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Your Love Horoscope For The Week of January 22

Your Love Horoscope For The Week of January 22

Your weekly love horoscope is here. Find out what your January horoscope has in store for you this week. With Capricorn season kicking into high gear, your love horoscope has major changes on the horizon. Say hello to your weekly horoscope and all that cosmic energy.

Your weekly love horoscopes have arrived. January’s astrology forecast still emphasizes understanding and clearing out any old 2017 baggage you’ve been carrying around. Whether the cosmos have unexpected and surprising events coming your way this week, or a needed shakeup, the end result is going to be one of intimate connections and embracing a bolder side of yourself. Find out which signs need to dive deep this week and which ones will experience duller weekly horoscopes than usual thanks to Mars entering Sagittarius. The cosmos have us fine-tuning our relationships so get ready. Find out what your love horoscope for the week of January 22 is.


March 21-April 19

Well aren’t you the luckiest when it comes to your love horoscope, Aries. This week you’ll be ready to have fun with your bub. Your ruling planet Mars enters Sagittarius and your ninth house of adventure Friday so prepare yourself for fun. This cosmic alliance will influence your motivation for the next few weeks – and that’s not all; your sex drive is getting a boost. If you’re feeling more playful and interested in fun physical activities with your babe, you can thank the stars. Try something daring together; perhaps outdoor sex? No matter how cold it is – you have each other to stay warm.

If you’re single, you have until January 26 to let your intimate eight house guide the way when it comes to what you want. A strong attraction has it’s potential for reaching peak levels. Careful though cause while the attraction heats up, so does the jealousy. Careful for engaging in secretive behavior; don’t go snooping. On January 26 to March 17, Mars goes through Sagittarius and your ninth house of travel; going somewhere? You may become a member of the mile-high club or some sort of adventure is going to come knocking on your door. Your love life is about to get adventurous if you allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone. Welcome your swagger back because it’s fast approaching.



April 20-May 20

Spiritual perspectives are about to get real when it comes to your weekly love horoscope, Taurus. The two of you could have a very fulfilling conversation which leaves both of you feeling more connected than ever. On Thursday you have an opportunity to be the person who inspires your bub. This is the perfect time to support your partner and help them handle any challenging life obstacles that are being thrown at them right now. After Friday your sex life gets more erotic; you will both feel more playful in bed and want to try something new. Who knows, it could enhance your connection.

From January 26 to March 17, Mars makes its annual transit into Sagittarius and your erotic eighth house. While your sex drive is ramping up, the potential for obsessiveness and jealousy could flare up too. Don’t allow the green-eyed monster to ride shotgun with Cupid around the corner. You may be more tempted to test loyalty but making them jealous or creating drama but don’t; that’ll do damage. Don’t push your partner’s buttons because chances are they will become less inclined to kiss and makeup. This could be your way of masking your own insecurity and vulnerability so dig deep and don’t allow bad habits to interfere in your relationship.


May 21-June 20

If you are in a relationship, you could start feeling bored this week according to your weekly love horoscope, Gemini. However, if you aren’t in a relationship, you could start feeling as though you are in a rut and things are stale. Try and stir up the excitement this week. If you aren’t careful though you will just stir the pot. Beware that you might become more argumentative with your partner in an effort to try and excite the relationship. If you resort to pushing your partner’s buttons, it’s going to backfire in your face you will definitely get burned.


On January 26, Mars will blaze into your opposing sign Sagittarius and heat up your partnership house until the 17th of March. Long-term prospects will start popping up just in time for Cupid to make an appearance; he’s pointing his arrow directly at you. Valentine’s Day could be a hot one this year or emotionally raw; depends on which way the transit goes. Mars is only there once every two years so make the most of it and put your feelings out there. Coupled Geminis could find yourself prone to fighting however. This is the perfect time for you to clear the air if somethings on your mind.

On the 24, Mercury and Pluto meet up which is when all the communication planets collide. You might speak some very truthful confessions this week; be careful who you share information with. It’s also an intense day for bonding but not everyone has earned that level of trust yet. Watch yourself Gemini.


June 21- July 22

Her there, Cancer! This week your love horoscope is looking good. If you are in a relationship or recently dating, you and your babe are thinking about deepening your commitment to one another. There is an optimistic conversation about having a real future together on the table; Thursday to be specific. The two of you will be on the same page and it will be comforting to know you both are looking for the same thing. If you are single Cancer, this is a great time to start talking to any new dating prospects you’ve been thinking about via text or phone call. Schedule yourself a first date Thursday or Wednesday; it’s bound to be intense. You have until January 26 to enjoy passionate Scorpio and sizzling Mars’ meetup.


The planet of love, Venus, is spending the remainder of the month in the most committed parts of your chart so take advantage if you’re genuinely looking for something. A new romance could get serious, fast. Get your Valentine’s Day celebrations going early. The combo of Venus and Mars will spark major chemistry for you and put you in the mood for a sensual seduction. Allow yourself to come off as mysterious now even though Mars might tempt you to lay it all out there. Show them you’ve got a wild side, Cancer.

July 23- August 22

Get ready for things to spice up this week, Leo. Your love horoscope for the week wants things to get a boost in all things sexy. This Friday, Mars, the planet of libido, moves into your most passionate and playful house. Until March 17, your love life  is going to become a lot more interesting. If you have been going through a dry spell with barely any romantic action, it’s all about to change. As a sign that loves giving love, you finally get to get back in your element. If you are single, you finally might meet someone to share your sparkle with. It’s time to get in on Leo.

The planet of love will be in your committed-relationship house until February 10 which is going to bring back the love. If you are a single Leo, you could meet someone with long term relationship potential. For those of you in a relationship, it’s time to listen to each other’s needs with an open heart. This is going to bring the two of you closer together and any dwelling or issues the two of you have had, will be solved happily. Starting January 26, all the ice and hostility will melt. Mars goes from being cranky to your house of lust and self-expression. Mars only makes this cosmic venture every two years so enjoy it. Shake off any moodiness and put on something sexy. You have the opportunity to paint the town red until March 17. Get ready for witty banter and a much-needed energy boost, Leo! Your love horoscope is starting to shape up for 2018.



August 23-September 22

Say hello to your rocky love horoscope Virgo. There might be some ups and downs this week with your love life but it’s not all bad. You could have a deeply profound conversation with your babe on Wednesday that leaves you feeling vulnerable. This sort of dialogue will prove to you just how strongly you feel for one another. Realize that only love has the power to evoke insecurity and intensity. Don’t allow yourself to become deeply unsettled by Sunday. If you’re in a relationship, your babe might insist you expose parts of yourself you’re not ready to. Be honest about what your limits are and your relationship will deepen.

If you’re single, you will be more focused on getting work done and looking at some self-care options. Watch out for a tendency to find faults wherever you look; some people are genuinely interested and have good intentions. People might even start giving you advice about how someone in your life can improve. Channel your emotions or anxiety into something creative this week Virgo. Don’t worry; your love horoscope won’t always be so dramatic. On January 24, you have a great opportunity thanks to Mercury and Pluto meeting up. This is a genuinely electric alignment that could make you feel an immediate pull to someone. The attraction will be so strong you can’t ignore it.

Come clean with any secrets you have because a deep conversation that takes place could bud a lasting relationship. Caution though Virgo; on January 28 Mercury and Uranus square up. Drama alert! Someone could be incredibly flirtatious and over the top which will provoke a little … a lot of jealousy. Keep the temperament in check and don’t go snooping on their phone unless you have a legitimate cause. However – there never really is a good reason; just ask. On the other hand, a playful person could turn up the heat and you may not be ready for it. Don’t let them cross that line.



September 23 – October 22

Your weekly love horoscope is here Libra, and it’s looking good. Speaking your mind and standing up for yourself is about to become easier. Stop apologizing to whomever you are with for having an opinion; stop worrying about keeping the peace. I know you genuinely don’t mind doing this because you’d rather things be peaceful than getting your way but it’s time for things to change a bit. After Friday, you’ll be able to voice your desires more than usual and it’s a good thing.

Until February 10, Venus is ablaze in Aquarius which awakens your inner glam. This is the perfect time for you to have fun and get your blood-pumping. Channel that inner Libra light you’ve got going on – you are the funniest sign after all. On January 26, Mars moves into Sagittarius which will have your wit revved up. You can however become argumentative so make sure whatever it is you need to say, is said with caution. If you are in a relationship, Mars might bring about touchy subjects that need airing out. Don’t avoid the discomfort because things won’t improve. If you’re single, sparks could fly with a friend that you’ve been eyeing lately. Mercury and Pluto meet up on January 24 which is in your zone of comfort. Get real and bare your soul; letting others know what your heart desires could have rewarding outcomes.

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Beware for Mercury and Uranus squaring up on January 28. Someone knows exactly how to push your buttons and chances are, they’re going to do just that. Your best bet is to disengage; I know that can be difficult! If there has been an on and off again relationship on your mind, try not to obsess about it. It doesn’t deserve your bright energy.


October 23 – November 21

Domestic matters might take center stage when it comes to your weekly love horoscope, Scorpio. While you may have an easy time talking about delicate subjects, it might not necessarily mean you agree with a discussion being had. You may bring up whatever is going on in your fam that’s causing you a bit of stress but you and a family member might have varying desired outcomes. Any family matters should be put on the shelf this week. Let the cosmic forces settle and then get back to the discussion.

When Mars begins its trek through Sagittarius and your stabilizing second house, you could feel some pressure to lock down. Take a deep breath! While it’s okay to have a timeline, keep in mind it can be a romance killer and give you unneeded anxiety. If you’re a single Scorpio, you could meet someone unexpectedly at a work event. Couples could feel some financial stress and varying demanding schedules; take time out of your busy schedules to be with one another. Book a few mandatory dates especially since Valentines Day is around the corner.



November 22 – December 21

Your weekly love horoscope is here Sag and you are on fire! After Friday you’ll enter a phase of extraordinary drive, ambition and energy about whatever it is you’re passionate about. Mars enters your sign until March 17 and you will have some seriously unique edge. While you may be busy pursuing more than one passion or personal goal, Mars will be on your side; you’re going to have revved up motivation and energy as well as sex appeal. If you’re single you could find that your love horoscope has people coming right for you; you’re drawing people in left and right. If you’re in a relationship, get ready for a fuego sex life; it’s going to reach peak satisfaction levels.

Your indie spirit is coming back with a vengeance on January 26 thanks to hot Mars sliding into your sign for the first time in two years. Mars will be here until March 17 which will be a nice reminder for you; you’re charismatic and a serious catch. You are going to feel unstoppable! Keep in mind you might come off a bit too strong and aggressive when Mars is in your sign so don’t spread yourself thin. Flaunt your stuff but make sure your audience can handle it.


December 22 – January 19

Your weekly horoscope might have been less than satisfactory lately Capricorn. Thankfully this Friday, Mars, the planet of drive and libido slides into your 12th house. He’s going to hide out here until March 17 so you may notice you’ve had a bit less energy and arousal than usual. If this is the case, remember that it’s only temporary and nothing to worry about. After the 17th, you’ll be rested and ready to go. If you’re in a relationship, your babe will understand and make quite clear it was well worth the wait. On January 26, Mars glides into Sag and your restful twelfth house of closure and fantasy. This may also gear up some resentment and anger you’ve been trying to hide about something in the past. You may feel suspicious or paranoid about something you can’t pin-point. On the plus side, Mars might give way to some sudden soulmate potential. Be patient, Cap.



January 20 – February 18

This week your love horoscope makes a “friends with benefits” scenario quite apparent. Although it’s clear someone in your social circle is feeling some type of way about you, you need to decide if you’re going to pursue it. If you decide to pursue it you need to make clear it will only be a physical relationship. It’s still possible to be very adult and noncommittal about hooking up if you both come to a clear understanding. As long as you both don’t have expectations, you’re good to go; could be a nice arrangement. Make sure you’re exploring your options, Aquarius. Your free spirit will kick in January 26 when Mars enters Sagittarius and your unconventional eleventh house; it’ll be there until March 17. The more you “do you” the better and the more attractive people will find you; however the important thing is that you’ll be a lot happier. Your eleventh house rules technology and friendship. If you’re in a relationship and need some freedom, ask for some breathing room.


February 19 – March 20

Your weekly love horoscope suspects you’ve got some secrets up your sleeve about money or a sexual situation; if you’re keeping secrets from your partner this could cause some problems Pisces. Any problems you don’t want to face will only get worse if you are sketchy about it; it’s because you insist on keeping any information under wraps that you are cultivating mistrust and pent up resentment. The worst thing is that you’ve spent more money than your partner knows about… or you’re having an affair. If either of these scenarios ring true, time for some relationship rehab. You’re only as sick as the secrets you keep from your partner. You’re going to get a reality check after January 26 with Mars entering Sagittarius and your sensible tenth house until March 17; things won’t remain a secret for long.

How was your love horoscope for the week?

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