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Your Summer Anthem According To Your Zodiac Sign

Your Summer Anthem According To Your Zodiac Sign

Your Summer Anthem According To Your Zodiac Sign

Your Summer Anthem According To Your Zodiac Sign

Summer is well and truly on the horizon! It’s almost time for laying out in the Sun, getting a tan, and swimming in the pool all day with your friends! But you definitely need some killer tunes to go along with the perfect summer! Read on to find out which anthem you should be blasting all through your summer vacation according to YOUR zodiac sign.



Everyone knows you’re the most fiery, independent girl out there, so what’s better than Halsey’s amazing new single “Nightmare”? It’s all about not listening to what other people think and going through bad times and coming out the other side even stronger than before, so it’s the inspirational summer anthem you need in your life. Plus you can scream the hardcore chorus with all your friends! What’s not to like? 

Your Summer Anthem According To Your Zodiac Sign


Taylor Swift-You Need To Calm Down

Taurus is all about staying calm and patient- you definitely don’t have time for anyone making a big scene over nothing. That’s why T Swift’s new single “You Need To Calm Down” is your ultimate summer song. Who better to tell everyone to just chill and let you do your thing? 

Your Summer Anthem According To Your Zodiac Sign


5 Seconds of Summer- Easier

As the sign of the twin, you definitely struggle to make big decisions. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing though, as it means you can seriously relate to 5SOS’s new tune “Easier”, which is all about having to make a tough choice between carrying on or giving up. The catchy chorus  “Is it easier to stay, is it easier to go?” will be stuck in your head through all those summer nights as you sing along to this one.  This anthem couldn’t be more you.

Your Summer Anthem According To Your Zodiac Sign


Jonas Brothers- Sucker

Okay, it’s no secret that you’re a pretty emotional person. That’s why the Jonas Brothers’ comeback single will have you dancing all summer- it’s literally about being head over heels in love with every single thing about someone, which is a feeling you’re no stranger to. 


Ed Sheeran- Cross Me

Leo, as one of the most passionate signs, you are always up for a fight, and this is exactly what Ed Sheeran’s new song “Cross Me” is all about, being willing to fight for who you love and never backing down. This is exactly what Leo is like in a relationship, so this upbeat track is perfect for you this summer. 


Ariana Grande- 7 Rings

Okay, we know you’ve already been dancing to this one, but it’s still so perfect for summer. 7 Rings is all about what hard-working Ariana does when she needs to chill out: shop till she drops with her best friends. You are just as hardworking, and your kindness and generosity is definitely one of your best features too, which is why this is your summer anthem.


Lewis Capaldi- Someone You Loved

Libra, we know how much you love being in a relationship, so we know you always have a break-up anthem ready in case the worst happens. That’s why Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone you Loved” is the perfect song to belt out in the shower. You’re not the confrontational type, so would much rather deal with a heartbreak yourself, and this is the perfect song to scream out in your room to your heart’s content. 


Billie Eilish- bad guy

Scorpio, you’re always getting painted as the worst zodiac sign. We completely disagree. You’re passionate, honest, and a good friend. But you may as well have fun dancing to a song about being a bad person, which Billie Eilish’s “bad guy” is perfect for. She lists all her bad qualities but then dances away like it’s NBD. That’s an attitude we can get behind. 

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Meduza- Piece Of Your Heart

Sagittarius is the definition of generous. But every once in a while we need to get something back. When it comes to romance, you don’t ask for much. That why Meduza’s Piece of Your Heart is the perfect tune for you, you just want a little bit of time and attention, is that too much to ask? This is the perfect dance tune, and the drop will get you in the mood to go clubbing no matter the time of day. Plus, it’s super easy to learn the chorus! 


Shawn Mendes- If I Can’t Have You

Capricorn, when it comes to love, you’re all or nothing. You like long, committed relationships- once they’ve got you, you can’t be swayed. Shawn Mendes has perfectly captured you in “If I Can’t Have You” – once you like someone, you can’t stop thinking about them, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. Sound familiar? 


Khalid- Talk

You are 100% the deepest and most thoughtful sign, and you like your music that way too. That’s why you need a song with lots of deep meaning. Khalid has you covered with “Talk”, which is all about just wanting to sit down, sort things out, and figure out where it all went wrong. You’ll be singing this one in the car with the windows down all summer, we guarantee. 


Dave- Location

The Pisces is all about spontaneous adventures, so this song is so you! “Send me the location, and I’ll be right there” is practically your most used phrase. You’re always up for a night out or a random trip (even if you end up with no money come Monday morning!) so this has to be your summer anthem.

Hopefully, you discovered your new favourite song to play on repeat all summer, and if you did, let us know in the comments!

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