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Your Personal Aesthetic Based On Your Moon Sign

Your Personal Aesthetic Based On Your Moon Sign

Your personal aesthetic is the overall vibe that makes you who you are. Similarly, your moon sign represents your innermost emotional needs and the way you express yourself. From Y2K to Classy, find your moon sign below to check out your personal aesthetic! If you’re unsure of what your moon sign is, check out this website to figure it out.

1. Aries – Baddie

If your moon is in Aries, the ‘baddie’ aesthetic style is perfect for you! Fiery and bold, Aries moon signs fight for what they want. Similarly, Aries moons are all about independence – you don’t need anyone telling you what to do. Intensely passionate, you give off a more intimidating yet attractive vibe to everyone around you. Gold hoops, crop tops, and air forces are an Aries moon’s best friend!


2. Taurus – Cottagecore

If you’re a Taurus moon, you like to be grounded. Your emotional needs typically revolve around a cozy atmosphere with a solid routine that will keep you in line with your goals. With your down-to-earth aura, the ‘cottagecore’ aesthetic is perfect for you! Loafers, sweaters, and flowy dresses are the perfect combinations to encapsulate who you are inside.

3. Gemini – Y2K

Social and curious, Gemini moons have a tendency to seek out conversations that will stimulate their minds. Above all else, Gemini moons aren’t afraid to express themselves in fun and creative ways! They tend to avoid anything that they would consider “boring” or “surface-level.” That said, Gemini moons fit perfectly into the ‘Y2K’ personal aesthetic! Characterized by low-rise jeans and all things pink, the ‘Y2K’ style is anything but boring.


4. Cancer – Vintage

It’s no secret to the astrological community that Cancers are emotional creatures. This is only amplified when your moon in particular falls in Cancer! Empathetic and caring, Cancer moons become easily attached to other people as well as belongings that give them nostalgia. You find yourself deeply affected by the happenings of the world around you. Fit into this category? Then the ‘vintage’ aesthetic is perfect for you!


5. Leo – Kawaii

If you’re a Leo moon, you are the opposite of reserved! You love to be the center of attention, and you don’t shy away from the spotlight. With a child-like aura, you are all about staying true to yourself while maintaining your own individuality. Loud and proud, Leo moons are driven by the urge to feel unique and distinctive. The ‘kawaii’ aesthetic consists of pink platforms and high-waisted skirts; perfect for a Leo moon to be in their element!

6. Virgo – Classy

Do you consider yourself an organized person? If so, you’re probably a Virgo moon! Virgo moons tend to like structure. Whether this applies to relationships or routines, Virgo moons lean towards routine and a good sense of predictability. You are also likely to be intuitive, tapping into your inner core to figure out what’s right for you. That said, Virgo moons are perfectly ‘classy.’ Keep it simple with a mini purse and a small heel.


7. Libra – Grunge

If you’re a Libra moon, your life is probably filled with balanced relationships. Your emotional needs surround the urge for justice and peace. You are likely the friend that people come to when they are in need of guidance and reassurance. A perfect mediator, you are all about taking others’ needs into account while fiercely defending your own needs. When it comes to your personal aesthetic, the ‘grunge’ look fits into these categories. ‘Grunge’ is all about the punk values of equality and stability.


8. Scorpio – Indie

Which moon sign is the most emotionally intense? If you said Scorpio moon, you’d be right! With an air of mystery, Scorpio moons feel everything on a deeper level. If you’re a Scorpio moon, these volatile emotions may sometimes get the best of you. While it may be hard for others to break down that wall, once they do, they are in for an unforgettable friendship with you. You like to form and maintain these deep connections with those around you. The ‘indie’ aesthetic plays on that mysterious yet deep side of you.

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9. Sagittarius – Skater

The ‘skater’ aesthetic is all about adventure and fun. If you’re a Sagittarius moon, this aesthetic would describe you perfectly. Craving that freedom, you are anything but a homebody! People are naturally attracted to your positive outlook on life, and you look for anything that will expand your intellect. Your relationships likely revolve around spontaneity and trying new things. Grab your skateboard and explore everything this world has to offer.

10. Capricorn – Academia

Do you consider yourself hard-working? Do you strive to meet each of your goals? If you’re a Capricorn moon, these qualities probably apply to you. Based on achievement and success, Capricorn moons aren’t afraid to fight for what they want. If this describes you, the ‘academia’ aesthetic will accurately reflect your personality. Filled with books and curiosity, your mind is constantly moving.


11. Aquarius – Comfy Casual

It’s no secret that Aquarius moons are humanitarians. Emotionally connected to others, Aquarius moons are able to easily read the room. You are likely to be more observant than to insert yourself into the conversation, making you a bit of an outsider. However, you have this warm and calming aura that people are often drawn to. You are likely attracted to a ‘comfy casual’ personal aesthetic – meaning that you choose relaxation over stress.


12. Pisces – Artsy

If you’re somebody who is constantly in awe of the world and its many mysteries, you’re probably a Pisces moon! Pisces moons have a dreamy vibe to them. You like to romanticize the little things in life that the normal person might often overlook. Constantly interested in philosophy and art, the ‘artsy’ personal aesthetic is perfect for you! Whether you’re a poet, painter, or just an admirer of the art world, this aesthetic is sure to encapsulate who you are.

What’s your moon sign? Do you think your personal aesthetic matches up? Let us know in the comments below!

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