Your Love Horoscope For The Week of November 6

Love is seriously in the air for all the zodiac signs this month. There are tons of things in store: especially with Scorpio season in full bloom. Things are about to heat up romantically! We’ve got the love planets making their way through Libra and Scorpio and full moons on the horizon. Find out your love horoscope for the week of November 6.


March 21-April 19

Your love horoscope is here Aries and it’s looking pretty good. Relationships are no longer on the back-burner. This month love planets Mars and Venus spend all of November in your committed relationship house. Talk about ideal situation! Until the 7th, Venus is in harmony with Libra; Venus will be hanging out with Scorpio the rest of the month. This is going to make you quite the love magnet. People are about to find you mysterious and irresistible. On the 13th, Jupiter and Venus chill in Scorpio. Careful for radiating intense vibes.

This meet up in your eighth house will open you up to new experiences: sex, adventure, emotion and new connections are all on the list. You could ignite a long-distance relationship or a cross-cultural flame. Oh-la-la Aries. If you’re single it’s time to let go of any romantic traumas you may have experienced over the past year… or ever. Don’t let fear of the past make it hard for you to love again. Absorb the new moon’s vibes which allow you to let go of past hurt. Allow yourself to truly admit those feelings and you will have a serious breakthrough. You are indeed lovable, Aries. If you are attached, things are looking good financially. You and babe might move forward with a savvy investment.


April 20-May 20

Your love horoscope for this week is ideal, Taurus. There are going to be a lot of loving and tender vibes going on with someone special. On October 10 (yes, a while ago), Jupiter moved into your partnership sector for the first time in twelve years; that sparked serious prospects for you. If you are a taken bull, your relationship is about to get a lot more harmonious, especially if things have been rocky for a bit. But, the fun isn’t over. There’s about to be even more love in the works for you. Venus, your ruling planet, moves into your partnership sector and is here until December 1. Love is about to get real good.

This truly is a month of love for you Taurus. The sun hits up Scorpio and your partnership house until the 21st. Your bonds are about to get stronger. Not just romantically. If you are a single Bull, you’re going to be hit with a mass amount of confidence; channel it! Venus is in your long-term relationship zone, so you are more prone to attract a long-term partner. The best date to go on a date would be the 13th so take advantage of Jupiter and Venus hanging out. They might be wildly different from your usual go-to but it’ll work. They might be from another country or culture.

The energy will be high for coupled bulls. Spend quality time together. On the 11th, Saturn and Uranus trine which cranks up the emotional energy. You and your partner could have a breakthrough in regards to intimacy or sex. Or… you could have a huge blow out which results in clearing the air. Either way, things will be out in the open.


May 21-June 20

Your love horoscope is looking reflective this week, Gemini. If you are single, you’ll attract love as soon as you focus on yourself. Do some soul searching and work on improving your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. There might be one aspect you need to focus on more than another. Perhaps it’s about improving your confidence. If you want to have the upper hand on your love life, you need to work on you. This is also a perfect time to talk to a sex expert if you are having intimacy issues. You could find the perfect outlet this week. Careful! Don’t allow yourself to become obsessed with a colleague.

Mars is however heating up your passionate sector. This entire month it’s spending time with Libra and your fifth house. Your attraction to someone will be hard to hide, but thankfully it might be reciprocated. Mars will help you wear your heart on your sleeve until the 7th. Mars only hangs out here every two years so you’ll turn heads effortlessly. Single Geminis should use this time to play the field and flirt with several options. Venus enters Scorpio and your wellness-minded house will have you working on life-improvements.

On the 11th, Saturn and Uranus go trine and you might be feeling a bit of liberation; you want freedom. These two planets are going to sync up nicely and you can find any sweet spot you’d like when it comes to your desires. This is the second time the planets work in your favor. However, if you are in a relationship that’s suffocating, take some breathing room for yourself.


June 21- July 22

You love horoscope is here Cancer and you’ve got some serious love mojo going on lately. After you dry spell, everyone is ready to have a piece of you thanks to Jupiter. He’s been hanging out in your romance sector since October, and has no intention of leaving soon. Things are going to get a lot better for you this week. Venus moves into your chart on Tuesday, which opens up opportunities for finding someone special. If you are already attached, your bond feels outstanding.

Lust is in your realm until November 21 so take control of it Cancer. The sun hits seductive Scorpio and you will be feeling playful and passionate as it trails your fifth house. Venus, the love planet, hangs out with Scorpio on the 7th until December 1. You are going to be a show stopper. Indulge! Venus and Jupiter unite on the 13th and you will have sparks flying all over the place. You might meet someone refreshingly different from your go-to type. The 13th is one of your luckiest days so be bold and flirt fearlessly. Take a risk and allow yourself to open your heart. Looking outstanding Cancer!

July 23- August 22

Hello Leo! The type of romance you were craving finally has a shot. Your love horoscope this week will put an end to you feeling as though love eludes you. The universe has been trying to guide you in a different direction; up your standards! You should allow yourself to settle down, not settle. You recently will discover your true self-worth and you don’t deserve to feel alone. Your personality has been strengthened so showcase it! You’ve learned a lot about yourself lately. Real love is on the horizon Leo!

Mars is in Libra, your third house of communication. Dialogues might get a bit daring and risky. You will have no shame speaking the truth this week Leo. You’ll have some seductive prospects until the 7th when Libra and Venus intersect. You’ll have no problem letting people know where they stand. Just make sure not to get argumentative and an inflated ego. You can come of strong with Mars in your sector. On the 11th Saturn and Uranus go trine which is rare! You might open up about your live story when meeting someone. Sudden attractions could spark for you. Weigh the pros and cons of a long-distance relationship if that’s in the cards. Couples might need a moment of honesty.

By the 13th, Venus and Jupiter will have met up and it’ll be an emotional day for you. Take a leap of faith and wear your heart on your sleeve. It’ll attract love and work in your favor Leo.


August 23-September 22

Things are coming easy for you this week in the love, relationships and intimacy zone. You love horoscope this week will allow you to feel as though any barriers will come tumbling down. You are finally ready to let someone know what you are truly feeling, thinking or obsessing over. If there have been any issues in your love life you haven’t felt comfortable opening up about, now you will. This is the perfect week to open up about these touchy subjects. You could make a decision about your future with someone if you are a committed Virgo.

On the 7th, Venus hangs out in Scorpio until December 1. You have almost a month to clear the air. If you are a single Virgo, sparks can fly with someone you’ve recently just met or a friend. You might discover you have several things in common. On the 11th, Saturn and Uranus trine, this is extraordinarily rare. You could revolutionize your love life without it going to shambles. Try something new in the bedroom or be more transparent with your feelings. Family members could play a part of the equation. They might try to get you to meet someone soulmate potential. If you’re in a new relationship, the first “I love you” could very well happen. If you’re single, chances are you’ll confess a secret admiration.

The best day for love is on the 13th, Venus meets up with Jupiter for the only time this year. This planet is about risk-taking and adventure. Do it up! Be unapologetically you. You could get introduced to someone enticing. Couples will reap the benefits! Go out and socialize together with your mutual friends. Bring flirting back into the equation if you two have been together for eternity.


September 23 – October 22

Your love horoscope has you engaging in a stabilizing conversation this week. If things in your relationship have been hectic, things will suddenly make a bit more sense. Your partner’s behavior might seem a bit more unusual but there is a reason for their madness. Thankfully, it will come to an end this week and you’ll finally be able to understand it. You may have been more frustrated and annoyed with your partner than usual. Even if you don’t agree with your partner, you’ll be able to at least understand it. Progress Libra!

Until December 9th, Mars will be in your sign. Your sex appeal will skyrocket during this time. After all, it only occurs once every two years. However, Mars is also known for being extraordinarily combative. Be careful not to get too aggressive, Libra. If anyone tries to cross you, you’ll definitely make them take a step back. You may be inspired to refresh your style and get heads turning. Venus heads into Scorpio on the 7th into your second house. Stability and sophistication have arrived. You might be in the mood for an upscale night out; dress up and let loose Libra.

On the 13tg, Venus and Jupiter get expansive in Scorpio. It’s one of the best days for love this year. If you are single be generous and open. Single Libras could meet someone at a work-related event or upscale hangout. Go to any cocktail parties you’ve been invited to. Never know who will show up!


October 23 – November 21

Your luck just doesn’t stop Scorpio; I think you know it too. Your love horoscope has no shortage of confidence these days. Since Jupiter is moving through your sign, you know you’ll be attracting all the right people into your life; romantically or not! This week, any prospect you have is going to really shine through. Venus, the planet of love, moves into Scorpio Tuesday and will be hanging out till December 1. Single Scorpios, expect to have a truly remarkable encounter; it’ll be effortless. If you are in a relationship, there might be room for more love. You might be more infatuated than ever.

To take action or let the cards fall into place? Both Venus and Mars are tugging between two disparate agendas. You could be feeling an internal and self-protective tug with Mars – your vulnerable element of your chart. However, you are also very in tune with your desires and radiating sex-appeal (typical). Is it time to say goodbye? With Mars here, there’s no time to sweep things under the rug. You need to address any issues concerning intimacy or move the fuck on. Don’t make excuses for your partner’s bad behavior, you don’t deserve it.

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On the 13th, you have plenty of love opportunities thanks to Venus and Jupiter meeting up. This will dare you to take a chance and open your heart, Scorpio. Since they are ignited in your sign, you are pretty darn blessed. If you’ve felt weighed down by a relationship, it’s past its prime. Time to fly solo; trust, you are in no shortage of grabbing people’s attention. You are seriously the zodiacs most wanted right now. On the 15th, Neptune and Venus go trine and there will be a sensitive but sweet alignment promising you romance. Happy damn birthday!


November 22 – December 21

Well hey there Sagittarius; you’ve got some tempting secret and it has everything to do with your love life. Your love horoscope this week might bring you a secret admirer. This is the week you might find out who that person is. If you’re a single Sagittarius, someone could offer you an old-school blind date; take it! Trust the judgement of your friend matching you up. You might be seriously surprised. If you are a coupled Sagittarius, you and your bub might need some alone time. Perhaps take a day-trip away together or lock yourself in the bedroom.

Mars is heating up your eleventh house of casual connections until December 9th. The first week of November brings you the planet of love; Venus. During a low-key hangout sparks could fly stirring up an intense attraction. Be careful though; don’t let jealousy or competitiveness in your circle, get flared. A friend very well might be attracted to the same person. If coupled, someone in your circle might push your buttons and flirt with your babe. Easy does it. The 13th is the perfect time for any healing conversations. The two love planets meet in your zone of fantasy and compassion. Be open and accepting and give out unconditional love.


December 22 – January 19

Romantic prospects are mysterious and magnetic for your love horoscope this week, Capricorn. There’s a chance it involves your social circle. You could hang out with your friends and explore a spiritual or paranormal interest. However, the important thing is that you could meet someone who catches your attention. They are most likely flying under the radar so keep your eyes peeled. Introduce yourself and you’ll be happy you did.

To make it official or keep it casual; serious decisions are here this week. Mars is in Libra and in your tenth house of long-term plans until December 9th. Mars might add a little pressure though. Don’t sweat it. If you’re in a new relationship, you may feel stress about the holidays coming up. Don’t force yourself to do something that is giving you anxiety. If you’re in a long-term relationship, you could banter this week over goals and plans. Don’t bring any tension from work home. Leave it at the door.
On the 11th Saturn and Uranus trine which happens once every two years. You might be feeling sentimental. Someone extraordinarily supportive could enter your life. Although that’s usually you, let someone else take the role for a change. You could release your emotions that day. Let it fly.


January 20 – February 18

Surprisingly, or not, your career is on the climb these days. If you are in a relationship, your partner could introduce you to someone who holds a position in an industry you’re quite fond of; the two of you could even start a business together. Your eye is on the future this month Aquarius. Your love horoscope has romance in the air thanks to Mars and Venus, the planet of love.

Time to look at the bigger picture; what does happiness long-term look like for you? Mars and Libra are still hanging out in your expansive ninth house; this happens once every two years. Throw caution to the wind Aquarius. On the 7th you’ll feel pumped to take a risk. Go for it. Chemistry could ignite with someone who isn’t your usual type. If you’re recently coupled, things could get serious. You’ll be thinking about where things are headed with this new babe.

On the 13th, Venus syncs with Jupiter, the adventurous planet. This could be one of the luckiest days of love for you. Someone might confess an attraction for you and sparks could fly. If you’re taking a trip, a stranger could literally catch your eye. Take a trip this day, because the cosmos are making it so the odds work in your favor.


February 19 – March 20

Single Pisces, your love horoscope is working wonders for you this week. Falling in love is a complicated matter. There’s physical attraction and mental and spiritual elements to falling in love. If you don’t have those last two, a relationship with you is doomed to fail. If you are a coupled Pisces, remind yourself that you are lucky to have someone who inspires and lifts you up. They love watching you develop as a person. If you’re single, from Tuesday until December 1st the cosmos are working their magic. You have an opportunity to meet someone who adores all three: mind, body and soul.

You could be craving closeness yet room to explore this month. Venus and Mars, love planets, highlight two different parts of your chart. This could make things a bit tricky. Sexual chemistry is off the charts for you though thanks to Venus hanging with Libra until December 9th. Your intuition might be heightened so don’t let jealousy get in the way of rational. Don’t overreact or get paranoid Pisces.

Venus is in your adventurous ninth house with Scorpio on the 7th until December 1st.You could be acting out a double standard! You could be keeping a loved one on a tight leash but you’re running wild. Support your partner’s growth and you’ll find yourself engaging in a stronger bond. Avoid petty drama. On the 13th, open your heart and be open to a new kind of love. A long-distance encounter could heat up if you’re willing to take the chance. Talk about a solid love horoscope.

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