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Your Ideal Date Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your Ideal Date Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your Ideal Date Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Ideal date ideas can be a challenge when you’re trying to curate the perfect night! Here are some suggestions based on your zodiac sign that are sure to give you a night you’ll remember forever!

Aries – Camping

Camping has all the elements for an ideal date for an Aries. Aries love adventure, and what better way to have an adventure than to go out into the wild to see what is out there? Camping involves exploring nature, roasting marshmallows, and telling the spookiest ghost stories you can think of. Depending on where you are camping, tubing and kayaking are also a fun ideal date ideas that are perfect for an Aries. Camping encompasses a series of fun and exciting activities that can bring people closer together!

Taurus – Movie, then Dinner

That’s right, movie then dinner. Not dinner and a movie. In my experience, a movie and then dinner always works out better due to the fact that you will already have something to talk about during the actual dinner, instead of hurrying to finish your meal to make the movie time and cut the conversation short. Dating can be a bit nerve-wracking sometimes, so this formula will make it that much more fun and relaxing, especially for all you chill Tauruses out there. Trust me, you won’t regret giving this date idea a try!


Gemini – Dancing

Dancing is sexy, exciting, and overall just fun. Geminis are artistic and sensual, so going out to dance is just the perfect ideal date for this zodiac sign. Not to mention it burns calories, giving you a great excuse to go out on the town afterward to grab some greasy but delicious grub!

Cancer – Mini Golf

Mini gold is low-key, but plenty of fun depending on who you are with. While mini golf can sometimes be infuriating, and while Cancers are known for having plenty of emotions, it can be quite a freeing experience to let out all of that frustration onto the golf course. Besides, if your date is also not having the best of luck, then it’s just another thing you can bond over!

Leo – Stargazing

This is the perfect date for a Leo. It is romantic, cute, and gives you and your date the perfect excuse to cuddle up if it is chilly outside. Going stargazing requires you to leave town and get away from all that commotion and lights, giving you the ability to be in a secluded and intimate setting. For a Leo, dates are supposed to be magical, and nothing is more magical than gazing at the beautiful and sparkling stars above.


Libra – Go On A Hike

Libras love peace, so going on a hike is the ideal date for them due to how quiet and pretty nature can be! Enjoy some beautiful sites while on a date with a beautiful person!

Virgo – Bowling

Bowling can bring out the competitiveness in people, and while that may not be the ideal date for most zodiac signs, it can be perfect for a Virgo that wants nothing more than to let go and show off what they got!

Scorpio – Nice Dinner In

Scorpios love the limelight, so being invited to a dinner that is being made just for them is the perfect ideal date. Everyone loves to be doted on, but especially a Scorpio, and especially if there is food involved! That, and a dinner in gives everyone the excuse to let go and have a couple drinks without worrying about who is driving who home. While going is fun, nothing beats relaxing at home with the perfect date.

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Sagittarius – Arboretum

Sagittarius’ are known for appreciating the beauty in life, so going to a place filled with vividly colored flowers and plants is a great ideal date. Being able to take in the beauty with a partner is a great experience to have, especially if you have been with your partner for awhile and want a new date idea.

Capricorn – Museum

Capricorns are stoic and intelligent, so being able to display their smarts at any kind of museum is the perfect ideal date for a brilliant Capricorn, especially if they also have the opportunity to learn something new so they can share it with the world!


Aquarius – Take To The Seas

If you live near the ocean, then going for a swim and seeing what the sea has to offer is the best ideal date for an Aquarius! And if you don’t, I’d even argue that that makes this date idea even better. Going on a small road trip to the nearest body of water to either go swimming, boating, or kayaking can be a whole lot of fun!

Pisces – Picnic

Picnics can be so much fun if the weather decides to be good that day. If you happen to have a special spot outside with your date, then pick a time to meet them there with your own very own picnic basket to surprise them with! And tell them to do the same! Surprising one another with what food you both packed is a sweet and cute date idea that will bring you both closer together, as well as give you plenty of things to talk about as you explain just why you chose or cooked the food items that you brought!

Which of these resonate with your ideal date? Let us know in the comments down below!

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