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Your Love Horoscope For The Week of November 20

Your Love Horoscope For The Week of November 20

Your November love horoscope is here. Find out your weekly horoscope reading here. Your love horoscopes for November are fire. Sagittarius season is here!

Say goodbye to Scorpio season zodiacs. After a fairly emotional and intense month, the Sun meets up with a fire sign – Sagittarius. Sagittarius season is about to start and things will become more focused and driven with Neptune’s five month retrograde coming to an end. Find out how these astrological changes are personally affecting your love horoscope for the week of November 20. Get ready to kick things off in high gear cause your love horoscopes are far from average this week.

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March 21-April 19

Here is your love horoscope for the week of November 20, Aries. You might get a bit tripped up this week in love. As an Aries you tend to be set in your ways – you have strong ideals about what you expect in love and a relationship. You are a romantic and fantasies about how your partner could be and often, they fall short of expectations. Your love horoscope this week might teach you a lesson or two related to this habit. Could you be trying to fit your partner into a perfect image? If you are, you could be sabotaging something wonderful that is right in front of you. Accept your partner for who they are and enjoy the relationship as is.

On November 22, Neptune’s retrograde ends which might have made it hard for you to understand somebody’s intentions. Any mixed messages you were receiving that made it hard to determine who to trust will finally end. The new moon that arrived in Scorpio on the 18th has marked a new era for you. Get in touch with your sensitive side and address any emotional issues you need to let go. Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth so take advantage of those emotional transitions that need to happen. This new moon will help you look under the surface at your relationships and reach higher levels of intimacy. If you need to move on, now is the perfect time.


On the 21st the Sun enters Sagittarius which highlights your travel and exploration chart. Higher learning, publishing and philosophy are themes that might have your attention. Now is your time to explore the world and your mind, Aries. News from faraway might arrive concerning your love horoscope. On the 25, Mercury connects with Uranus; major breakthroughs are occurring. You will not have a difficult time letting people know what is on your mind, especially on the 27th.  Beware of any important conversations coming your way.


April 20-May 20

Your love horoscope is looking good this week, Taurus. Your partner’s outlook on life is making you see things in an entirely new light; because of this, you might find yourself more in love than ever. You could be feeling more spiritually connected to one another than usual. If the two of you have different religious backgrounds you’ll still be able to honor one another’s views without tampering your own core beliefs. The important thing is you might discover although the differences, when it comes to big life subjects that truly matter, the two of you are in perfect alignment.

On the 21 your love horoscope gets even better; Venus connects with Pluto. It is an exciting day for you to connect with your partner and learn more about one another. If you are recently dating someone, this is a great time to go beyond superficial subjects and small talk. Get down to values and your philosophies on life. If you are a single Taurus, you will meet someone highly compatible this week. You are ready to try and heat things up in the bedroom and find new ways to please one another if you are a coupled Taurus. Your love horoscope has big things to come following December. Brace yourselves, Taurus.



May 21-June 20

If you have been craving positive communication with your partner lately, Gemini, this week your love horoscope will grant you just that. Your love this week might be a bit more forward than usual which is great. If you and your love one share a similar aspiration, now is a great time to work towards it. The both of you will be incredible supportive of one another and come up with innovative approaches. Don’t take it personally but if you are trying to achieve these ideas on your own, you might not have such luck. Using a friend or loved one as a sounding board will help you step outside the box. The both of you will benefit from bouncing ideas around.

Yesterday you could have a day where your passion sector was revved up making you a bit of a flirt. Possessive Pluto lit up your jealousy zone which could have made you feel trapped in a very close relationship. Trust issues and drama might have flared up. If you are carrying over any of the drama, be mindful and let it go. Your focus remains on relationships and your love horoscope as the Sagittarius season kicks off on the 21. There might be someone who is upset with you, if you are single Gemini, because you are not into the relationship; they might be feeling a bit combative.

On the 25 your love horoscope wraps up in Mercury connecting with Uranus. On the 27 Mercury meets up with Saturn. This is a time that highlights the importance of communication. Mercury meeting up with Uranus could bring about unexpected news and opportunity for you. If you are single you could connect with someone who’s unusual and innovative. Mercury and Saturn have the ability to alter your love horoscope; you might find yourself talking commitment and limitations. Perhaps a mentor or authority figure might join in on the conversation. Brace yourself for December’s love horoscope, Gemini.



June 21- July 22

Cancer, your love horoscope for this week might have you skeptical about a person you’ve recently started dating. You might be feeling as though there is something different about the blossoming relationship. Perhaps your connection has a higher charge and intensity than anything you’ve experienced which is throwing you off. People generally take their time getting to know someone before they open up. However, this person might have you going to intimate places quickly and better yet, easily. This probably feels very refreshing for you and could even be true love.

On the 21st, Sagittarius and the Sun make alignment which could make you a bit mischievous in the bedroom. If you are attached Cancer, expect words of love to be headed your way. If you’re single, you could be turning heads and receiving loads of compliments and pursuits. On the 19th, Mars, the planet of war, squared off with Pluto which could have put you in an aggressive mood. You could have retreated into your crab shell after being provoked. If any of the aggression has carried over, make sure to save the important conversations for another day when you’re not so emotional.

On the 25th, great news could arrive as the planet of communication, Mercury, connects with Uranus. This highlights your public image and career section. By the 27th and 28th, Mercury and Saturn meet up; this inspires you to focus on your goals and accomplishments. You should be incredibly proud of yourself Cancer as you’ve come a long way and have grown a tremendous amount the past few months.


July 23- August 22

Your love horoscope is filled with inspiration and reaching for the stars this week, Leo. Have you recently started talking to someone who inspires you to chase after your goals? This person could be positive partner potential; dating could be a high possibility. Your attractions to one another’s minds are heating up. If you find yourself spending hours talking to one another, exchanging ideas, it’s time to set up a dinner date. It’s incredibly important to find someone who has the same level of intellect and values are you, Leo. Let yourself explore the relationship potential with this person – keep an open mind.

Sagittarius and the Sun illuminate your romance, creative and fun expression. Let yourself have a good time. Sagittarius season is a time to let your love horoscope get airy. Scorpio seasons could have made you a bit more nostalgic and emotional but big shifts for you are about to take place. You could find yourself spending more nights out and showing off a bit. By the time the 25th rolls around, the planet of communication, Mercury, meets up with Uranus. Big surprises are headed your way filled with adventure, fun and flirtation. Your love horoscope is getting good, Leo.

You might notice you are feeling sharper and more in tune with yourself lately. Mercury rules the mind and Uranus is the planet of genius. You could find yourself sparking up genius ideas and in the mood for adventure; perhaps try something unusual? On the 27th, Mercury and Saturn meet up which could make you a bit more serious. This is a good day to focus on your mind and getting serious about your love life. Creative pursuits could also use a bit of attention this week.



August 23-September 22

Virgo, your love horoscope has you facing somethings you might be avoiding. Is there something you have been avoiding or sweeping under the rug? Simply ignoring any problems you might be having in your relationship isn’t going to make the situation any better. Things will not magically disappear. Stop ignoring the mess, Virgo. If you feel like your love life is disoriented and confusing, think about how you want to proceed. If you continue ignoring any disappointment, it’ll eventually turn into resentment.

On the 22nd, Neptune’s retrograde ends after five months in your relationship house. The planet of illusions and fantasy finally moves forward. Any close relationships that have felt off or distant will finally be brought back to reality. If you’ve had an ex who has come and gone, things will begin to stabilize. Flash back one day; on the 21st, Sagittarius season kicks off. You could find yourself feeling nostalgic and eager to connect with your past and family.

On the 25th, Mercury and Uranus meet up and on the 27th, with Saturn. This means you could have some serious epiphanies coming up that could help solve any issues at work, in life or with your schedule. You might find yourself in a serious and focused mood when Saturn and Mercury meet. If you have issues with family and your home, they are going to come to the forefront this week. Your love horoscope is taking serious strides come December, Virgo.



September 23 – October 22

You love horoscope for the week of November 20 is here, Libra. If you and your partner are trying to determine a major life decision together, it is going to be easy this week to come to an agreement. Make sure to keep all alternatives open without instantly shutting them down – this will prove to be hugely beneficial. Keep yourself open to new ideas that can broaden your horizon and help make any plans you have successful. If you are a single Libra, expect an insightful conversation to take place through social media. It could result in a fun date for you.

Venus helps your love horoscope out on the 21st. Venus and Pluto connect when helps you tap into any new resources and information. These new assets will help create security in your life. Any issues you may have had at home or with your family are coming to light and now is a great time to let a third party in on a mediation. On the 25th, Mercury connects with Uranus and meets up with Saturn on the 27th. These cosmic forces are going to end the month on an exciting note for you. Sagittarius season is about to take place and you might have a surprising conversation with your partner.

The new month has your mind especially sharp and you’re ready to take on the next month with vigor. If you have any unusual ideas you are brainstorming, approach them with serious demeanor and things could work out in your favor. You might sign an important contract and find yourself connecting with a mentor or elder. Your love horoscope for December has many presents in store for you.



October 23 – November 21

Your love horoscope this week allows things to get serious, Scorpio. If you have something you’d like to discuss with your partner or talk through, now is the perfect time to do so. Regardless of how uncomfortable you might think the conversation will be, it’ll be easier to open up and navigate together. The cosmos assure it’ll be a judgement free zone with zero manipulation in the works. If it’s a matter of someone being in the wrong, someone will take full responsibility. This will absolutely help foster healing and strengthen your relationship. If you are a single Scorpio, this is a week you might be feeling a bit confused about when it comes to matters of the hearth. Non-issue though cause it’ll be alright. You don’t need to have everything figured out in this department.

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By the 21st, Venus and Pluto connect and the Sun enters Sagittarius, a fire sign. This is a great time for communication. Figure out what you want because chances are, you’ll get it. Your seduction levels will be ringing high that day. On the 22nd, Neptune’s retrograde ends which works wonders for your love horoscope. Any confusion and mixed signals you’ve received lately will be cleared up. The five month retrograde that has been spinning backwards in your romance house is finally coming to an end.


Your finances and security are at an all-time high right now since the Sun and Sagittarius rule this department. Reflect on how you’ve made some life-changing alterations to your life. Continue creating a better budget for yourself and perhaps figure out if you feel valued. All the time and energy you are putting into your work, and life, should be paying off. Be proud of yourself Scorpio and brace yourself for excellent shifts in your love horoscope come December.


November 22 – December 21

Sagittarius, your love horoscope is looking good considering Sagittarius season is about to start! Love connections are highly probably this week. Keep eyes out for random friendly conversations with people you meet, even passing the street. Someone could introduce themselves to you and it could be a game changer. If you are feeling inspired to reach out to someone, do so! Stimulating conversation could spark on a new dating app or website if you allow it. Someone’s eclectic demeanor could strike you as interesting and might shake things up for you a bit.

By the time November 21st rolls around, the Sun will enter your sign. Since Scorpio season made you a bit emotional and sensitive, the sun entering your sign will give you a clean slate. You will feel energized and reborn as the season starts. Neptune’s five month retrograde ends on the 22nd, and any obscure emotional signals you’ve received will be cleared up. You will feel clear about your feelings and any family issues you may have had will be resolved – perhaps a living situation? On the 25th, Uranus and Mercury connect which could bring unexpected news for your love horoscope. You could find yourself crushing on someone or having a creative burst. This is the perfect time to connect with others and hit a few parties.


On the 27th and 28th Saturn and Mercury link up. You could take on a more serious tone and small talk could bore you. Focus on getting shit done for yourself to clear the way for love in December. Get it all together Sag and you’ll be glowing in no time.


December 22 – January 19

Your love life this week heavily relies upon your friends this week, Capricorn. They might be the secret ingredient to helping transform your love life – not bad! Your friend might play the role of mediator this week between you and your partner, or if you are single, setting you up. If you are single, consider this the perfect time to move in on your crush. If you are in the friend-zone don’t over think it and make a bold move. Let it be known what you want – you’ve got nothing to lose.

With Scorpio season coming to an end, you’ve gained a lot of insight about yourself this past month. With Mercury hitting up Sagittarius, you might want to take some alone time to process it all and see what’s next. Easier vibes will flow for you on the 21st since the Sun enters Sagittarius. Your quiet and private sector of your chart is being highlighted and will encourage you to catch up on rest.  You will be feeling more grounded as well as stubborn when Mercury meets Saturn on the 27th. Commitment is on everyone’s mind lately; a contract might slide your way but make sure to have someone look over it. Get an outsiders perspective so you don’t miss anything important.



January 20 – February 18

Things are pretty mellow in your love horoscope this week, Aquarius. This is a great week for you to put yourself out there socially if you are interested in attracting a romantic prospect. Consider joining a new group or organization that could help support your interests – now is the perfect time. You could meet plenty of interesting and intellectually stimulating people, one of which could be a potential love connection. A friend might invite you to try a new dating strategy which could be very fun! You should absolutely get down with it.

Your love horoscope wraps up on a mellow note with Mercury connecting with your traditional planetary ruler, Saturn and Uranus. However, it’ll still be noteworthy. On the 25th you could receive exciting news and a chance to meet new people. Start networking and sharing ideas with people. It could lead to a new revelation. By the time the 27th and 28th roll around, a mentor you look up to could reach out of start taking part of your life. Keep an eye out for your December love horoscope as things are about to get shaken up. New beginnings are coming.


February 19 – March 20

Your love horoscope this week has you wanting to play the hero, Pisces. You tend to have a rosy outlook on life but that might be a bit of a barrier this week when it comes to matters of the heart. Time to look at reality for a moment. You might be attracted to someone who you think needs saving. Regardless of if it’s an addiction or unhealthy vice, this is not your problem and it is not fixable. The faster you learn you can’t change somebody, the better. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can save everybody – it’s also not your job. If that’s the only way you feel loved, then perhaps you need to do some soul searching, Pisces.


The Sun enters Sagittarius on the 21st and your career and reputation element of your chart will be highlighted. Now is the time to put yourself out there professionally! The Sun engages with fire sign Sagittarius and several opportunities are fast flooding your way. Don’t let it come of a surprise when you receive recognition or a reward for your efforts. By the 22nd, Neptune snaps out of its five month retrograde in your sign. This might be a sensitive time for you and your intuition might be revved up. Neptune is generally the planet of fantasy and illusion. If you have a healthy way of temporarily escaping reality, do it. Make time for reflection this week. It’ll be crucial for your well-being and the development of your December love horoscope coming up!

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