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Your Love Horoscope For The Week of December 25

Your Love Horoscope For The Week of December 25

Your weekly love horoscope is here Zodiacs. Find out what your December horoscope is for the last week of the new year. Ring in the new year and find out your 2018 horoscopes! Love horoscopes are booming come the new year!

Welcome Capricorn season and goodbye Mercury in retrograde! Things can finally start making sense again. Thankfully the year ends on a more mellow note as the astrological changes start to slow down. Venus has entered Capricorn and your relationships are going to be focused on functionality, respect and being reliable on one another. It may sound far from romantic but it showcases true love. What relationships will pass the test? On Christmas day Venus conjuncts with Saturn and systematic and deliberate discussions are enacted. Find out what the cosmos have in store specifically for your love horoscope this week! Happy Holidays Zodiacs; it’s time to ring in the new year.

Your Weekly Love Horoscope

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March 21-April 19



With the holiday energy at an all-time high, your charisma and appeal an indestructible force right now, Aries. Your ruling planet, Mars, links up with mystical Neptune on Thursday which revs your appeal up even more. Your love horoscope is not to be messed with! If you are a single ram, someone will be entirely swooned by your vibe and want to go through great emotional depths with you. For those of you who are coupled, this is the perfect week for your love horoscope. You and your partner will have unreal moments in the bedroom. What could be better than a little holiday loving?

Your year ends with Venus shifting into Capricorn and your tenth house of long-term plans on Christmas day. Relationships will quickly take on a serious vibe; no, it’s not a bad thing. The Sun and Saturn lighting up Pluto is the cause of this shift. Don’t obsess over where things are going for you and your relationships in 2018. You will get tunnel vision trying to predict or sort out the future. On the 28, Mars and Neptune trine. The daydreamer in you will be fueled and at full capacity. There is a possibility you will have a soul, mind and body connection with someone on this day.


April 20-May 20_taurus

You will have a desire to explore matters of the heart this week with your babe. The planet of love, and your ruling planet, Venus, moves into your spiritual, philosophical and moral zone of your chart. Being on the same page with your babe is of high priority to you and your love horoscope. Things will become instantly clear by Monday if things are on the same path. If there is a division between something that means a lot to you, then there might be a problem. On the other hand, you and your bub could take a serious course of study together.


As the year finishes with Capricorn and Venus aligned on Christmas day, your ninth house of adventure and appeal are sparked. The Sun, Pluto and Saturn are here to give you an extra dose of cosmic energy. Saturn will be around to keep you grounded but you are still in the mood for holiday fun. If you’re a single bull, your wanderlust energy could entice someone. Any long distance relationships could heat up and you could meet someone over the holiday or while traveling. Keep your eyes peeled. On the 28, Mars and Neptune trine. Single bulls will have fiery chemistry with a friend or online prospect. Couples – step out of your comfort zone and do something experimentally daring together!


May 21-June 20


An erotic connection between you and someone special comes up this week but it’s sadly not what you expect, Gemini. Venus moves into your eighth house of shared intimacy on Monday but is quickly interrupted by Saturn; the planet of fear and limitation. Saturn has moved into this part of your chart which is quickly prompting significant life lessons for you in regards to facing your insecurities and fears around sex and intimacy. Are you closed off because you’d rather not get hurt or attached? The best thing you can do for yourself is to open up to someone about any issues or insecurities you might be feeling. The good news is, if you do this, the rewards are monumental. You might realize you had nothing to worry about and it can lead to stronger levels of intimacy. Not too shabby of a love horoscope if you’re willing to take the risk – even though it’s really not much of a risk.


For the past three years Saturn has been in your opposition which has shed a harsh light on some things in your life. You’ve been through relationship boot camp and hopefully learned valuable lessons about how you deal with the most significant people in your life. If not, now is really the time to do some internal reflection with yourself. You could have had a harsh breakup or a serious bond severed this year. People may not have always had your back. The good news is, Saturn is finally on your side and it’s time to start setting clear boundaries for yourself if you want your love horoscopes to improve. You could have yourself a steamy 2018!


June 21- July 22


This week’s love horoscope rings in an entirely new perspective on your relationship world. For the first time in 29 years, Saturn enters Capricorn and into your house of committed partnerships – fucking big ass news! Saturn will be here until December of 2020 so you can bet this is the year of love for Cancer. Big relationship shifts are about to take place and it’s about time; you very well may be ready for it. The cosmos are proud of you, Cancer. Mars, the planet of se and libido has also moved into your romance sector since Dec 9 and has awaken your sexual side.


On Thursday however, Mars perfectly aligns with Neptune creating romantic sexual fantasies which are yours for the taking. If you are single, there is a possibility you’ll meet someone you instantly connect with on a spiritual and physical level. Go for it! It doesn’t hurt to explore it. If you are a committed Cancer, Venus helps smooth over any recent shocks Saturn threw at you the past few weeks with your bub. There may be work to do between the both of you but it’ll all be okay. Share the responsibility and things will work out. On the 28, Mars and Neptune trine; you might be feeling a long distance romance. You might decide to ring in the New Year together and share that New Year’s kiss. Romance is very much in the air for you in 2018!

July 23- August 22


You might have a dilemma in the romance department this week and it may involve your work environment. Someone may have recently let you know they have feelings for you and although you may be flattered, you’re more conflicted about what to do next. Would you be violating policy? Are you even attracted to them? Could it start work gossip? These are all things you need to consider this week for your love horoscope. Chances are, since there is a lot to think about you’ll do absolutely nothing. However, keep in mind this could be a lost opportunity for real love. Make sure you know both the pros and cons before making a decision.


Mars and Neptune trine on the 2 and this could benefit your love horoscope. If you are feeling vulnerable and sensitive, it’s because these two planets have you feeling all the feels. This is a good thing however little lion. This is a major opportunity to get in touch with your sensitive side. If you do your love and sex life with intertwine and skyrocket. There could some be some serious soul-stirring interactions for the single lions out there.


August 23-September 22


Virgo, your love life has been a vital karmic focus for you the past week thanks to Saturn moving into your romance zone for the first time in 29 years. Multiple love lessons are about to leave major impressions on your heart that you will take with you for many years – basically until December 2020. The planet of love, Venus, moves into the same sector of your chart Monday and immediately connects with Saturn. If you are a single Virgo, there is a chance you could meet someone you’ve had a past love connection with… in another life. You’ll feel an immediate connection and ease with this person. Listen to what your energy is telling you! There is more than ever, an opportunity to get this connection right. Keep your eye out because your love horoscope isn’t messing around!


Christmas Day brings passionate and playful vibes thanks to Capricorn and Venus linking up. You are in a party mode just in time for New Years. Shake off any bad vibes that have been holding you back and hit the town running. Venus will be here for the rest of the year so make the most of it. On the 28, Mars and Neptune trine. If you are in a relationship, this means you better be speaking from the heart! If you’re single, let someone know you can’t hide your feelings anymore. Let yourself be authentic and open with someone. You might find yourself the object of someone’s flattery that day too. Make sure they mean what they say though, Virgo.


September 23 – October 22


Listen up, Libra! If you have been dating someone for a while this is the week you and your love have some major decisions to make; to move in or not? Reaching this decision will not be a walk in the park. While there are several approaches you could take when planning everything out, listen to all ideas. Take into consideration if you guys can get a place of your own; move into theirs or vice versa. Don’t let the planning of it all stress you out. You should be focusing on celebrating the milestone in your relationship. If you are already living with your partner, make sure this love horoscope week is about distribution of chores. While it doesn’t sound too romantic, acknowledge you both have a strong bond. Leave room for some hot passionate romance after all the planning is through. Your love horoscope is pretty mellow this week!



October 23 – November 21


We know how deep and intense you can get sometimes Scorpio when it comes to love and sex. You may be in overdrive this week but it will not get you into trouble. Chances are it might reward you both sexually and romantically. Mars is in your sign on Thursday and links with enchanted Neptune; it’s in your true love sector. Whatever fantasies you might have, now is the perfect time to make them a reality. If you are a single Scorpio, some seriously dreamy prospects are at your fingertips. Your weekly love horoscope can’t go wrong this week.

On the 28, Mars and Neptune trine one another and early New Year’s fireworks are in the air. Since Mars is in your sign, a romance could seriously heat up for you. If you’re single keep your calendar cleared. Find yourself an epic date and you’ll find yourself connecting on a deep level. Pregnancies are possible for some Scorpios so consider yourself warned. Things are calming down before the New Year so brace yourself for lots of love in 2018.

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November 22 – December 21


Things are staying mellow with your love horoscope before the new year Sagittarius. There aren’t any bells and whistles going off but if you are in a relationship, you could receive extra support this week. Your partner wants to let you know they are there for you while you develop any talents or efforts you’ve added to your list. If you are trying to improve your cash flow, your partner will absolutely support your endeavors. If you are wondering if someone you are dating is truly into you or if they are using you, be open. You’ll become aware that this could be a possibility but don’t jump the gun. If any red flags surface, know your worth and don’t ignore it.


Stability rolls around on Christmas day when Venus and Capricorn meet in your house of self-worth and security. With Pluto, the Sun and Saturn all in the same zone, the last week of 2017 offers you a reminder of what your values are. If you’re single, look for someone who has the same values as you do! Things will run over smoothly if that’s the case. Don’t write anyone off who you think is “boring.” Give them a true chance because they could be exactly what you need. Your love horoscope is ready to get popping in 2018.


December 22 – January 19


Hello Capricorn season and goodbye to Sag season; this is your time to shine Capricorn. Although Saturn moved into your sign demanding you get serious about life in every which way, your love horoscope this week has you focusing on love. The cosmos and Venus want you finding love. On Monday Venus moves into the same sign with Saturn. If you are a single Capricorn, this is the perfect time to meet a new soulmate or significant other. The two of you will be in it for the long run if you allow yourself to be open to receiving love. If you are in a relationship, this connection has shown you, you are ready for the most serious commitment possible; marriage.


Since it’s your birthday season, the Sun joining Capricorn for a month has kicked a new cycle and fresh starts into full gear. Get ready for holiday cheer and for a spectacular New Year’s Eve. There are going to be four planets in your sign: Venus, Pluto, Saturn and the Sun. You have all the magnetism in the world right now and you will be an irresistible force. Get used to being in the spotlight. Your love horoscope is going to kick of 2018 like nothing you’ve experienced before.


January 20 – February 18


Your love horoscope is very different depending on your status Aquarius. If you are in a relationship, your bub may be going through a crisis that will require you to be there fully to support them. It might involve a hospital stay (God forbid) or procedure but will result in healing. Don’t have your optimism doubted – even if you start to feel insecure. If you’re single, there is a possibility a trusted friend or counselor is the perfect person to open up about why you haven’t allowed yourself to fully love someone. This week is a big week for understanding it’s time to move on and that new prospects are around the corner. Seriously – a new soulmate is already waiting for you. Open your heart and eyes to love and look at all the potential. Time to start 2018 off properly.


On Christmas day you should press pause. Venus sinks into Capricorn and your fantasy-fueled twelfth house. Now is the time to rest up and not make snap decisions. Mercury just got out of retrograde and you’re still feeling the effects of it. You have the upper hand right now, Venus helps you let go. The cosmos are ushering in good vibes and begging you to realize you could easily get love. Don’t allow yourself to see anyone through rose-colored glasses though.


February 19 – March 20


You may feel conflicted about if you should pursue a romantic relationship with someone who is likely in your social circle. While this is always a complicated matter, weighing the pros and cons won’t necessarily help. You very well could be driving yourself mad in circles. If there is a friends with benefits situation going on in your life, you may quickly realize that it’s not doing you any good; you’re feeling unfulfilled in matters of the heart. This casual fling could be causing you to feel more lonely than usual. Your love horoscope is demanding you find someone with depth and meaning. Have the courage to look for it and know you deserve more than what you’re getting.


If you’re single, sparks could fly for you though with someone you’d least expect. On Christmas day you’ll be feeling free-spirited with Venus entering Capricorn and your social eleventh house. Now is the perfect time for you to get out and get introduced to new promising prospects. Don’t rule out online dating and the holiday scene. If you’ve been feeling as though you wanted commitment all month, you might start to change your mind – typical, Pisces. Watch for “the grass is greener” syndrome. Don’t force yourself to be with someone you aren’t feeling though. Before making any final decisions, focus on yourself and your passions. Once you have your full freedom dosage, make a decision. Your love horoscope will be shaken in 2018 so get ready.

What’s YOUR sign? Let us know what your love horoscope has in store for you!

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