It will take a while / To make you smile / Somewhere in these eyes / I’m on your side”. The outro of the song repeats the phrase, “Fall back into place”, highlighting the optimism and heaviness you may often carry in your heart.

What do you think your theme song should be? Let us know in the comments below!

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