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Your Love Horoscope For The Week of November 13

Your Love Horoscope For The Week of November 13

Love horoscope for November 13 is here. Find out what your November love horoscope says. Here is your weekly horoscope from Society19.

November is the month of integrity Zodiac babes! The sun still hangs out in Scorpio until the 22 with the planet of love, Venus, joining forces. What that means for all of us is that things are going to get incredibly insightful and deep. If you’ve found yourself taking shortcuts to get things done, this month you’ll slow down and pay close attention to detail. Saturn aligned with the Sun, Venus and Mercury make it so that structure is in place. On the 12th, Saturn and Venus get in alignment, sparking up relationship sectors. On the 18th the sun and Saturn meet at the same degree in Scorpio – authority figure clashes might go down. Check out your love horoscope for the week of November 13.

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March 21-April 19

Intense connections are a part of your love horoscope this week, Aries. This week spend time with your babe and make sure to focus on maximizing your attraction to one another. There are seriously sexy and magnetic vibes in the air. The two of you might share a new experience for the both of you. This has serious potential for increasing the intimacy in your relationship. It honestly could be something as simple as looking into your babe’s eyes when doing the deed. Careful though! Don’t let it feel as though your partner is making all the decisions for the both of you.

Around the 13th you might come off a bit intense so reel it back a bit, Aries. Aggressive Mars is hanging out in your 7th house so don’t allow that typical Ram to come out. Not every conversation needs to be made into an argument. Work might be ramping up so don’t allow it to get to you. If you are single the 13th still remains a good day to meet someone and adventure sexually, emotionally and physically. If you have that long-distance fling, it could take off. On the 15th, Venus and Neptune trine and a private fantasy of yours might surface. Your logic might be thrown to the back burner this week overpowering any sexual attraction you have. Your love horoscope knows what it wants.

By the 18th, the Scorpio New Moon hits and you can hit the refresh button.

There might be a new start to emotional and sexual bonding experiences. Your love horoscope has six months of glory. You could manifest a serious move you’ve been looking forward too – woo! However on the 19th, if you are a coupled ram, a power struggle might surface. This isn’t uncommon with you and you know it. You and your partner might not see eye-to-eye on something and it might brew a deep-seated anger. Resentment is a possibility as well. If you have been sacrificing your goals for your partner, perhaps you need to reconsider where your relationship is at. Your love horoscope overall has space for growth. If you are a single ram be wary of someone who’s bad news. You might be attracted to someone who’s controlling or has issues of their own. You can’t fix them regardless of being the hopeless romantic you are.

April 20-May 20

Your love horoscope has yet to plateau this week, Taurus. Romance is in the air for you and it isn’t stopping just yet; just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it can. Venus and Jupiter are sliding into your partnership sector. Your babe might drop a beautiful gift on you which could blow you away. It’s clear the feelings you two have for one another are mutual. There is a lot of love and admiration between the two of you so enjoy it. Come Thursday you might be feeling as though you’ve found the one… chances are you have.

On the 13th your love life could spice up with travel if you are a single bull.

No matter your relationship status, keep an open mind. However, when Mars moves into Libra, make sure you aren’t hypercritical and rash. You could come off as a know it all, even if your intentions are good. You may love to provide but don’t let yourself get in over your head. Lend an ear to your partner if this is the case. They aren’t looking for you to fix their problems, rather for you to be there and support them. That’s all you really need to do. By the 15th Venus and Neptune trine; if you are single, you could meet someone virtually or socially that has true potential. If you have any parties or humanitarian events coming up, it’s the perfect place and time to connect.


Don’t rule out online dating – Bumble truly is magnificent if you have an open mind. Things are incredibly favorable for your love horoscope right now Taurus so take advantage of it. You could match with someone wonderful. There are several sexy karma points for you in store. By the 18th the Scorpio New Moon allows a fresh start. Commitments get a refresher and you can turn the page on anything that’s old news. The New Moon is in your partnership house after all. Allow yourself to set intentions and manifest whatever it is you’ve been hoping for. High hopes for your love horoscope Taurus.

May 21-June 20

Hi Gemini – your love horoscope has some serious perks this week. If you are taken, your babe might do something nice for you this week to help you reach any health goals you might have. They might even help organize your life. If you have things going on at home that are a bit of a mess, they could help you out. Show your gratitude Gemini! Any gesture your babe does for you is to make your life easier. Don’t let it go unnoticed! Show your appreciation but also realize how lucky you are.

On the 13th, Venus and Jupiter collide – any chances you have of meeting someone are maximized that day.

These two planets when they merge are known as the “benefics.” Basically there’s no downside to this merge. Your love horoscope is flowing tremendously so allow it. Express your appreciation Gemini! On the 15th find ways to reciprocate and show your support to your partner. By the time the 19th rolls around your love horoscope might face a challenge day. Mars is in your passion sector which might make you a bit of a flirt. Possessive Pluto also hits your jealousy sector which could make you feel trapped oddly. Don’t let trust issues and drama creep into your relationships Gemini. Play nice.


June 21- July 22

Sick of your love horoscope being absolutely bomb? Too bad, it’s still going down for you Cancer. The vibes are about to get stronger and more fun. This week Jupiter and Venus, otherwise known as the two planets that make shit happen, hit up your romance sector. If you are in a relationship, the two of you will spoil each other intimately. You are both a priority to one another which is fantastic. If you are usually shy in the bedroom, you’ll finally feel a bit more comfortable opening up. Get ready to explore new realms sexually.

Mars is also in Libra which hits close to your domestic fourth house. There could be a little heat however in this department. There could be a lot of conflicting energy with combative Mars. Don’t let your usual mood swings get the best of you. Channel your intense emotional outpourings towards something beneficial. You could be feeling a bit of pressure to bring a new love interest home. On the 15th you’ll feel compassionate and tolerate which is outstanding! See the good in those around you and share the love.

On the 18th the Scorpio New Moon allows fresh starts to happen.

It will be in your fifth house of romance and self-expression so put yourself back in the dating game if you are single Cancer. Let your flirtatious side out! You could attract someone very much your type. If you are a coupled crab, you’ll also enjoy the romance reboot. Your love horoscope does have one challenge day this week. On the 19th Mars and Pluto square up and any tension you’ve been keeping on the back burner could intensify. If you feel a strong connection to someone who isn’t available, don’t allow yourself to act on impulse. Keep it to yourself Cancer.


July 23- August 22

Let’s talk about your love horoscope, Leo. There is serious potential in the air for your babe and family to bond. If you recently started dating someone, now is the perfect time for introductions. Your family will be incredibly receptive to your partner and there could be an instant camaraderie forming. Your babe could open up to you about something very personal with one of your family members. If you are a single lion, your family could have a match for you that is pretty promising. Don’t rule it out just yet.

Security is becoming a priority in your life lately with Venus and Jupiter going conjunct. If you are coupled, chances are you could take the next step in your relationship. Meeting the family, moving in, whatever it may be. You could just give them a spare key to your place. Make sure not to open up too quickly if you are single Leo. Jupiter has you jumping the gun potentially too soon. Your optimism is great but don’t go zero to 100. On the 15th Venus and Neptune trine. You may feel sentimental and affectionate on this date. Embrace it – it’s never a bad thing.

On the 18th the New Moon is in Scorpio.

This gives you a fresh start emotionally. Get inspired to be more open (but not too open) and start thinking about making plans with someone. If you are happy, enjoy it. Your love horoscope deserves a refresh. Take matters into your own hands this week Leo.


August 23-September 22

You love horoscope looks promising this week, Virgo. You and babe will continue to experience enlightening conversations that will lead to new spiritual heights for the both of you. Listen to what your partner has to say because they might highlight something that gets you realizing there’s more to the world than you realized. Take note of your partner’s intuition. If you are single, now might be the perfect time to reconsider what you consider to be the perfect soul mate. Don’t limit yourself – you’ll blind yourself to people who are genuinely good matches. Stay open-minded Virgo.

Venus and Jupiter meet up in your risk-taking and adventure house on the 13th – this is the perfect day to take a chance. This meetup only happens once a year, truly enjoy it. Don’t allow yourself to get antsy or stressed making plans this week Virgo. Don’t feel pressured to guarantee plans. Remember nothing is ever guaranteed and don’t get militant about things. Mars might make you a bit pushy around the holiday season. Take a breather and don’t let yourself freak out. Make your own plans if you are worried about waiting on someone. If you are single the 13th also presents a day where you can tell someone how you truly feel – your expressive third house is being beamed with energy from tolerant and open-hearted planets Venus and Jupiter.

On the 15th, Venus and Neptune trine and you could feel gushy towards someone.

They might make you swoon! Don’t take things too seriously though! You could face a bit of challenge on the 19th with Mars and Pluto squaring off. If you are waiting for someone to decide on the direction of your love life, stop. You should be in the driver’s seat so take the reins. If you aren’t sure where you stand with someone, realize you don’t need to play that game. You should be with someone who knows exactly what they want from you.


September 23 – October 22

Your love horoscope has some turbulence coming, Libra. If you are coupled, chances are you could be building up towards a dispute on the weekend. It could very well be able money too – your partner is threatened by your recent financial success. Another possibility could do with a move you both want to make. One of you might not be willing to spend as much money as the other. Perhaps it has to do with where you both want to go. Regardless, the more you argue the harder it will be to resolve this issue. Look at the bigger picture Libra and come to an end game. One of the best nights for love is finally here Libra.

On the 13th Venus and Jupiter meetup and line up in Scorpio.

You’ll be feeling open and generous – if you’re taken you’ll find yourself supporting the person you care about. Matters of money look good on this day if you are in a relationship. Think of a joint investment (this could be your end game). If you are single, you could meet someone through a work-related event. On the 15th Venus and Neptune trine. Be selfless and do some service. Make sure to listen to those around you without interrupting. You could help your partner with a difficult task or handle something that’s difficult for a team.

Single Libras should get online and do some pre-holiday volunteer work. You could meet someone magical. On the 19th however you reach a bit of a struggle. If you’ve been holding back feelings, they will most likely make themselves known. Things could get heated and explosive. Be wary of your irritable behavior and don’t allow yourself to become argumentative. Do some internal digging and find out what’s really bothering you.


October 23 – November 21

It’s getting annoying how fantastic your love horoscopes have been Scorpio! The universe has you on a pedestal in the most comic way ever! Hopefully you’ve been enjoying it. However, it is time to kick it up a notch so you’re not done just yet! You are going to feel incredibly loved and appreciated by your partner. Make sure to show your gratitude though – don’t be all take and no give. If you are a single Scorpio, pay attention to Thursday; a spiritual connection might lead to a romance.

Any hidden feelings are about to come to light with Mars in cycle. This only occurs every two years and it could spark a clandestine attraction. Chances are the person you are attracted to are unavailable and bad news. Before you dive off the deep end and convince yourself this is somehow a good person to chase after, dig a bit deeper. Mars will activate your subconscious zone. Figure out how this person reflects an unresolved part of your life. Are they a reminder of an ex or do they trigger a family dynamic that has yet to heal? Piece of advice, don’t sleep with them.

The best day for love comes on the 13th.

Venus and Jupiter square off perfectly and highlight your love life. There truly is no downside on this day. Best part? They are united in your sign so the cosmic vibes are coming at you with extra force. If you are in a long-distance relationship, the romance could heat up. There could be a huge change to your style or appearance if you are a single Scorpio. On the 15th, Venus and Neptune trine and you’ll get some sensitive and sweet vibes. You’re catching feels. On the 18th the Scorpio New Moon hits your personal New Year. Where do you want to be in six months? Good things to come with your love horoscope Scorpio.

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November 22 – December 21

Your love life is looking good these days Sagittarius. You could be getting in to dangerous waters though – you are trying to scope out your crush’s status if you are single. This person might not be available to have a relationship with you right now. You could enjoy a bit of an affair with them though. Enjoy whatever time you get with them because it’s okay for right now. If you are in a relationship you and your babe could be keeping a secret from everyone – hang on to it a bit longer.

If you are single your flirtatious behavior could get tricky. What you consider to be an innocent conversation could get confusing and pave the way for an affair. This is thanks to Venus moving into Scorpio and your twelfth house of delusion and fantasy. Lines might get hazy and your imagination could be in overdrive. Allow yourself to be vulnerable during this time – reach out for support. On the 13 Venus and Jupiter get direct and it’s the perfect time for an adventurous escape. Jupiter is your ruling planet and it’s the only day of the year it’s synced with the love planet Venus.


If you’re in a relationship, book a trip or get an early holiday gift for you partner. Single Sagittarius should take this time to work on yourself. You could very well meet someone who appears to be soulmate material, but don’t rush into it. On the 15th Venus and Neptune trine and you’ll feel sentimental and emotionally receptive. By the 18th the Scorpio New Moon happens and this is the perfect time to start a new chapter of your life. It beams up your twelfth of fantasy, transitions and soulmates so now is the perfect time to let go of anything holding you back. You might not like your current circumstances but you can control them. Move past victimhood and take the reins of your life.

December 22 – January 19

Your love horoscope is here Capricorn. If you are single this is the perfect time to mingle and put yourself out there. You could meet someone while on a friend outing or through a friend setting you up. Keep your options open with online dating because you could meet someone incredibly good-looking. If you are taken, spending time with friends will improve your love life. If you’ve been craving some social time in a group setting, get the both of you out there. People will be remarking on how great the two of you are together – you two really are.

Venus is going to lighten the mood for you when it meets up with Scorpio and your eleventh house of casual connections. If you have been swooning over someone, Venus is going to remind you that there are plenty of other options out there for you. You could catch unexpected feelings for a friend – this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Feel it out and see where it could take you if you are truly into it. The cosmos could encourage you to make your feelings known. If you sit there and say nothing, nothing will be gained.


On the 15th Venus and Neptune trine. If you’re in a relationship this is the perfect time to have a conversation with babe that deepens your bond. Learn to understand one another on a deeper level. Regardless of if you are single or taken, follow your instincts this week Capricorn! There could be something real on the horizon. Your love horoscope has a lot of potential approaching.

January 20 – February 18

Your friends are the key to your love life this week Aquarius. They will be able to provide new perspectives for you that you might have missed. If you have been a bit closed-minded about a topic you and your partner have disagreed on, this could help. The both of you have had a hard time respecting each other’s viewpoints. If you confide in a friend, it will make you realize there is more to being right – you’re driving a wedge between the two of you. The two of you don’t need to agree but respect each other’s opinions.

On the 13th, Venus and Jupiter sync up and things get adventurous and auspicious.

It could be the best day of love for you this year – it only happens once a year. If you are traveling for business sparks could fly with a seatmate or someone you meet on your journey. Set goals for yourself this week Aquarius if you are thinking of starting your own business. By the 15th, Venus and Neptune trine which makes it the perfect day to think about your future. The Law of Attraction is freaking forceful that day so manifest whatever you want to happen. Meditate on your relationship or ideal relationship – perhaps make a vision board for what you desire. Things are shaping up with your love horoscope and good things are on the horizon Aquarius.


February 19 – March 20

You and your partner are ready to take a dream vacation the two of you have always wanted, Pisces. Although it might cost a lot, you have both agreed the experience is worth it. You and your partner have been in complete agreement lately which is awesome, especially when it comes to money. As they say, spend money on experiences not things! This newly agreed upon perspective is going to take your relationship to the next level. Harmonizer Venus and Scorpio are hanging out in your adventurous ninth house so enjoy it.

On the 13th Venus and Jupiter meet up and unite your open heart.

There could be a new kind of love on the horizon for you. If you are doing long-distance a vacation and encounter could heat up. By the 15th, when Venus and Neptune trine, a romantic vacation, cross-cultural connection or frequent visitor could spark. Don’t abandon all common sense though Pisces.

On November 19th, Mars and Pluto might have you comparing your relationship to other people’s. Don’t let jealousy get the best of you. A friend actually might be stirring the pot in your love life lately and it’s bothering the shit out of you. If you have given this person too much power to do so it’s time to set boundaries. Take control of your love horoscope Pisces.

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