Your Perfect Pet Based on Your Horoscope

You can tell a lot about a person by their pet, but finding the perfect companion can be tricky. It is important a pet matches you and your lifestyle, so you can fit it around your commitments and way of life. Our zodiacs reveal so much about ourselves and how we perceive others, and what animals we best interact with.

For example, if you want an animal to cuddle and give lots of attention too, you may consider a cat or a dog, however, if you don’t have much time to devote to looking after a pet, you might need something more independent, like a tortoise.  

Find out below which fury friend is right for you based on your horoscope!



Aries are typically upbeat, positive and playful creatures. An Aries’s presence marks the beginning of something exciting, so perfectly matched with a dog. A playful puppy, perhaps a Cocker Spaniel will match your Aries courageous and energetic personality.

Dog Zodiac Sign Perfect Pet Horoscope


Taurus personality is reliable and sensual, with a sense of stability and need for things to be grounded. Much suited to a calmer, house bound pet such as a miniature hamster. You both enjoy relaxing and serene environments and will settle well in a home together.



As a Gemini, you are easy going but both enthusiastic and social. While still outgoing and intelligent, a Gemini is also indecisive and impulsive, so what better than a pet you can have a conversation with? Parrots are well suited to Gemini’s, as you might get bored easily, a chatty parrot will keep you occupied and amused all day long.


Cancers are determined, imaginative and loyal beings. However, they can be very emotional and sensitive, and may need a cuddle now and then. Ferrets, with their inquisitive nature, are patient but playful and will become a perfect companion for a Cancer.



Leo’s tend to be caring and generous and warm hearted, however they can be stubborn and sometimes a bit lazy. Their perfect pet match is probably a housebound feline, maybe a Persian cat, who also enjoys their own space however can be affectionate when they want to be.

Girl Perfect Pet Match Horoscope


Virgos tend to be cheerful, strong and passionate perfectionists. With a good understanding of human nature, once around a Virgo, everything begins to get better. Horses are a great pet match for Virgos, it is said they can read human emotions, so are great companions for a sensitive Virgo.



Libra personality traits include a strong sense of fairness, partnership and are typically the most charming sign. Libra’s require peace and harmony in the home, therefore their perfect pet match may with a gentle giant, such as a tortoise. 


Scorpios have a sense of mystery about them, with an intense nature and like their relationships built on trust. The dark, brooding nature of a Scorpio would be matched with a more unique pet, such as a spider or a scorpion, or perhaps a reptile.

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Sagittarius signs are born to explore, and need freedom to roam and see the world. Energetic and curious, a Sagittarius is creative clever and straightforward, perfectly matched with an outdoor cat, which will match the Sagittarius’s natural desire to roam free.


Capricorn’s are ambitious, practical and realistic. Often busy, the best pet suited to a Capricorn would be one that does not require much attention, and may be able to be left alone for longer period of time, perhaps a Guinea pig, who love to cuddle, but also don’t mind being left alone sometimes.



Aquarius tend to be assertive, independent and easy-going characters. They are very forward thinkers, based on the future and friendship is important to them, and may be well suited with an exotic pet, like a snake, who can be affectionate, but also like space from their owners at times.


Pisces’ tend to be compassionate and dreamy. Quite mystical creatures, a Pisces’s perfect pet may be a water animal, such as freshwater fish, who matches the mystical, calm nature of the Pisces.


You might not find your perfect pet matches your horoscope completely, but this guide can give you some ideas of what pet might just be perfect for you! 

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