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Your Love Horoscope For The Week of Sept 10

Your Love Horoscope For The Week of Sept 10

Aries Season is beginning and that means it's time for new beginnings and fresh starts! Our seeds are beginning to sprout and soon flower, make the choices now that will enable you too to bloom into your beautiful and unique self. Keep reading for your horoscope for the week of March 19th!

Hey there Zodiac babes! With the Moon now in Taurus on September 10, the time for settling in, maintaining routines and consolidating existing projects is now; but beware, this is also a time where we might find ourselves easily distracted from our work. Later in the week on the 14, the transitioning moon will be in opposition transitioning Pluto which means frustrations or buried issues will come forth. You might find your relationships feeling a bit intense or emotional but these complex feelings will sort themselves out. While all that’s fun and interesting, here is your love horoscope for the week of September 10 cosmic lovers.


March 21 – April 19

Lucky you Aries – your time for love has arrived. Here’s what’s up in your love horoscope. Have you found yourself feeling giddy and questioning if you’ve lost your sanity? Don’t sweat it because your sanity is fully intact. Mercury is recently out of retrograde and you’re still feeling the effects. This week is a turning point for you and the perfect time to allow yourself to open up and surrender to any romantic possibilities or gestures.

Soak it up Aries because this isn’t a dream. Your love life is about to work in your favor to the extreme. Make sure not to overthink and sabotage any happiness coming your way. With the full moon just passing in Pisces, your imagination is running wild but know your love life isn’t a dream – the cosmos are working with you to make your dreams a reality!


April 20 – May 20

With the Pisces full moon lighting up your 11th house of networking, don’t forget that face-to-face time with your babe is crucial. This is a great week for you Taurus to move forward with your partner whether that be making things official or creating the ultimate dream home together. There is no shortage of sexy vibes for you Taurus if you are single but you may need to tone down the confidence first. If you’ve been on a bit of an ego trip, it’s time to cut it.

Don’t let your fear of connecting with someone stop you from meeting someone awesome. You may find yourself having a conversation with your love interest this Saturday that could lead to something incredible. Keep your eyes and ears open Taurus and don’t let your ego get in the way of that special something.


May 21 – June 20

Your intuition this week should be your guide Gemini. That doesn’t mean abandon ship with your instincts however. The full moon in Pisces shines on your 10th house of responsibility so allow your fantasies to reveal themselves. That way you can be carried into a brighter future. Keep this in mind. Whether single or attached, this is the week to truly open your heart and show someone how much you love them. You are generous and have no problem reminding someone who fantastic they are but really go all out this week. If you’re dating someone new don’t be surprised if you let it slip just how much you truly care – you won’t regret it.

The cosmos want you to connect mind, body and soul this week so really tap into your deeper self. If you are single, this is a great week to figure out what exactly it is you are looking for in a partner. If you say them out loud or write them down, you might find yourself faced with a magical outcome. After all, the universe conspires to give you what you want, especially if you say it over and over again. Make sure you are certain on what you want – you don’t want to attract anyone who’s a waste of time or bringing negative vibes. Trust your love horoscope.


June 21 – July 22

Dream big Cancer! This week with the full moon in Pisces, you will be asked to dig a big deeper emotional and explore new possibilities. The Pisces full moon also lights up your 9th house of distant horizons. Your need for emotional security is shining bright this week. However, this week your life-altering circumstances aren’t centered on your emotional security love wise, rather money-wise.

However, some support from your partner as you may be interested in pursuing a new opportunity that might present itself. On Wednesday babe won’t be too thrilled to reschedule their plans to give you a little extra help. Remind your partner that’s what relationships are about – give-and-take. This is truly your partner’s turn to give. The cosmic-line up and love horoscope this week in your romance sector is in need of some support so make sure to let your partner know.


July 23-August 22

Within the next couple of weeks Leo big decisions are going to require your attention. The Pisces full moon is illuminating within your 8th house of transformation so you can sure as heck expect your love life to be affected. This is the perfect time for you to reflect your focus inward and search for deeper meaning and emotional regeneration. This spiritual focus will impact all of your relationships for the better if done correctly. Get ready single Leos to experience the best within your love life in regards to prospects.

Venus, the planet of love, is in Leo and is going to make you the most desirable of Zodiac signs right now! If you’ve recently started dating, it might be possible that you both decide to become exclusive. Woo! Single Leo? You will be attracting someone with an extraordinarily sexy vibe that will have you vibrating at a high frequency. If not, there is a possibility your love life is going to have some unexpected sparks that will ignite some excitement into the relationship. Namaste!


August 23 – September 22

Hey there Virgo! The imaginative full moon in Pisces is reflecting upon your 7th house of others. Okay, so that may sound uninteresting but it just means you might find people opening up to you about their hopes and dreams. While this may be the case, your unfulfilled dreams might pop-up, resonating with you and making you want to ditch your responsibilities. You may feel a bit cheated this week in romance. If you and your partner are having argument after argument about a domestic affair, you may snap finally.

While throwing temper tantrums is more a Cancer quality, you might stoop to that level by Saturday. Make sure you are super aware of your emotions and actions this week because what might be bothering you is that you haven’t fully communicated what’s bothering you to your babe. Now that Mercury is no longer in retrograde, communication should be much better. Keep calm and carry on Virgo.


September 23 – October 22

Hey there Libra babes! So the Pisces full moon is fogging up your 6th house of logic, but don’t fret. This week you may feel like you have a lot of unfinished chores so make yourself a to-do list. It’ll be so much easier to complete any obligations you have once you figure out the specifics of each task. On the bright side your love life this week is exciting and has a lot of zest!

You may find yourself being invited to a several parties and fun events! This is a perfect time to show off your babe if you’re a coupled Libra. If you’re single, all eyes will be on you. You may receive several compliments about how great you look. Bask in all that attention you’re receiving and pay attention to those who are making you feel great. This is the week for you to absolutely mingle single Libras! You will have plenty of chances to do this so take advantage of it. No staying home on the couch every day this week! Don’t keep those romantic prospects waiting.


October 23 – November 21

The Pisces full moon is shadowing your 5th house of creativity and love Scorpio. What does that mean? Either romantic fantasies may stir up fearful or sweet enchantments. Don’t let your thoughts go to a dark place! These complex thoughts are simply your imagination being enhanced, so rather than focusing on the “what if’s” steer yourself in the direction of pleasant dreams.

Love horoscope? You and your babe have crazy potential for being a power couple so keep it positive. Trust that your partner knows how to help you out and get you to where your goals are whether it is career wise or just in life. Focus on lifting each other up this week. If you are a single Scorpio, take this week to focus on flaunting your talents and you just might attract someone who’s like-minded. Don’t let the clouded 5th house of creativity and love stop you from working it Scorpio!

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November 22- December 21

Your 4th house of security has been lit up by the Pisces full moon, Sagittarius. While you are someone who’s always game for an adventure, you might find that your next one stays close to home. This week is a great one for exploring what’s already close to you. You can expand your horizons; just keep them close to home. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised when hitting up a local café or activity. Don’t venture too far. Trust the cosmos on this one Sagittarius.

What does this mean for your love horoscope? You and your bae very well just might enjoy a group activity together. Pick something that will allow you to explore your spirituality or a shared interest. You may find yourself having a conversation with a mentor who could potentially bring up some epic advice that could bring more of a spark to your relationship. If you are a single Scorpio, keep an eye out for an international hottie. There is a chance one is entering the picture fairly soon. Can’t hate on that now can you? Your love horoscope is perfect.


December 22 – January 19

Here’s your love horoscope Capricorn. There is a shimmering light on your 3rd house of distractions thanks to the full moon in Pisces. Uh oh! You may be temporarily lured into a path that is so not what you have chosen. Don’t worry though, you will still find serious satisfaction and it’ll result in fantasies that make you smile. Have things between you and your partner been a little boring in the sheets? This is the perfect week to get intimate and deep sexually. It’s about time you have a conversation about what turns you on.

Don’t be scared they will reject your ideas – the cosmos are making sure they will happily reciprocate. You may find yourselves experimenting with all sorts of scenarios that could rev up the romance potential. Oh-la-la! Don’t rule out toys or role playing. Just cause it seems a little uncomfortable doesn’t mean you won’t have a good time. No shame in channeling your inner 50 Shades of Grey. Don’t lie, you totally love Christian Capricorn.


January 20 – February 18

Lucky you Aquarius! Venus, the planet of love, is making an appearance in your 7th house of relationships. Don’t think it could get any more perfect than that! This week you and your partner are going to make one another feel like royalty. There is going to be an incredible amount of harmony in your love life starting this week. If you are single Aquarius, romantic delights are on the horizon.

Go on a date and allow yourself to be treated to something like a nice meal or great company. Casually seeing someone? This is the perfect time for you to reflect on what it is you want out of the relationship. You’ve got yourself the perfect love energy this week Aquarius so don’t blow it. Take advantage of it and live it up to the fullest. Who knows – your ultimate romantic dream may be fulfilled or you might just find your prince charming. Can’t lie, pretty jealous of you this week Aquarius.


February 19- March 20

Uh oh Pisces… here is your love horoscope. Mercury and Mars are colliding in your relationship sector on Saturday which will have you fired up and passionate about communication. Sounds great right? Eh, you also will be short tempered and potentially very nasty which isn’t a great combination because the full moon in Pisces is lighting up your 1st house of personality. This means you’re going to feel a bit more self-actualized and practical about your thinking.

You shouldn’t allow people to criticize you for chasing after what your heart tells you to. Of course this happens when your partner is feeling a bit more zesty towards you. If you aren’t careful with your attitude and how you respond, you could find yourself getting severely burned. Try not to argue about anything. You may be criticized, hitting close to home and bruising your ego. Single Pisces? Yeah, this clearly isn’t the most exciting time for your love life and romantic potential. On the bright side, at least you won’t be bickering with a loved one. See, flying solo isn’t always so bad!

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