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Your Song Of The Summer Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your Song Of The Summer Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your Song Of The Summer Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If you’re looking for a mood that best describes your summer, your zodiac sign has you covered (as always!). Here’s your designated song of the summer based on your zodiac sign!

Aries: “Mortal Kombat” // Pivot Gang, Kari Faux, Joseph Chilliams, Saba

This wavy tune is perfect for your song of the summer Aries; just listen to the lyrics! You might have been having a stressful year, but summer is your season to prosper. You’ll finally feel the warmth on your skin and in your soul this summer as you remind yourself and others who you are: the boss.

Taurus: “Carry Me Home” // Jorja Smith, Maverick Sabre

Taurus, there’s nothing you want more than the comfort of good food and good company. This summer might have you longing for a partner to “carry [you] home.” But even so, know that you have the power to do it all by yourself and find your own comfort from within! Your song of the summer might be a little more mellow than the others, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be as fun and enjoyable as theirs.


Gemini: “Playground” // Steve Lacy

Your song of the summer confirms that the world will be your playground, Gemini! “Playground” from the newest dynamic, genre-crossing album Apollo XII by Steve Lacy definitely fits your mood. You can totally feel the happy and light-hearted mood in this song, which is exactly what you’ll be this summer.

Cancer: “Tonight!” // Ruru

We know you like to be in your comfort zone, Cancer. Your song of the summer reveals how much you just “don’t want to go out tonight,” which is totally fine! Take your sweet time to be creative and simply revel in your personal space. Sometimes we all need a little alone time.

Leo: “Juice” // Lizzo

This upbeat tune by Lizzo will have you on your feet, Leo! It’s your perfect song of the summer, as the first couple lyrics even embodies BIG Leo energy as she sings “Mirror mirror on the wall/Don’t say it ’cause you know I’m cute!” You already know this summer will be full of dancing, laughing, and amazing memories with the people you love.


Virgo: “It Will Be Alright” // Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

Only you can appreciate this relaxing old-school track, Virgo. You’re pretty much an old soul with all your knowledge and wisdom intact. However, that also means you might have plenty of responsibilities put on you this summer. As the song states, “it will be alright,” so don’t forget to give yourself a little breather in between all your tasks!

Libra: “Come Through and Chill” // Salaam Remi, Miguel

Libra, we know you like to have your fun! You might already be making summer plans with all the friends you want to link up with to party. This is why “Come Through and Chill” is your song of the summer because out of all the zodiac signs, you’re the one who’s most likely to find a summer fling with all that socializing you’re going to be doing!

Scorpio: “Doin Time” // Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey always has a “darker” vibe to her songs, despite some having more upbeat energy like this one. Although she describes summertime when “living is easy,” Lana Del Rey has a sultry undertone in this song of the summer which perfectly embodies Scorpio energy! This summer, you’ll surely entice the people you meet with your mysterious charm, Scorpio.

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Sagittarius: “Seven Wonders” // Fleetwood Mac

Adventure calls, Sagittarius! “Seven Wonders” is your song of the summer because you sure love to travel, and if you’re going to see the seven wonders, you’re already well on your way! This summer, you might not be seeing the seven wonders of the world but you most likely have travel plans set. Summer is always the perfect time to explore new places either by yourself or with the people you love!

Capricorn: “Let It Pass” // Jakob Ogawa

This might have not been the easiest year for you, Capricorn, with your endless stream of tasks to accomplish in order to achieve your goals. However, your song of the summer is “Let It Pass” because the only way to move forward is to let go of the past. You might be carrying baggage from a previous task onto the next, which altogether makes things feel heavy. Learn to let things go and flow freely this summer!


Aquarius: “Weekend at Santa Cruz” // Michael Seyer

Out of all the zodiac signs, you’re the one to notice the finer details Aquarius. In “Weekend at Santa Cruz,” Michael Seyer describes the beautiful things about the nature of Santa Cruz. While you’re out and about this summer, I’m sure you’ll find beauty in places most people won’t even think to look!

Pisces – “Energy” // BURNS, A$AP Rocky, Sabrina Claudio

Sometimes there are moments with people you can’t describe, but you feel their vibe and overall energy, Pisces. Pisceans usually have a stronger intuition than the other zodiac signs, which is why “Energy” is your song of the summer. You might be meeting new people this summer! Make sure to remember to listen to your intuition as you try to let people in and… no, you definitely aren’t delusional.

Which one was your song of the summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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