Your New Years Resolutions Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Here is your New Years resolution for 2019 based off of your zodiac sign! These resolutions will spark a new chapter for the new year!

Between learning to cut yourself off after that second glass of Chardonnay, and telling yourself to hit the gym more, there’s a lot you want to accomplish in 2019. But what better way to prioritize these important tasks? Ask the stars, obviously! Here’s what your New Years resolution should be this year, according to your zodiac sign.


Being in the planet of Uranus (planet of sudden changes) as your ruler, it’s a no brainer that you’re prone to paranoia. But with 2019’s new moon on the horizons, it’s time to pick a particular fear that’s holding you back and face it head on (like finally cutting that toxic friend out of your life). Spoiler: It’ll be the mood-boost you need to start the year off right.

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Being connected with others is a huge part of the reason you’re so damn beloved. But that doesn’t mean you should shy away from vocalizing your own needs. First up on your New Years resolution list? Being more direct with people and demanding what you desire, whether that’s a little help here and there, or a big fat raise at work.

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True to your fire sign frame of mind, you have no trouble casting a wide social net. But the secret to a happy social life lies in true and deep friendships, rather than lots of surface ones. Make nurturing the most important relationships in your life the priority for the new year ahead.


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When it comes to goals on the health front, you can be pretty, well.. slow about getting started. Aka you tend to get stuck in your sweatpants ways and never make changes. News flash: There will be no great act of a divine intervention to inspire you to switch up your diet or finally stick to thrice weekly yoga. So make this the year that you actually set healthy systems in place.

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Sweet, sweet Gemini. It’s no secret that you intimidate others around you. Whether this is intentional or not, working on your manners and being more polite to others around you could destroy the stigma that you’re not approachable. This could lead to meeting new people and creating more opportunities for yourself. Use that strong presence to light up the room, not clear it out!


Broadening your worldview is a challenging task when you feel like you’re living in a hermit shell. The remedy: Travel! Skip town one weekend, say yes to opportunities that come your way, and start plotting and planning for your next great escape. Getting out of your comfort zone will stoke your intellectual fire, moonchild.


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As the distinguished diva of the zodiac, you really crave pomp and circumstance. Trouble is, luxury and circumstance costs m-o-n-e-y. Your task for your New Years resolution, lioness? Stop living beyond your means in the name of fabulosity and make quietly pocketing away some savings your #1 priority. We promise, reining in your finances will help you find a spot of calm in that busy, glamorous life of yours.

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Virgo’s are more than ready for a relationship in 2019. If you’re a Virgo you already know that your desire for cleanliness and unwavering loyalty make you totally wifey/husband material. So go out and shoot your shot to get that special someone.

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Everybody loves you—you really, really don’t need Instagram to validate that. We know you’re cosmically programmed to be a people-pleaser, but just imagine all the time you’ll reclaim for pleasing yourself if you step away from your phone. Your New Years resolution: Set one day a week when you don’t check social media. You won’t miss it, we promise.

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It’s obvious that you have a huge passion Scorpio, it’s time to take your cool hobby from carefree to career. You might feel as if you can’t do this but its totally possible with how resourceful and passionate you are. The sky is the limit for you in 2019!



Sagittarius, you love your freedom. That’s not saying that you always want to be alone, you just love having the ability to do what you want when you want. So this year if someone has been holding you back, then they shouldn’t join you in the transition into 2019. Sorry def not sorry.

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Being a Capricorn, you may seek out the very worst in every situation, causing you to look poorly on life. Try living every day to the fullest and looking at the glass as half full instead of half empty. Look at each mistake knowing it happened for a reason. Be more positive and live your best life in 2019!

Do you agree with your zodiac signs New Years resolution? Tell us in the comments below!

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