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Your Love Horoscope For The Week Of October 1

Your Love Horoscope For The Week Of October 1


Aside from Fall being hands-down the best season, October brings passion and intensity into our love lives this month Zodiac babes. After 13 months in partnership-oriented Libra, Jupiter moves into Scorpio terrain on the 10th. You may have formed meaningful relationships or found someone special in the past year but with Jupiter moving into Scorpio, things are going to get revved up to the next-level. True intimacy and intense bonding are on the horizon for all Zodiac signs this month. Expect moments of vulnerability and personal growth spiritually and emotionally. Jupiter expands any potential for achieving a profound connection until November 8 so you’ve got some serious time Zodiac lovers. Get ready to see experience some powerful connections. Here is your love horoscope for the week of October 1.


March 21-April 19

This October will be a rewarding one Aries. This year the month of October brings you self-exploration. Love is no longer your top priority. Take this week to self-reflect and try out anything you’ve been dying to explore. The cosmos are urging you to step out of your comfort zone and discover what things you find to be most fulfilling in love. This is the time to experiment in romance and love Aries. Grand gestures and planning a romantic event for your babe isn’t such a bad idea.

If you are in a relationship, be more adventurous this week, Aries. Try new restaurants and find new couple activities to do in the fall. You may be surprised how much closer the two of you could become. Single? Look for partners who share the same ambitions and goals are you do. On Thursday the Full Moon is in your sign! What’s that mean for you? It’s going to help you make a move in one direction or the other concerning your personal life. This week your inner power is going to shine. Don’t let this sudden feeling blind you from dismissing your partner’s thoughts and feelings. You may encounter some challenging transitions the first half of the month but it will eventually smooth over.

On Friday your relationship communication will become clearer with communicator Mercury swinging into Libra until the 17th. Hopefully this gives you plenty of “me time.” On the 5th emotional yearnings are going to surface. If you’re single Aries this might be the time you realize you have developed deep feelings for someone that might present itself as a bit complicated. Negotiate your emotions this week if you want real relationship potential. Keep yourself focused Aries.

April 20-May 20

If there was such thing as a romantic jackpot, you’ve hit it this week, Taurus. Mars and Venus, the two cosmic planets of love, are moving through your fifth House of Pleasure. These two aren’t just casually transitioning; they’re in overdrive. Not to mention, Pluto will make sure this lusty experience is transcendental. If you are recently a coupled Bull, this week the relationship is likely to turn physical. Around the fifth, the Full Moon will have you feeling vulnerable. If you are struggling with personal demons, this is the perfect time to purge yourself from them. Don’t worry Taurus, the cosmos are on your side. Any emotional frustrations you have at the beginning of the month will be resolved by the end of the week.

This month your relationship sector is going to become richer and more meaningful. With all the love planets in your zone, live in the moment and enjoy every minute the universe has to offer. Jupiter isn’t just bringing us luck; it’s bringing extra luck. Take risks in your love life this week Taurus and leave any pettiness to the other signs. Take the happiness you deserve. If you’re single Taurus, express your more playful, dramatic, spontaneous and fun-loving qualities. You’ll be radiating energy and pride but could also be feeling a bit melodramatic. Keep it positive.

May 21-June 20

There’s some cosmic activity starting up in Libra this week which could emphasize your romantic life in a big way. Your solar chart is already strongly associated with dating, fun relationships, romance and playful sex. With the New Moon tomorrow, things are about to get in motion with Mars in your partnership sector. Desire is going to increase. Changes are on the horizon for you Gemini in both love and work. This week is a great time to spend quality time with your babe. If the two of you fall of the grid this week instead of hanging with friends, chances are the cosmos will make sure you have some seriously magical moments in the bedroom. Skip out on socializing this week and get cozy on the couch instead.

If you are a single Gemini, romantic prospects are ready for you. Venus moves into your true love sector this month so expect things to get shaken up. You know exactly what to say and do at the beginning of the month so just be yourself. Get flirtatious and things will get exciting. Be cautious of family if you are a partnered Gemini. They may create a rift between you and your babe but by the end of the week you’ll have everything in control. Now is the time for enhancing love Gemini so enjoy domestic activities and express gratitude if coupled.

June 21- July 22

This month is great for a bit of self-reflection, Cancer. Take a step back and examine if you’ve had any shifts in personal identity; you may rediscover your values, likes, dislikes and tastes. Throughout this process, embrace a bit of uncertainty and keep yourself open-minded. You may be confronted with new opinions you didn’t anticipate. Big changes and decisions in your love life are around the corner. Maintain some balance in your life so you can alleviate any stress the major changes might bring. This week words will be heavily influential on your love life Cancer.

Venus is in your third house so any new relationships formed should be light, playful and most importantly, intellectual. Your main struggle this month might be expressing your emotions in a practical way and you might experience some tension between your reason and emotion. With this in mind, if you are a coupled Cancer, enhancing love consists of getting out and about and opening the lines of communication. Stay open and honest this month. Words are influential this week! Depth and intimacy are prominent themes this week so sharing vulnerabilities will strengthen your bond. Venus is encouraging you to get personal this week and for the beginning of the month.

However, don’t get swept up Cancer in exercising any sort of authority; it will stir up hostility with your partner and brew up criticism that won’t sit well. If you are single, this month is going to bring emotional renewal. You’ll find yourself possessing abundant charm and opportunity.

July 23- August 22

Venus is in your second house of self-worth and stability this week Leo! Any relationships that have begun are sensual, comfortable and potentially long-lasting Leo! If you are a single Leo, enhancing your love life will consist of enjoying the moment and indulging in any earthy pleasures. Go on a hike and just relax. The month of October offers you a time of maturity and growth. Take this time to learn something new this month Leo. Put yourself into new situations where you are likely to meet new types of people. Your dating pool will broaden for the better.

You may be finding it hard to navigate any new relationships. If you are interacting with a different person on a more intimate level, take this time to figure out what works best for the two of you. October is a great time for you to meet someone new Leo. If you put yourself out there this week you may find like-minded people. If you’re in a relationship chances are your lover is extra supportive this week. They are your biggest cheerleader and will have your back 110%. Lucky for you you’ll be feeling the love all week!

August 23-September 22

The universe wants you to enjoy some seriously steamy and sexy vibes this week Virgo. Both Venus and Mars are in your sign this week which is making you extraordinarily passionate. Since the two cosmic lovers also interact with Pluto this week, your pleasure sector is on fire. You and your lover are bound to reach new romantic heights this week. This week is going to be hot and heavy for you Virgo. Venus is in your first House of Self, so express your natural charm and friendliness with confidence. It’ll ensure spontaneous and exciting relationships are formed.

Charm and spontaneity are the words of the week Virgo. If you’re a single Virgo, take this opportunity to go on dates and meet new prospects. It won’t be hard to attract attention this week since all the love planets are right up in your sector. Make sure to keep it fun rather than a search for commitment.  There is no wrongdoing this week Virgo. This month your zodiac sign will be deeply influenced by two eclipses that will result in positive change.

September 23 – October 22

Venus is in your 12th House of Subconscious, Dreams and Intuition until the 14th Libra. What’s this mean for you? You may find yourself expressing your love through practical means like running errands for your babe or just being there for your partner. There’s always potential for over-analyzing your lover’s reactions and words so try and keep a lighthearted approach this week. This week you’ll experience a definite turning point in your relationship. The Thursday Full Moon in your partnership sector is going to magnify emotions for both you and your babe.

You may have to navigate communication from more logical standpoint this week rather than impulsively acting from the heart. If you want to move forward with a relationship decision and you find your partner isn’t on the same page, explain your reasoning. However, if you can’t come to an agreement, there might be some trouble on the horizon. This October, focus on being selfless and showing affection and attention to those you love without expecting a reward. Be supportive and things are bound to settle nicely.

October 23 – November 21

Venus is in your eleventh House of Friendships Scorpio. This week the best place for you to find love is through your friends, group meetings, parties and if you are apart of any club. This week the best way to get what you want Scorpio, is to tell your friends what you want. Be open minded to being set up this week because your friends might have a good match in mind. If you aren’t down for the idea rely on dating apps like bumble or hire a personal matchmaker. Sure that’s a little ambitious but this week the best place you can find love is by outsourcing.

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Let them do the detective work and vet someone out for you. If you are single, keep an eye out during group gatherings or other social events. Someone compatible might very well be out in the crowd. If you are recently coupled Scorpio, your relationship should be noncommittal friend and spirited. You will attract love if you are friendly and showcase your low-key and easy-going nature. Now is the time to flaunt your unique spirit! If you are a coupled Scorpio, share your long-term goals with your loved one or babe. Your dreams and wishes will strengthen your bond and it’ll be nice to confide in them. They’ll feel appreciated and loved. October has big things in store for you this month Scorpio so buckle up!

November 22 – December 21

Hey there Sagittarius! This week Venus lights up your 10th House of Social Status! Chances of finding love through word of mouth or business is highly probable but be careful not to mix work with pleasure. If you’ve recently started dating someone, this week you might realize you’ve fallen in love. The Full Moon in your romance sector brings incredible fulfillment in love and sparks are flying. Don’t fight the urge to let them know how you feel. The chemistry is downright irresistible.

What you are feeling now is incredibly powerful. A friend might warn you to be cautious in your new relationship but chances are, you won’t listen. Lead with your heart this week Sagittarius. October is going to bring you pleasant interactions! If you are a coupled Sagittarius, spend time doing activities with your babe that make you feel secure. You may feel that you are looking for more structure in your relationships or the urge to share your goals. Now is not the time to hold back Sagittarius; follow your heart.

December 22 – January 19

Venus is in your ninth House of Philosophy Capricorn! If you’re a single Capricorn finding love could occur while traveling or embarking on some sort of adventure that is out of your typical routine. This week is the perfect time to expand your horizons and reach for new experiences whether you are coupled or single. Embrace an adventure that connects with mind, body and spirit. If you’re a coupled Capricorn, this will bring you and your babe a lot closer.

Trust the cosmos when they say the adventure will serve as a powerful aphrodisiac. Say yes to any opportunities your partner or life throws at you! If you’re single be on the lookout for someone who comes from a different cultural or religious background. You’ll be enticed and this could spark potential relationship material. Express your adventurous, philosophical and optimistic side and you are bound to attract something that’s happy-go-lucky. Now is the time to open up new dimensions in your relationships. Share spiritual, religious and philosophical interests with loved ones!

January 20 – February 18

Serious intimacy is yours for the taking Aquarius. This week your partner and you have the opportunity to reveal mind, body and soul to one another. With Venus in your 8th House of Equal-Opportunity and Rebirth, your able to reach new levels of intimacy in your relationship. However, if you’ve been experiencing a bit of a rough patch in your relationship lately, the two of you might reach a breakthrough this week. Ditch any of the intense and emotionally-charged tensions that have surrounded possessiveness, obsession or mind games.

Sit down with one another and respectfully communicate your needs to one another. Healing is a serious opportunity this week Aquarius so take advantage of it. Your bond can absolutely be restored so don’t worry! On a happier note, you may receive positive financial news if you’ve recently invested. If you’re a single Aquarius, your mysterious and quiet appeal is turning heads. October is going to bring relaxation and pleasure to you this month so prep yourself Aquarius.

February 19 – March 20

Well hello Pisces! This week your love life is quite enviable. You’ve got cosmic lovers Venus and Mars in your partnership sector. Your seventh House of Relationships governs all things partnerships, regardless of being personal or work related. Not to mention the planet of Pluto intersects with depth and transformation so you’re in for a good week Pisces. If you’re in a relationship romantic vibes are definitely a possibility this week. You’re going to feel supported and loved this week by your babe which is going to be a serious turn on. Expect your partner to help you come into your own to achieve something you’ve aspired to do for a long time.

Keep in mind how powerful you truly are Pisces and things will go extremely well this week. You’re going to feel some serious love and sustenance in your relationship from your mate! Lucky you! If you are a single Pisces, this is the best time of year to open your hear to new possibilities. You could attract a lover simply by listening to someone else’s story or compromising with a friend. Love is possible pretty much anywhere for you this week Pisces. Feel the love!

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