Your Guide To Sexting Terminology So You Can Be Very Very Good

Take a look at your guide to sexting terminology so you can learn all of the things to say and not to say. Sexting can be fun!

Sexting Sexting Sexting, juggling me all over your phone all night, na na naaa. Ya’ll know that song? Well it’s actually Txtin, not sexting, by WSTRN and it’s an accurate description of what a sexting relationship is like. When sex talk went from in-your-face dirty talk to PMs and DMs I don’t know, but it got hella better when it did. Emojis are fun to use. Not to mention regular texts with dirty talk. Hawt. If you don’t know how to sext your boo, lover, sweetheart, S.O., or hook-up you’re gonna learn right now. Here’s your guide to sexting terminology. Bookmark this page and make it easier to get to when you need it. 😘🤤


Before you can even sext someone, you gotta have consent. Especially if they’re someone you haven’t even hooked up with yet. The initiation sext:

“Hey, you up?” – Lets them know that you’re up and you wanna go. If they say yeah, send your first sext and see how far it goes.

“Hey, I can’t stop thinking about you. You got time to chat?” – This is pretty obvious, but is considerate because you’re still asking permission.

“Hey, where are you? In Bed?” – Again, straight forward but asking.

Asking permission is important. We have to remember that what we do in a digital world is quite equal to what we do in the real world. You should never sext someone who doesn’t want to be sexted. This is one of the top tips from your guide to sexting terminology.

Sexy Emojis

How’s your emoji game? If you want to sext using emojis you’ll have to be quick and on point because the emoji library is huge and not really that easy to navigate if you’re unfamiliar with the categories. It’s a real skill turning those adorable figures into the things sexual fantasies are made of, while still keeping up with the flow of the conversation. When you get comfortable, you can use emojis to create picture perfect details of what you want to do. You can get the receiver to catch on and stay enticed the whole time. Here’s an example of a start up conversation with emojis:  😐🌮💦😿👉👌? This one says “In all seriousness, the ‘taco’ is wet and I’m devastated, lets hook up.” Sexting with emojis is a storytelling technique as well . Here are a few of the characters that are commonly used, and their meanings.

🍑 – the ass

🌮🥙🌯 – the VJJs

🍆🥖🍭 – the shlongs

💦☔️ – something’s wet, someone’s cumming, or you’re gonna make something wet or cum

👅 – you want to taste or eat something 

⛓🛏🚿 – and other symbols you might find useful

When putting together sexts with emojis you can get as creative as you want and use words where needed. Here are a few example sexts.

“I wanna 👏 yo 🍑.”

“I’m gonna ⛓ you to the 🛏 and 👅 🍭 until you 💦💦 all over my 😋.”

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“Come 🍆 my 🌯 until 😯😧😲😱🌊🌊😌.”

Emojis are cool, but understand that they might not be for everyone. Sexting is best when detailed and timely. You have to give your mate time to act and react. If emojis are too bright for ya’ll or it takes to long to hold a convo with them, try The Original Sexting. This is one of the top tips from your guide to sexting terminology.

The Original Sexting

This is the type of sexting that is done using only words. But, sometimes, people are even willing to send images of themselves. These conversations get into a serious amount of detail and can be extremely erotic because you’re basically saying everything that you want to do to this person, only in a text. The best advice is to take it slow, use a lot of detail, be creative and realistic, and make sure your partner is feeling it. Here are some examples.

Use real words and actions – “I want to rub my hands all over your body until I get down to your long hard cock.” Using enticing words shows that you mean business and you’re comfortable with talking this way. It also keeps the act fun and realistic so no one gets weirded out or bored.

Use sound words – “Mmm your pussy tastes so sweet. I won’t stop eating it even if you begged me to.” Sound words emote those feelings you would have if you were in each others faces. Definitely use them to spice up the text. This is one of the top tips from your guide to sexting terminology.

Ask Questions – “Now I’m going up and down on your cock slowly, winding backward and forward, and backward and forward. You like that?” Questions are perfect for sexting. It shows you’re not being selfish and you care that the other person is enjoying the fun.

Now you should have an idea as to how sexting works. Keep these terms and techniques in mind and add in a bit of your own personal creative ideas, and it should be a fun time. As a bonus here’s a quick dictionary of words that you should definitely be familiar with as well as using. Because sexting is done with words, vocabulary is key. 😉😊 This is one of the top tips from your guide to sexting terminology.

  • Stroking
  • Clitorus
  • Clit
  • Lay
  • Panties
  • Sliding
  • Gently
  • Soaking
  • Lips
  • Nipples
  • Tongue
  • Clenching
  • Flex
  • Straddle
  • Spread
  • Pressure
  • Motions
  • Insert
  • Spit
  • Lube

I hope this was a helpful start to your new-found interest in sexting. Use your guide to sexting terminology because it is important! Questions? Leave a comment.

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