7 Beachy Indie Rock Tunes To Add To Your Summer Playlist

There is no quite feeling like piling into the car with your best pals on the way to the shoreline, beach towels and water bottles in hand. However, I’m a firm believer that no beach road trip, no matter how big or small, is quite complete without the help of some tunes. Having the aux cord, too, is a huge responsibility at this time. Playing only the best music to match the feeling and vibe of the day is absolutely crucial. Certainly nothing is more awkward than when your friend driving hands you the aux cord, asks you to play something, and you have no idea what to play! Look no further than this article. Here is a small collection of summery songs that will complement any road trip and make you feel sun kissed from the inside, out. Summer is a better time than ever to develop your music tastes and discover new artists! Roll your windows all the way down, throw your favorite pair of shades on, and take a moment to inhale in the salty air as you blast these tunes for your summer playlist!

Waiting on You – Vista Kicks

The introductive guitar melody sounds just like what I envision Hawaii sounding like. If an ukulele could be electric, this song would have it. This tune will leave you itching to drive with the top down along a blue, salty coast line, with your hair flying and your skin glowing under the radiance of the summer sun.

Low Tide Love – Tipling Rock

This song is basically about falling in love on a beach- and who wouldn’t want to?! The cheerful strums on guitar generate an exciting, fruitful summer experience reminding you to bring your special someone straight to the shore. Looking for a version of this song to play under the summer stars? Look for the acoustic version on Spotify.

Ragged Wood – Fleet Foxes

The dissonance and tight harmonies married with acoustics and light percussion sounds like the background of a road trip movie montage. Blast this song while rolling down a country road in the glow of golden hour after a long day in the sun.

Candy Wrappers – Summer Salt

There aren’t many words to describe the feeling of laying on the beach with the sound of the tide flowing in and out, worry-free for just a few moments; but this song certainly does. Give this tune a listen while you’ve got your toes in the sand and lightly splashing ocean water on your face.

Rearview – Bad Suns

One of the verses in this song quite literally talks about seeing the sunset in the rearview of your car mirror. What could be more summery than a gradient, cotton candy sky on a warm Saturday night? Rearview is yet another near-perfect song to add to your road trip playlist as you travel aimlessly in the summer evenings.

See Also

Tangerine – Beach Fossils

“Everything, tangerine”: that orange creamsicle you’ve shamelessly devoured, the vibrant section of the beach ball you’ve been bouncing around, the mimosa in your hand in a condensation glass with brunch out on the patio- this tune incorporates soothing vocals with relaxed vocals to help you really envision the vibrant colors of summer.

Dive- Coast Modern

Pool parties are always what’s hot (or, rather, refreshing) in the summer. This song lyrically encourages everyone to embrace the freedom of summer by jumping into new experiences, freedom from stressors, and, of course, a huge body of water. Dive will certainly add a splash of elation to your summer playlist.

Which of these tunes for your summer playlist do you love? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured Image Source: weheartit

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