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Your Love Horoscope For The Week of October 29

Your Love Horoscope For The Week of October 29


The cosmos have spoken; your weekly love horoscopes are here! With the last week of October fast approaching, things are slowing down astrologically. On November 2, Saturn goes square with Chiron. Fears of being incompetent or effective in our responsibilities are a possibility on this day. This could be a day where we find it hard to pin-point our unique paths. All of us in the zodiac chart might be feeling an urge to resist the status quo. This is the perfect time to take a hard look at what makes us feel vulnerable and address it! Brace yourself for a Full Moon on November 4 in Taurus; then is the time to be radically present. Try and smile through something that usually drives you fucking nuts and you’ll see the rewards. With every Full Moon come new intentions; set those goals for the month and affirm your values! With that being said, see how this week affects your individual love horoscope!

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March 21-April 19

Your love horoscope for the week of October 29 is here, Aries. Usually at the end of the month, astrological shifts simmer down. However, for you, your love life might get a bit bumpy. Fortunately, it’s at the cause of your hand. Venus and Saturn link up on Friday. You might feel as though you and your babe are made for one another. You’re currently on the same page spiritually and religiously. However, on Saturday, you might decide to shake things up in your relationship. If you are trying to wake your partner up, try talking to them rather than stirring the pot. Your relationship doesn’t need that much chaos.

Things are shaping up though prior; on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are your lucky days for love. Revise your calendar if need be. The main thing is to optimize matters of the heart during this time frame. Write down what you truly want and the universe should manifest it. Try and keep a low-pro Friday and Saturday. These days are meant for nesting. Sunday might be a day of action but again, try and keep it relatively collected.



April 20-May 20

This week your love horoscope allows you the perfect opportunity for emotional vulnerability. If you are a single Taurus, this is a definite step in the right direction to obtaining love. You may have, without realizing it, put up a wall which has prevented others from approaching you. This new vibe you will be radiating on Saturday assures you’ll be vibrating at a high frequency. The Full Moon in your sign assures things will go accordingly. Now is the time to show someone how much you care and how awesome you are.

Monday offers an unreal opportunity for romance. Send someone a sweet message to someone you are eyeing. If you are a single Taurus, Tuesday is a great time to impress someone at an artistic event. Friday and Saturday bring high charged energy with the Full Moon so be wary of any matters of intensity. Keep things low-key Sunday since the universes energy will be highly charged.


May 21-June 20

Your love horoscope varies this week Gemini. If you are a coupled Gemini, you could have an entirely different experience than those who are single or loosely dating. On Friday, Venus is in your true love sector and intersects with Saturn, your partnership sector. Things might be feeling heavenly in your romance sector. You and your partner are completely in sync and know each other extremely well. However, if you are a single Gemini, disruption might break the surface. With a Full Moon fast approaching on Saturday, things could get extremely dramatic. A sudden event could end a casual relationship or make it incredibly intense.


Romance requires extra concentration come Monday. Make sure you are reading between the lines to avoid confrontation with your partner. By the time Sunday rolls around; take a deeper loo at any implications to a situation you might be involved in. Think bigger picture Gemini.


June 21- July 22

With mattes of the heart, your love horoscope is light and airy. Regardless of your relationship status, things are going well for you Cancer. If you are a single crab, now is the perfect time to gain clarity about what you want in a relationship. You will have the ability to tap into what you truly want; don’t sell yourself short. If you find the right person, you have a lot to give. This very well could be a perfect match. If you are a coupled Cancer, take this time to enjoy this enchantingly romantic period. Friday is the perfect day to indulge on a date or something sweet. With the sun moving through your romance sector, things are feeling great.

July 23- August 22

If you feel like your love life has been lacking an intellectual component, the cosmos are finally here to change that. If you’re a coupled Leo, it’s not that you don’t love your physical relationship with your babe, you just require a mental connection as well. Thankfully Mercury is moving into your chart which is connected to matters of the heart on Sunday. This is going to help spark conversations that are stimulating and rewarding in the best way possible. For the single Leos, this week opens up opportunities to meet someone special. Now is the perfect time to arrange any coffee dates. Since your desire for mental stimulation is firing up, expect the date to go extraordinarily well!



August 23-September 22

Has your love life seemed a bit dull lately Virgo? Your love horoscope stressed understanding that sometimes this isn’t a bad thing; you two are simply comfortable with one another. Let this be a time where you reflect on how you might be taking your partner for granted. While you might rely on each other, comfort also leads to complacency. This could be a make or break if not acknowledged. Thankfully your love horoscope knows you could use the romantic boost this upcoming week. By Friday, you and your partner should have had a conversation that will make you see eye to eye again and deepen your connection. Things will finally feel aligned so don’t waste this cosmic energy.


September 23 – October 22

Your love horoscope is about to be shaken up Libra. Your love life this week is no snooze-fest. This week the cosmos are ready to electrify your romance sector and bring you the unexpected. Planet Uranus is sparking your partnership sector in a big way this week. On Saturday, Uranus goes in direct opposition Venus, the planet of love. These two are not so casually moving through your sign. While you might be craving peace and quiet in your love life, that’s definitely not going to be the case this week. Prepare to get your love life rattled. It’s time to wake up Libra, you won’t be hitting that snooze button. The last week of the month has you assertive and ready to go after what you want. Stay motivated and nothing will be able to keep you down.

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October 23 – November 21

Your love horoscope is kicking into high gear this week Scorpio! Happy Scorpio season! When it comes to your love life, your feelings will be heightened. On Saturday the Full Moon lands in your partnership sector. This will bring you and your mate nothing but an intimate, deep and emotionally fulfilling moment. Your already positive bond is about to get a lot stronger. Thank you La Luna! However, if you are feeling insecure about anything, especially the physical aspect of your relationship, those will be heightened as well. Make sure you don’t blow anything out of proportion! You have Jupiter in your sign right now so there’s no need to worry. All good cosmic forces have your back. Use these cosmic energies to mend any broken fences. Just remember not to get defensive Scorpio!


November 22 – December 21

Your love horoscope is here Sagittarius! Your love life might receive a sudden jolt. Keep an eye out in your social life. You might bump into someone you used to date during a Halloween part of event this weekend. If this happens, chances are you could pick up where the two of you left off. Reconnecting might not be such a bad thing; in fact, it might even be better than the last. Even if the moment is short, you won’t be disappointed. There’s no shame in a romantic one night rendezvous. However, there are also great rewards in store for you if you slow down a bit. Just enjoy the moment Sagittarius!


December 22 – January 19

Your love horoscope is looking quite good this week Capricorn. The cosmos are working to make sure your love life reaches an all-time high this week. You are about to get your dose of satisfaction Capricorn. If you’ve recently started dating someone, you might get the vibe that this person is the one. It doesn’t matter if you’ve gone on one or seven dates; your heart is telling you its right! While you usually prefer to take your time when it comes to matters of the heart, you’ll quickly realize this person is worth it. If you are reaching a point where you have to decide, no worries; the universe will make it easy for you to decide.



January 20 – February 18

Your love horoscope is looking a little turbulent this week Aquarius. However, the cause of those problems will be you! Your babe might want to engage in a conversation about deep rooted philosophical, spiritual and moral matters. You might have a varying opinion than your partner about a topic of discussion. While it might appear like you have an extremely radical standpoint, try and keep your cool. Stay away from provocative communication or else you might lose your partner. Luckily, you get to choose where the two of you stand. If you would rather keep the relationship going, keep your mouth shut this week. Doesn’t mean you have to avoid the topic all together but try and keep your cool!


February 19 – March 20

Your love horoscope for this week is deeply rooted in finances, Pisces. The two of you might have varying spending habits that are quite noticeable lately. This might cause a bit of a rift between the two of you. While you are usually smart about your spending, your partner might comment on how you’ve been dishing out a bit more cash on unusual items lately. If you’ve been hitting some retail therapy, cool it a bit. Save the shopping sprees for another time. It might feel good temporarily to get new things but you might be going overboard. Your partner might have a point! Hear them out and come up with a definite limit for your expendable income. Spend it smart, Pisces.

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