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Your Next Favorite Read Based On Your Zodiac Sign

In the market for your next favorite read? Look no further because we know just what you’re in the mood for. Based on your zodiac signs these book’s plots, characters, or moods resonate with the darkest and lightest sides of each zodiac. 


This might be a phrase the ambitious and impulsive Aries hears a lot. Take some time for self-care. It’s all the rage and all over Instagram. Well, Leigh Stein writes about it in Self Care but this isn’t a step by step guru method. Nope, this female fiction novel will be a favorite read for any Aries. Explore the modern world without having to face the consequences in your own life. Take a journey with Maren through a digital detox and watch the consequences of some impulsive online decisions. Can she help the COO of the world’s most inclusive brand for women and the indispensable employee Khadijah Walker hold true to that claim? Guess you’ll have to pick it up to find out. But we bet you’ll be on the next social media platform having #favoriteread trending all over this book. 


This book hasn’t lead the headlines or been all the buzz in the book sphere but it’s sure to be a favorite read for the grounded sign. While its title The Name of the Wind, leaves the plot seemingly vague, it will all make sense in due time.  In fact, the Taurus may connect with the protagonist Kvothe more than any other reader. Much like the Taurus, he’s reliable, practical, and occasionally stubborn. For anyone who loves Lord of the Rings, magic (but in a realistic sense), nature, and nearly poetic prose nothing else will top the list for favorite reads. This book takes the award. Don’t let the length intimidate you. Take it somewhere relaxing — the woods might be most appropriate — and get lost in a world you weren’t expecting to want to stay in. 


Before this book takes center stage on the silver screen, make sure you can say it was your favorite read first. The twin sign can sometimes feel at war with themselves, not unlike Mare, the protagonist of Red Queen. She’s trapped in a world with a clear divide between two classes of people. But, Mare possesses qualities of both. She’s the first in the history of her world. This three-part series has a trademark of any YA novel. What’s that saying? Two’s company three’s a crowd? Guess love triangles never got that memo. It’s a classic troupe of any YA novel helping it climb the ranks of the favorite read contest. The Red Queen will come out with the victory crown.  


If you read a poem around in an empty room and no one’s around to hear it, does it still pull on a sympathetic heart? Well The Poet X is sure to be an instant favorite read for any audience — even if it’s only an audience of one. Xiomara chronologically recalls her youth and struggles to fit in as a Dominican American in a religious house. She questions her world as she grows older with curves that make her noticeable but a mouth gagged in teachings unable to speak her protest. Cancers will sympathize with her struggles and appreciate her imaginative and lyrical approach to telling her story. This new favorite read will have your reciting verses with more power and emotion than a Shakespearean tragedy. 


It’s no secret Leos belong in paradise. It’s a dream but what if it suddenly becomes your worst nightmare? In The Unhoneymooners Olive must take her twin sisters’ dream honeymoon in Hawaii after the entire wedding contracts a rare food poisoning. Sad for her twin but hello Hawaii right? But there’s a catch she must go with the best man who is, of course, her arch-nemesis. One’s Mello dramatic, one wants nothing more than to make it through each day. Maybe one glanced at the other one too many times. It’s easy to get a bit too theatrical when you’re playing a happily married couple. This book won’t leave your hands once it’s in them. You’ll be pushing it on to anyone who will listen promising it will be their new favorite read. Because now this book and only this book claims the title of favorite read for our king and queens of the zodiac. By the end, everyone will be begging for a week in paradise with their arch-nemesis. 


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be the best possible version of yourself. And there are plenty of ways to do that. In fact, You Are A Badass will remind our perfectionist Virgo to congratulate themselves on what they’ve already accomplished and appreciate their failures. Failures? Yep, everyone has them and if you’re a perfectionist you think you’ve had quite a few. But this book is here to remind you that you haven’t. It will be a favorite read any time of the year and a reread whenever you need it. It’s one of those special books that lets you take away something new each time you read it. It’s on the top of a lot of people’s favorite read lists and helps a lot of people get their mojo back. So whether you’re lacking mojo or looking for extra juice to keep you on a roll this book offers the perfect solution. 


Libra’s love balance and diplomacy. So this book might be a bit of a stretch out of their comfort zone. In Wilder Girls, a rare disease is mutating the attendees of the boarding school. The Navy’s getting them help. They are sending rations, they are working; but, the girls are dying or getting worse. If you’ve ever read Lord of the Flies and it’s a favorite read, it might serve as an eerie similarity. Does it make a difference if it’s all girls? Are they more rational, more diplomatic, what is the fence keeping out? Step outside your comfort zone and you’ll find nothing less than your new favorite read. 


Ever feel like you’re connected to something a little beyond this world? Scorpios tend to be more in touch with the psychic and emotional realm. In 13 Doorways Wolves Behind Them All, a ghost observes an orphanage. This unique and beautiful story explores the post-WWII fallout and the effects on American lives. As the ghost learns more about the girls, she learns more about herself. She doesn’t fully understand what it means to be dead; but, did she ever fully understand what it meant to be alive? Can she help these girls in a way she could never help herself? Scorpios will resonate with the determined force it takes not only to carry on in the physical world but in the one beyond that. Favorite read? More like next obsession. The book comes across a little misunderstood not unlike the Scorpio. But, take the time to understand it and you’ll be rewarded in ways you never imagined.

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Women aren’t that complicated right? We are pretty straight forward. Maybe that holds a little more true for the savvy Sagittarius. But they will love the approach of these masculine men in Bromance Book Club (I mean come on the title has to be enough to be considered a favorite read) attempt to save their relationships with a little help from romance novels. The sense of humor littered throughout the novel is unmatched in a lot of new books. It’s crass at times but brutally honest. While fun and sexy, it helps explore the realities of marriage — even if it is fiction. Easy to read and easy to label as a favorite read. Pick up a copy before all the men in desperate need of advice snag the last copy. 


You’ve got great self-control; you’re a Capricorn. But can you hold true to that when faced with a man who’s saving your own even though you’re pretty sure he’s taken other’s lives? That’s the struggle Britt faces as she navigates two kidnappers through a blizzard. The feelings and the logic fight more fiercely than the storm in this book. It’s an issue any Capricorn can sympathize with. Oh, did we mention there’s an ex-boyfriend on the loose too? Nothing can ever be easy. But that’s what makes this thrilling, heart-wrenching, and well-paced novel the perfect new favorite read for the responsible, disciplined, and self-controlled Capricorn. Maybe it’s okay to let those controls go every once in a while. 


It may feel like Everything is F*cked right now. But this book about hope will be a favorite read for the most humanitarian sign. From the same author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, Mark Manson, the follow-up book couldn’t be more fitting than right now. It takes a straight forward no-fluff approach to looking at life and the world. It doesn’t get too emotional or too philosophical which helps ease the reader into the message. It makes this book a favorite read for any Aquarius. 


The sensitive Pisces lives in divided attention between fantasy and reality. So, what if you had the chance to do each day over giving your full attention to just one of those worlds. In a sense The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle allow you to do that. There’s one catch, you have to help Aiden solve the murder before it happens at the end of each night over and over again. Oh, and one more thing each day you’re someone new and somebody there doesn’t want your job to be easy. The pieces selfless nature makes this a perfect favorite read as you turn the pages to help Aiden discover the answer quicker. Workout the puzzle in your own head and maybe you’ll get the right answer before Aiden does. But, you’ll have to finish to find out. 

Do these book recommendations fit your sign? Tell us below or leave more recommendations for your fellow signs to find their new favorite read. Keep those pages turning!

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