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Your Rutgers Themed Holiday Gift Guide

Your Rutgers Themed Holiday Gift Guide


If you’re looking for a Rutgers themed gift for your family member, a friend or a roommate, you’ve come to the right place! With the holiday season in full swing, finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can become harder than getting on an LX bus at 5 o’clock. To help alleviate some of the pressure, here’s a Rutgers-themed holiday gift guide that has a little something for everyone.

For Family Members

1. A Mug

Mugs are my go-to gift whenever I’m not sure what to get someone. They’re always useful, and there’s so many different designs, styles, and sizes to fit the interests of anyone. Especially during the cold winter months, mugs are perfect for tea or hot cocoa. Whether you prefer a more minimalist look or something more dynamic, I’m sure you’ll be able to find the perfect Rutgers mug for a loved one.



2. Rutgers Apparel

Rutgers apparel is the easiest way to show your school spirit. From tee shirts to sweatshirts and flannel pants to leggings, there’s all different kinds and styles of clothes to purchase for men, women, and children. You can buy just one article of clothing or invest in an entire outfit. New designs are always being released, especially with the new Scarlet Knight logo. Rutgers apparel is the easiest to purchase, as they have the most widespread appeal.


3. A Phone Case

Nearly everyone has a smart phone, and having a phone case to protect your phone from the inevitable drops and falls is a must. Why not show your school spirit with a Rutgers phone case? There’s many options in terms of color and design, and there are cases available for both iPhones and Androids.



4. Christmas Ornaments

For some, the holidays are synonymous with decorating a Christmas tree. The holiday season is the one time of year when it is acceptable to gift an ornament, and these cute little ornaments are the perfect for adding a little Scarlet Knight spirit to your tree. Some are the classic bulb shape, while there are some with less-conventional shapes, such as snowflakes and gift boxes, but all are guaranteed to look wonderful on your Christmas tree.



5. A Picture Frame

Even though they may not always admit it, your family misses you while you’re away at school. A picture frame (with a picture of course) is guaranteed to put a smile on your family member’s face whenever they see it, and it’s a classic reminder or keepsake for the future as well.



For Your Rutgers Student & Friends

1. Winter Hat or Baseball Cap

Winter is quickly approaching, and nobody wants to freeze while walking across campus to get to class or waiting for a bus. A winter hat is perfect for staying warm during the upcoming frigid months. And if you’re not a fan of winter hats, opt for a baseball cap instead. They’re ideal for keeping the rain off your face or the sunshine out of your eyes.


2. A Shot Glass

If you have a student or friend of legal drinking age, gifting a shot glass is almost a given. They can be purchased individually or in a set. But please, drink responsibly!




3. Cute Jewelry Or A Watch

For the ladies, Rutgers jewelry is a cute, subtle way to show school spirit. Even basic silver studs or a charm bracelet can complete an outfit while still showing your love of Rutgers. For the gentlemen, a watch will keep you on schedule and make sure you’re not late for class, and the scarlet red adds a nice pop of color.



4. A Reusable Water Bottle, Glass, or Tumbler

Whether you’re running between classes or working out at the gym, a reusable drink container is perfect for everyday use. It’s easy to fill a bottle up at any of the water fountains on campus, saving money and helping the environment, too.


5. Some Computer Accessories

It’s almost a given that every college student has a laptop and/or computer. A keyboard cover will protect their laptop from spills, crumbs, and every wear and tear. For those who prefer desktops, a new mousepad is still a simple but useful computer accessory.



For Your Roommate

1. Wall Art To Decorate Those Drab Dorm Walls

Everyone knows that dorm room walls are dreary, dull, and ugly. Rutgers-themed wall art will brighten up your room, and the scarlet red will stand out against the plain white walls. Finding the perfect piece of wall art can even bring your entire room together. There’s a variety of designs available, but these are just two of my favorites.


2. A Bluetooth Speaker

Many students play music while getting work done. A Rutgers Bluetooth speaker is a unique, useful gift idea that is perfect for listening to music while studying, cleaning, or just relaxing after a long day of classes.



3. A Cute Throw Pillow

A soft throw pillow is a necessity for any bedding set. Combined with other decorations in your room (like Rutgers wall art), a throw pillow will complete your room décor and make it feel more like home.

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Stocking Stuffers

1. A Car Decal Or Magnet

No car is really complete without a Rutgers car decal or magnet. They are inexpensive and a cute stocking stuffer. Some are simply the classic “R”, but there are other options like the Scarlet Knight logo.


2. Face Stickers Or Tattoos For Gameday

Though football season is over, face stickers and tattoos can be used year-round at any Rutgers sporting event. They peel or wash off easily and never expire, so you can save them for when football season comes around again next fall.



3. A Scarf For Chilly Walks Around Campus

A scarf is a stylish way to stay warm in both the fall and winter. Whether you’re looking for an infinity scarf or a long rectangular one, a Rutgers-themed scarf will complete your outfit, keep you warm, and showcase your school pride.


4. A Bottle Opener

A Rutgers bottle opener is a great stocking stuffer to go along with a shot glass. They’re small enough to attach to a keychain and handy (not just for opening bottles), but always remember to drink responsibly.



5. Keychains And Lanyards

Whether you’re purchasing a gift for a Rutgers student or a family member, a keychain or lanyard ensure that they’ll never lose their keys. Especially for Rutgers students, a lanyard is a useful way to keep their student ID and keys together. These are relatively inexpensive and can be found almost anywhere.


*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

If you have any more ideas for a Rutgers themed gift, share in the comments below!
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