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Your Horoscope For The Week Of March 5th

Your Horoscope For The Week Of March 5th

After such introspection throughout our hibernation this winter, it’s time to break out and have fun! Here is your horoscope for the week of March 5th!

This week starts out with the height of Pisces season and ends with the first spark of Aries’s refreshing springtime fire! We will likely be feeling an energizing shift as we begin to transition out of a feeling-based water sign and into a fun and active fire sign.

Pay special attention to any dreams or other creative, intuitive, or spiritual experiences you may have towards the beginning of the week. You will likely be feeling particularly sensitive, but also quite imaginative and romantic. All week (but especially in the beginning) communication is sweetened, words are beautiful, and there is a pleasant emphasis on sociability. Themes of love and beauty may be prominent topics of conversation, and you may utilize this time to get closer with someone through conversation, or perhaps to win someone over with some “sweet talk.” Across the board, the urge towards excitement and rebellion run especially high for the rest of the week and into the weekend.

This week heralds the beginning of our emersion from the cool Piscean waters, and we can once again feel the hot rays of the Sun on our skin. Just as little green seedlings are now peeking out of the dirt, we too are on the verge of a rebirth at springtime. After such introspection throughout our hibernation this winter, it’s time to break out and have fun! Here is your horoscope for the week of March 5th!



March 21-April 19

You will be feeling even more impulsive, impatient, and rebellious than usual this week. There will be an emphasis on your sense of freedom and independence, especially in terms of your self-expression. Anger and aggression will be heightened, so just be mindful to use these emotions constructively. You will feel particularly inclined towards socializing and perhaps some romance towards the end of the week, especially the weekend. This next month is a time when you can attract people to you more easily..



April 20-May 20

All forms of writing and communication are of particular importance to you right now, and your words are especially persuasive. By mid-week, you should feel a refreshing boost of energy, and even the slowest Taurus may move a bit more quickly this next month. However, you will also be far more quick to anger and argue, and your notorious stubbornness will be stronger than usual. There will be an urge to rebel in some way, especially against authority figures, so it’s especially important to use your powerful wrecking-ball quality to eliminate limitations and obstacles in your path rather than fighting and destroying without a constructive aim.



May 21-June 20

Your natural charm runs especially high and people will enjoy reading or hearing your words even more than usual this week. This is an excellent time to use your superpowered communication skills to get what you want. Love and beauty are more important to you right now, and you have a heightened ability to attract people to you. You may be feeling especially soft and romantic at the beginning of the week but by midweek through the weekend, you’ll take on a more bold and feisty quality. However you may run into trouble by the weekend leading into next week if your expression is too brash or aggressive.



June 21- July 22

The first half of this week will likely have you feeling more quiet and introspective, it’s certainly a time to process emotions. It’s very possible you may discover something profound deep within yourself, or perhaps you may learn something important about the world around you. By the end of the week, you’ll feel far more buoyant and ready to have fun. You may be inclined towards physical activities, especially those that you enjoy. The weekend takes on a more serious tone, though, and it’s a perfect time to take care of responsibilities and get some hard work done. Get your party fix on Thursday and Friday night if possible, so you’re able to spend the weekend taking care of business.


July 23- August 22


You will be feeling especially romantic the beginning of this week. All of Pisces season (we’re half way through!), you have an inclination towards art, music, film, and all things creative, imaginative, or spiritual, and this urge is especially powerful right now. Things may seem fuzzy or confusing, but there should be some clarity by the end of the week. As the weekend approaches, you will likely be presented with an opportunity to explore something in more depth (either inside or outside of you) so that you can work through and eliminate any problems you discover.


August 23-September 22

If you are a neat and ordered Virgo, it’s very possible that much of your structure and routine has dissolved these past couple weeks. Or even still if you are a messy Virgo, the structures you depend on may have felt a bit slippery lately. Right now you may be more focused on fun, relationships, and entertainment rather than productivity but that’s ok, this has been a time to let go and go with the flow, which is often difficult for Virgo. By midweek, you should start feeling back on track and more like yourself as you emerge from the fog and “snap out of it.” In fact for some of you, if you don’t “snap out of it” there is a possibility for a reality check and perhaps a consequence over the weekend and leading into next week.



September 23 – October 22

Your natural charm is extra powerful now, especially during the first half of this week. And your words are even more sweet and enticing than usual. Your sweetened communication skills will emphasize and empower your flirty demeanor, but you can also utilize your sweet-talking skills to smooth over a potentially difficult conversation. During the second half of the week, however, you may feel more self-centered than usual. This is certainly not a bad thing, especially since Libra often needs to learn when to put themselves first rather than others. However there is a potential for a conflict or challenge over the weekend and into next week. Another lesson for Libra is learning when conflict is necessary. As much as you can’t stand discord, sometimes you have to fight for what you want, and this may very well be a time to do so. Although this combative energy is unfamiliar to Libra and may therefore difficult to work with, be mindful of the tendency to be impulsive and take a moment to think about whether or not a potential altercation would be constructive or not.


October 23 – November 21


The beginning of the week is a time of introspection and and likely solitude. Take it easy because you will be extra sensitive on all levels and you may also have profound experiences involving art or spirituality. This is a time to process deep-seated emotions, and discussing those emotions with others will prove to be extremely cathartic, as scary as sharing feelings may seem to the fiercely secretive Scorpio. The second half of the week will have you feeling much more active, and you’ll likely be in the mood for some fun and excitement, plus perhaps some rebellion. Your temperament and aggression are heightened now and they can be especially powerful now if directed towards a constructive purpose. Over the weekend, there is an excellent opportunity to experience an illumination of something previously hidden or misunderstood, either within you or outside of you.

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November 22 – December 21


Your typical need for fun, excitement, and freedom runs especially high this week. You will be looking to free yourself from some limiting factor, but it’s important that you effectively break through any obstacle rather than simply run away. You may find yourself to be more impatient and more easily frustrated at this time, so look to find an outlet for this aggression (physical activity is best). And you may face a test or reality-check over the weekend, perhaps involving a social situation.


December 22 – January 19


Responsible Capricorn may feel the urge to act a bit uncharacteristic this week. Perhaps you’re more willing to choose fun and spontaneity over work and order, or perhaps you’re feeling rebellious against the structure and authority you’re typically so fond of. You are being given the chance to cultivate a newfound focus on enjoyment in the present rather than working now and preparing for future enjoyment. The question of how well you are able to uphold your work and responsibilities versus have fun and enjoy life is likely at the forefront right now, and come the weekend you may face a challenge that brings clarity to how you may strike that balance between the two.


January 20 – February 18


This week will likely be particularly pleasant for you, as you should feel right in your element. Themes of freedom and rebellion are prominent right now, and you’re typically quite comfortable with such. You may be more inclined towards physical activity this week, and it’s certainly an excellent outlet if you also feel a surge in your temper. If you are more cautious and reserved, you may find yourself being pulled to leave your comfort zone this weekend. Beware of the tendency towards unnecessarily combative behavior, especially arguments with friends as loved ones. Channel this aggression into constructive outlets instead.


February 19 – March 20

The beginning of the week will have you feeling right at home in such a romantic and spiritual atmosphere, and your characteristic imagination and creativity will be emphasized, as well as your intuition. Towards the end of the week and into the weekend you may feel a bit roughed up as the waves come in and disturb the more placid waters you’ve grown accustomed to these past couple weeks. The fog is lifting, you experience clarity, and you see the path ahead. It may be uncomfortable at first but this disturbance is needed to help you move forward.


How was your horoscope for the week of March 5th?

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