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Your Leo Yearly 2018 Horoscope

Your Leo Yearly 2018 Horoscope

Leo Yearly 2018 Horoscope and Leo 2018 love horoscope is here. Find out what the year 2018 has in store for you. The 2018 astrological shifts are making big moves towards your yearly horoscope so expect shifts, transformations and setbacks in 2018.

Two groundbreaking eclipses in your sign set 2018 up for great things when it comes to achieving personal goals. This is a big year for your private and public presence. There will be a healthy mixture of influence and introversion this year for you Leo. 2018 brings about the second full year of Leo eclipses that radically redefine your goals and identity. This change will take place until early 2019. That gives you a full year of self-discovery Leo. Relationships will undergo some changes that will require a lot of time figuring out what works for your balance of “we” and “me.” Your home life in 2018 as potential for serious growth. Your yearly horoscope requires you to reconnect with your roots and find emotional security.

2018 Leo Yearly Horoscope

Expect several blazes of energy, opportunities and challenges in 2018 that are incredibly practical and obtainable. This is a golden year for you Leo! The Sun will enter Leo when a grand earth trine is taking place; well anchored Taurus highlighted by Uranus, Venus is in methodical Virgo and Pluto and Saturn are in Capricorn. This cosmic connection in 2018 will allow you to have lasting achievements. Plan wisely. Some events in our life might begin to feel more karmic than before. The North Node is in Leo so any consequences will be met. 2018 kicks off with a lunar eclipse in January. The moon hits Leo and brings about emotional issues from the past. That’s not the only lunar eclipse that will be in Leo. In July the sun is in Leo and you’ll finally begin to feel more emotionally grounded.

Mercury also goes retrograde in Leo during July through August. Mars retrograde quickly follows in Aquarius and it will give you an opportunity for you to think before taking any forms of action. If you do this, you will come out ahead of the game Leo. Everyone will love you this year.


Leo 2018 Love Horoscope

Your yearly love horoscope has big changes coming your way. Your relationships are shifting and so are your priorities; especially once the second half of the year hits. You will go through major transformations this year which will alter how you approach your relationships. There are several 2018 solar eclipses that bring big surprises and swift changes. You could quickly exit a current romance that has run its course or you could tie the knot. Let’s just say sudden changes are in your 2018 forecast. If you’re in a relationship, rock-steady couples could face a serious growth phase. In November, expansive Jupiter starts a 13 month tour in your passionate fifth house. Looks like the cosmos are supporting your love life in 2018.

Romance is seriously your jam in 2018. You will look and feel fantastic this year. 2018 wants you to be swept up in romantic adventures! You will face several opportunities for honesty and flexibility in your one-on-one relationships. These changes will usher love and happiness into your yearly horoscope. There are also opportunities for refreshing changes of pace in your relationships. When the Sun enters Leo, Venus will have separated with Uranus and practical and pleasant energy surrounds your love life. However, you might face difficulty when all three of Mercury’s retrogrades are in fire signs. You might have a harder time getting your message across to loved ones in April, august and November. Prep yourself for any coping mechanisms you might need to execute during these times. Make sure you aren’t too stubborn and hearing your partner out.

Make sure you are approaching new people with a warm and optimistic outlook. You can be reasonable and cautious but this isn’t new news for you. The Venus-Uranus trine that takes place this year is highly influential to your 2018 love horoscope. February and September are great times for you to slow down Leo when it comes to searching for new prospects. Blame it on Neptune making first impressions less than reliable. On the flip side, July and August are more fun and your intuition will be a lot clearer during this time. The Mercury in retrograde that happens in Leo actually works to your advantage. It could rein in any wild passions you have. Use 2018 to take romantic risks and be passionate about the choices you make. You very well could meet “the one” in 2018 Leo.

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Leo 2018 Career Horoscope

When it comes to your career, your work ethic has been perfected; so long as you remain fully engaged with what you’re doing. You might face longer days but overall, your ambitions and reputation are on track. Any work related tensions that pop up in 2018 might indicate you are ready for new goals or roles in your work environment. Success is a large factor in your 2018 yearly horoscope. You deserve a bigger spotlight and you can achieve that by working in teams and choosing projects you feel align with your beliefs. 2018 is a year for abundant moneymaking opportunities Leo. There is a chance you might want to move too fast so make sure you are slowing down a bit. There is no rush; you’ll get what you deserve.

If you have any recent goals you’re hoping of achieving, 2018 and Jupiter’s retrograde in Scorpio from March to July helps out your career sector. Just remember to pace yourself in 2018. Be patient with yourself Leo and make sure you are sticking to your budget.


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