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Your Horoscope For The Week Of April 2nd

Your Horoscope For The Week Of April 2nd

This week we reach the critical point of the Mercury retrograde phase as it joins the Sun in the sky. Mercury’s aim this time around is to get you to focus more acutely on yourself and your needs. How have you been denying your mind, body, and soul of what they need to thrive? If you haven’t already gotten a clue into how you can better serve yourself at this time, the coming week may likely provide some answers. The next few weeks are also an excellent time to pamper yourself, experience comfort, and enjoy luxury through pleasures of the 5 senses. Better yet, take the time to go outside and simply be present, enjoy the beauty, harmony, and abundance of nature, feel the Earth waking up once again to the fertile and invigorating springtime energies. Keep reading for your horoscope for the week of April 2nd!

Of course focusing on yourself and your needs is quite likely to cause conflict with others, especially under this week’s influence, and especially if you’ve been catering to their needs instead of your own. In fact, if you’re not causing some sort of conflict this week, you might not be fighting hard enough for your needs. For some though, the conflict will take place internally, you may be unconsciously restricting yourself from attaining your needs and desires and you’re now being presented with the proper understanding that will allow you to dismantle your own self-sabotage. However such a conflict may come up, face it head on without fear and remember to focus on the deeper meaning and underlying lesson latent in the experience. Resist the urge to unleash anger without aim, your passion can be a supremely constructive tool at this time if you direct it with intention and utilize it effectively. The purpose of this Mercury retrograde and the solutions you’ve been searching for are being broadcast loud and clear right now if you only take the time to stop, look, and listen for them.


Your Horoscope For The Week Of April 2nd!There will likely be some significant argument or confrontation for Aries this week, especially near the beginning. It could be a nasty fight depending on the situation, or it could even be a completely internalized conflict; either way, the experience serves to bring clarity to this introspective period and open your eyes to what needs to change. Just keep in mind you cannot (and should not try to) change the people and the world around you, but instead make the change within yourself and the rest will follow. It’s possible you may feel an uncharacteristic urge to hold your anger in at some point this week, and if you do, just beware that it’ll likely build to an explosion later on.


Your Horoscope For The Week Of April 2nd!

These next few weeks will likely hold some of the most pleasant and blissfully peaceful experiences of 2018 for Taurus. This pleasure will likely manifest as a more subtle but deep and steady satisfaction, rather than dramatic joyous events. You may be especially inclined to settle into the lap of luxury and now is certainly the time to do it. Indulge in whatever pleases your senses: delicious food, beautiful visuals, inspiring music, enchanting scents…. Take your time and savor all the wonderful experiences that life has to offer, nurture your pleasure principle. If possible, this week is an excellent time to direct your natural attunement to beauty and pleasure towards some constructive purpose or goal.


Your Horoscope For The Week Of March 26thThe beginning of the week will provide you with some brief sunshine amid this foggy retrograde energy. This is a critical point in the Mercury retrograde cycle, so you may experience an enlightenment of sorts, a significant realization that directly relates to your purpose for this reflective period. Be open to receive messages and guidance from the universe, look for the deeper meaning in all your experiences at this time. Some of those experiences may be particularly combative this week and that’s ok, just be sure to ask yourself what you can learn from them. For example, it’s very possible you may get fired up in a conflict this week and express an unpleasant but honest emotion; recognize and honor the value of the altercation, learn the lesson you’re being confronted with.


Your Horoscope For The Week Of April 2nd!

Monday and Tuesday are deep reflective days for you, especially Tuesday. Let yourself fell through any emotions that come up, allow yourself to surrender to catharsis. Some previously hidden truth may be revealed at this time. Wednesday and Thursday will be more upbeat, an excellent time to have fun and explore. Your exploration may be more intellectual, such as a learning experience or perhaps taking the time to further digest the emotional experiences of the days prior. As the weekend comes around, though, your thirst for fun will likely be quenched and you’ll turn your focus to more constructive tasks. You have the potential to get lots of hard work done this weekend so plan accordingly if you’d like to utilize the opportunity.


Your Horoscope For The Week Of April 2nd!Although this week will likely start with sparks, it should fizzle out and be pretty mellow for the remainder. Continuing with this introspective period during Mercury retrograde, you may experience an illumination or new understanding near the beginning of this week, in fact it may likely be the main lesson you must work through during this cycle. It’s quite possible this lesson may involve conflict with another or yourself, and if so it’s important to understand the deeper meaning behind the experience, what was the purpose? What did you learn? Your experiences this week are especially serving your personal growth and your movement forward on your life path, so pay attention and be open to divine guidance.


Your Horoscope For The Week Of April 2nd!

You may feel like you’ve spent a lot more time “being” rather than “doing” lately, and if so that’s ok. Virgo has a drive to feel productive, so they’re constantly working and trying to improve things, but right now you’re being asked to pause, take a step back, and reevaluate how you’ve been functioning. Virgo is efficient and proud of it, so honor this introspective period as an opportunity to further hone your efficiency skills. This week, particularly the beginning, should shed some light on what can (and should) improve, or what should be transformed altogether. Be sure to think more long-term than short-term with your improvements, the urge will likely be to satisfy more instant rather than delayed gratification, but consider which one truly serves you the best. Conflicts and frustrations may come up this week, although it’s quite likely they may be more internalized conflicts; either way, pay close attention to these experiences because they have something valuable to teach you about yourself.


Your Horoscope For The Week Of April 2nd!
This is a wonderful time for Libra to experience sensual romance, either with a loved one or in solitude. Light some candles, take a bath, eat delicious and wholesome foods, play beautiful music, take the time to feel comforted and luxurious, pamper yourself. How can you implement this kind of self-care into your everyday life? Libra is so often compromising for the sake of others, now is the time to focus on what makes you feel good and happy for a change. This is also an excellent time to strengthen and solidify close relationships, or perhaps you will become close with someone who you weren’t very much before. Now is the time to ensure your needs are being met in all your relationships, without compromise.


Your Horoscope For The Week Of April 2nd!

How’s your inner landscape looking, Scorpio? Over the past couple weeks, you have hopefully started to get a deeper look and a better understanding of your emotions and their depths, as well as any shadows you may have locked away in your subconscious. Do not fear this descent into darkness and sometimes pain, you are the rulers of the underworld after all! When you confront your demons face-to-face, only then do you have the chance to slay them and free yourself from their grip. This is an especially introspective time for Scorpio, so don’t hesitate to retreat to solitude for a while if that’s really what you need. Your keyword this week is fluidity; when you notice yourself becoming rigid, just breathe and allow the thoughts, feelings, and experiences to flow without frustration or judgement.

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Your Horoscope For The Week Of April 2nd!

This intense period of inner reflection for Sagittarius may be agitated a bit this week to prompt you to keep moving forward, going deeper. Some sort of conflict is likely, either internal or external, but these emotions and experiences only serve to guide you deeper into yourself. What have you learned about yourself so far? How can you explore that lesson further? How can you utilize this new wisdom to improve your life? These things may not be clear yet, but this week should give you a boost towards the answers, or treasures, you’ve been looking for.


Your Horoscope For The Week Of April 2nd!
Your hypercharged ability to get lots of hard work done carries through this week as well. You have the passion and physical energy to complete whatever work you feel called towards right now. You may feel reluctant to do work you don’t feel passionately about at this time though, so perhaps this is a chance for you to see what outlets are no longer serving you and where you’re better off withdrawing your energy. On the other hand, perhaps you can utilize this energy to power through even the most unpleasant of tasks. Again, themes of long-term versus short-term will likely be at the forefront. How are you satisfying your short- and long-term goals or not? Are they conflicting? Probably. You’ll likely feel particularly temperamental and aggressive this week; let any anger and emotions flow, but continue to use physical exercise as an outlet for aimless aggression.


Your Horoscope For The Week Of March 26th

Continuing the fiercely rebellious streak you’ve been on lately, this week you may feel the urge to go further, to break free from structures you either fondly clung to up until now, or thought you’d never be able to escape. You’ll likely feel particularly angry or passionate about your purpose at this time, and although it may certainly cause conflict with others, it’s an excellent force to have behind you as you smash through any and all forces attempting to hold you back. If you can resist aimless conflict with others, your relationships (especially solid friendships) can greatly help you achieve your goals at this time.


Your Horoscope For The Week Of April 2nd!Although this is an intensely introspective and preferably quiet time for sensitive Pisces, you may feel inclined to step out or shake things up a bit this week, or perhaps the universe will shake things up for you. There is certainly great value to peace and placidity especially during this time when you are learning about yourself and your needs, but this tension or conflict that arises serves the same purpose, to show you where the wounds are, where you should direct your healing. Thursday and Friday are particularly sensual, luxurious, and romantic days for you, perhaps take some time to pamper yourself or a loved one.

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