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Your Horoscope For The Week Of March 12th

Your Horoscope For The Week Of March 12th

Your horoscope for the week of March 12th is here! Self-interest runs especially high this week and we have not yet let go of our feisty rebellious spirit from last week. Most everyone is looking for a heavy dose of fun and excitement.

Your horoscope for the week of March 12th is here! Self-interest runs especially high this week and we have not yet let go of our feisty rebellious spirit from last week. Most everyone is looking for a heavy dose of fun and excitement. Disagreements and fierce arguments are abound, though, so beware of impulsive conflict crashing the party, especially those involving money or possessions. This week you may have to fight for your wants and needs, maybe you must learn to compromise, or perhaps you must simply step back instead of engaging with someone who’s fired up.

Although this selfish atmosphere is certainly ripe for conflict, sometimes conflict is necessary. Likewise, a somewhat selfish attitude is also necessary so that you’re able to effectively satisfy your needs. This is a perfect time to go out and fight for what you want. All forms of communication are especially persuasive and effective in achieving your goals this week. Especially going into the weekend, this is an excellent time to clarify your goals and start taking the first steps towards them.

Although it certainly won’t be a quiet week, it is still a week of introspection and potentially powerful transformation. You may likely have deep and meaningful experiences, but even if you don’t consciously notice any significant event, you are being gently guided and redirected on your life path this week. It’s likely you may discover something profound deep within yourself, but it is also possible that you may also be faced with unpleasant emotions that you have buried deep inside. Although you may not have to work through those emotions at this time, it’s a glimpse of what you must work through at some point in the coming months.


Your Horoscope For The Week Of March 12thYou should still be feeling right in your element all week as you continue to act out your pioneering rebellious self-expression. Nothing can hold you back right now, although it’s very likely that someone will try. Your sense of independence and the satisfaction of your own self-interest are far more important to you than usual right now (which is saying a lot!). Your typical tendencies toward impatience, anger, and combative attitudes also continue to be heightened through this week; again, these qualities are not inherently bad, they just have to be used constructively and with clear intention. You can and should channel this aggression into other outlets, especially physical activity. As we get to the weekend and this hyper-rebellious streak comes to its end, perhaps with a festive grand finale of sorts, you begin to shift your focus to more responsible and productive matters, things you can do now that will serve you in the future, perhaps relating to your career. This weekend will be an excellent time to get some hard work done.

Your Horoscope For The Week Of March 12thAlthough you’re likely feeling especially social or talkative all week, you might not feel particularly comfortable for the first few days. Taurus loves peace, stability, and comfort above all, but the cosmos are rocking the boat right now. There is a lesson to be learned about the balance between being calm, peaceful, and comfortable in your familiar environment versus going out to somewhere new and fun to experience excitement and risk. Peace, stability, and comfort are wonderful things but not in the extreme, not unless they are balanced out by your experience with their opposites. Through the weekend and into next week, you may learn or encounter something that better aligns you with your true life path, although it may come and go unnoticed. Be open to receive guidance and blessings from forces seen and unseen over the weekend. For the rest of the month, beware of excessive impulse buying!

Your Horoscope For The Week Of March 12thYour words continue to have an extra boost of charm behind them this week. You may be inclined to be especially sweet in your communications, but you’re certainly not afraid of getting into a fight or an argument, and in fact you’re actually quite likely to do so. Right now is an excellent time to use your powerful words as a tool to transform your life, use them to get exactly what you really want. You have a boost of both force and attraction behind your words, whether they’re written, spoken, sung, whatever; you can eloquently but aggressively assert your voice without being abrasive. Clear judgement is critical, though, because you also have the potential to get into trouble with an authority figure if you use your sharp tongue frivolously. Especially over the weekend, your experiences right now are closely connected to your destiny; you may learn something profound or your words may change your path. Use this time wisely, even if that means you just sit back and observe.


Your Horoscope For The Week Of March 12thDuring the first half of this week, you have the opportunity to experience your life from a more objective and emotionally detached perspective. You’ll be functioning more on the mental plane, so intellectual or scientific pursuits may be of particular interest. Like many other signs this week, you too may also feel the impulse to fight, rebel, or break free from some limitation. You will be highly sensitive towards the end of the week into Saturday and things may seem a bit foggy, so it’s best to immerse yourself in something that will bring you closer to your inner peace. You will feel invigorated and ready to *do* something for the rest of the weekend, so perhaps have some fun Friday night and then use that energy to get ready for the coming week on Sunday. Physical exercise is also a great idea to release energy over the weekend, you especially may want to on Sunday.

Your Horoscope For The Week Of March 12thThis week has the potential to be a powerfully transformative for Leo, but it might not be particularly fun. There may be something dark and deeply unpleasant that you must face, whether it be inside or outside of you, and it could likely be related to themes of power and control. Working through that unpleasantness is of course challenging but deeply cathartic. Overall, this is a time of healing and regeneration, working through and expelling the parts of yourself that you’ve outgrown. Something important that was previously hidden or unknown may appear to you this week, or on the other hand something you’ve kept secret may become exposed. Allow yourself to go beyond the surface of your experiences this week, the keyword is depth.

Your Horoscope For The Week Of March 12thAfter last week’s invigorating boost of fire, this week will have Virgo hard at work, although there may be a tendency to take on too many things and leave most of them incomplete, ultimately not accomplishing much. However if you’re up to the challenge and can tame your heightened impulse to fix and work on more than you can, you have the power to get lots of great work done this week. You may be inclined to “fix” things by beautifying them. There is an emphasis on love, relationships, and beauty in all forms for you this week and the next couple following.


Your Horoscope For The Week Of March 12thFor the rest of the month but especially this week, you may actually allow yourself to be selfish and put your needs first, which harmonious Libra doesn’t often do. Although you’re typically quite fond of compromise, right now it’s all about what you want. In most cases this is a good thing for Libra, as it’s a chance to assert yourself and your needs, which helps cultivate a stronger sense of independence, but beware of the heightened tendency to be temperamental and argumentative. Use your fair and objective mentality to understand why another may disagree with you, but don’t try to force a resolution, don’t fight to make peace. You may meet a new potential love interest or two, but it’s likely they’ll only be temporary as you’ll get bored rather soon.

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Your Horoscope For The Week Of March 12thThis week has the potential to provide an illumination of sorts for Scorpio. You may feel the urge to step out of your comfort zone and go do something more daring and extroverted, and this may be especially rewarding for you. Don’t be afraid to open up and step out into the light, the sunshine is warm! By the weekend you’ll likely shift your focus towards more responsible affairs. This is actually an especially introverted next few months for Scorpio, but these extroverted experiences serve the purpose of remodeling of Scorpio’s inner landscape.


Your Horoscope For The Week Of March 12thThis past week marked the beginning of the more introspective half of Sagittarius’s year, as happens every year when your ruler goes retrograde. This is certainly not to say that you won’t still be interested in extroverted activities, and in fact this week you’ll likely be especially inclined to seek out fun and excitement. Such experiences may prove quite valuable to you, especially as the weekend comes around and things slow down a bit so you have time to reflect. You may catch a clear glimpse of some of your deepest thoughts and feelings which will prove important to work through.

Your Horoscope For The Week Of March 12thThe first half of the week may prove to be a bit challenging, or rather frustrating. There is a good chance of disruptions in the form of arguments or impulsive behaviors either from yourself or those around you. You may start one or many projects this week but get bored and move on without accomplishing anything, but this is also a time of new things for you so it’s certainly just as valuable for you to dabble rather than commit. Explore your inner and outer world this week, try to get a clearer picture of what it is that you truly want; this weekend will be a great time to start planting the seeds of whatever you wish to grow.

Your Horoscope For The Week Of March 12thThis week will be much like the last for Aquarius, and you probably won’t mind very much as you’re right in your element. You will be especially inclined to seek excitement and you’ll want to shake things up. There may be conflict with authority figures, which can certainly be a good thing if you use this fierce power to break free from any limitations attempting to pin you down, but proper judgement is certainly necessary. By the weekend the fire will likely finally have cooled down a bit, take this time to take care of some business if you must.


Your Horoscope For The Week Of March 12thThis week is shaping up to be a bit more comfortable than last, depending on how well you’ve adjusted to all this fiery energy. However it’s likely this abrasive cosmic atmosphere right now may be hard on sensitive Pisces, so be sure to take time to retreat to your peaceful center when you need to. Although Pisces is already often quiet, this is the beginning of your more introspective half of the year. This is especially valuable for creative pursuits, you may uncover a well of inspiration. You may also uncover deep emotions that need to be worked through in order for you to maintain your tranquility.

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