Your Horoscope Will Reveal Your Dream Holiday Destination

Dream holidays aren’t always the trips you have meticulously planned for your whole life. Sometimes the spontaneous adventures you never knew you needed are the ones that make the best memories. So, pack your bags, unearth those passports, and book a trip to one of these mystery locations. Get ready for your sun-sign to predict your next dream holiday.

Aries, Dubai.

Ariens, meet Dubai. Ram signs are idealists incapable of accepting defeat. Dubai is a city renown for spectacular sights and luxury. The city constantly out-does itself, boasting some of the tallest sky-scrapers in the world, the biggest aquariums, and hotels that built on top of the ocean. It’s the perfect destination for the hardworking ram, who similarly can’t help trying to best themselves.

Dream Holiday

Taurus, Toronto

Taureans are well-known for being homebodies. But a city like Toronto might tempt them to leave their comfort zone. Toronto is full of history, art, good food, and plenty of beautiful parks to ramble through. Toronto shares the same laid-back vibe Taureans express, and they can explore the city at their own pace without feeling like a bull in a China shop.

Dream Holiday

Gemini, Singapore

Singapore is just fast-paced, variable, and exciting as this star-sign. A Gemini would never get bored in Singapore; from the beautiful skyline, to the rowdy food markets serving Michelin star meals. Gemini’s are great multi-taskers, so they would thrive in a dream holiday destination that balances luxury shopping malls with peaceful gardens.

Dream Holiday

Cancer, Lima

Cancers are dreamers, and wear their hearts on their sleeves. Take them to a city like Lima in Peru, full of history and culture. They’ll quickly lose themselves in the bustling metropolis, engrossing themselves in city life and the wonders of Machu-Pichu and other Peruvian ruins nearby. Lima is also home to beaches so breath-taking that the sign of the crab may want to stay there forever.

Dream Holiday

Leo, New Orleans

New Orleans is a melting pot of different cultures, famous for Mardis Gras celebrations and Bayou River boat tours. The city’s grandiose architecture will appeal to Leos, the Kings of the Zodiac. They will be right at home in a palatial dream holiday destination. Leos are extroverted by nature, and will naturally fit in with the lively atmosphere of New Orleans.

Dream Holiday

Virgo, Cairo

Quiet, conscientious, and observant are all traits that define Virgos. Dream holiday destinations that appeal to them will be dripping with sights full of historical and cultural significance, like the Pyramids of Giza, or the Nile River. It’s also an opportunity for Virgos to get out of their comfort zone by exploring its emerging nightlife.

Dream Holiday

Libra, Ibiza

Librans may find themselves needing a break to rebalance (after constantly solving everyone else’s problems). Ibiza is full of beaches and resorts to help restore their Venus-ruled beauty and usually easy-going nature. When they’re ready to be social again, Ibiza is well-known for its choice nightclubs and party scene.

Dream Holiday

Scorpio, Berlin

Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go to Berlin. The city is infamous for bars and nightclubs with no closing time, no dress-code, and plenty of beer. Berlin is also home to the autobahn, a highway with no speed limit. Scorpio’s have endless vitality, intensity, and zest for life. Berlin is the perfect destination for Scorpios to indulge in fast cars and wild parties.

Dream Holiday

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Sagittarius, Madrid

Sagittarians are wholesome, upbeat signs that always find themselves in sticky situations. They are restless for a sea-change, and Madrid is the perfect dream holiday location. Madrid has countless nearby beaches to chill-out at, as well as fresh and local cuisine to die for. If Sagittarians want a change of pace, they can even visit the largest drive-in cinema in Europe for the latest action flick.

Dream Holiday

Capricorn, Bern

Bern is the capital of Switzerland. It is filled with World Heritage sites that preserve the beauty of the city. Capricorns love to spectate, and can patiently take-in and appreciate the sights of Bern for hours on end. As quick learners, they can also take to skiing through the Swiss Alps like a duck takes to water. Or like a goat takes to a mountain.

Dream Holiday

Aquarius, Seoul

Aquarians are non-conformists to a fault, and Seoul is a city filled with contradictions and delights just hidden out of plain sight. There are palaces complete with immaculate gardens, while just a few blocks away lurk grungy alleys filled with authentic street food and aesthetic neon lights. Aquarians will naturally make friends in both the picturesque temples and the noisy back streets.

Dream Holiday

Pisces, Wellington

Talented and good-natured Pisces can happily explore Wellington as a dream holiday destination. There’s a thriving art scene they can get involved in, as well as museums and wilderness to wander through and get inspiration. Every day is something new, with no pressure to create a set-in-stone itinerary. Wellington gives the indecisive sign a plethora of options to choose from.

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Does your sign match your dream holiday? Comment below what destination you want to travel to!

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