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Your Friendship Style, According To Your Zodiac

Your Friendship Style, According To Your Zodiac

You can tell a lot about a person by who their friends are, but finding the perfect friendship match can be tricky. Your friends need to build you up and you want to have fun with them, so its important we know which friendship styles best suit us, so we know what to look for in a friend!

Find out your friendship style according to your zodiac below. 


Aries are typically confident and upbeat, and enjoy an active social life. An Aries’s presence marks the beginning of something exciting, so your friendship style will typically be a large circle. Honesty is important to you in a friendship, so its important to find friends you connect with and can relate to.


Your Friendship Style, According To Your Zodiac


Taurus personality is reliable and sensual, with a sense of stability and need for things to be grounded. Your friendship style is based on real friends who you have a really deep connection with, and consistency is key in friendships for a Taurus. 



As a Gemini, you are easy going but both enthusiastic and social. While still outgoing and intelligent, a Gemini is also indecisive and impulsive, but loves meeting new people. You need consistent conversation in your friendship style and friends need to keep your mind occupied. 


Cancers are determined, imaginative and loyal beings. However, they can be very emotional and sensitive, so your friendship style is based on sensitive friends who are sensitive to your situation and can help you emotionally and understand your emotional nature, it might take you longer to get closer to people and become sociable, based on your friendship style zodiac. 

Your Friendship Style, According To Your Zodiac  



Leo’s tend to be caring and generous and warm hearted, however they can be stubborn and sometimes a bit lazy. You need friendship styles of friends you can keep close, who match your values of  loyalty and respect, but nobody too clingy, as this will only irritate you.  


Virgos tend to be cheerful, strong and passionate perfectionists. With a good understanding of human nature, once around a Virgo, everything begins to seem a lot better. You look for good energy in your friendship style based on your zodiac, you have a helpful nature and expect the same in your friends. You tend to look for people who you can lift up, and who will do the same for you. 



Libra personality traits include a strong sense of fairness, partnership and are typically the most charming sign. Libra’s require peace and harmony in your friendship style, you don’t like any conflict or drama, you’re looking for good friends you can have a equal measure of trust and respect with.  

Your Friendship Style, According To Your Zodiac

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Scorpios have a sense of mystery about them, with an intense nature and like their relationships built on trust. As a dark, brooding Scorpio, you may find it hard making friends, you need trust to be built, you may only give people a one-time chance, but once you become friends, you’ll be friends for life as your friendship style zodiac says.  


Sagittarius signs are born to explore, and need freedom to roam and see the world. Energetic and curious, a Sagittarius is creative clever and straightforward, you need your friendship style to be fun, just like you. 


Capricorn’s are ambitious, practical and realistic. Often busy, friends very important. Don’t feel the need to have a booming social life, loyalty is important to you, and you need friends who can truly understand you, tells your friendship style zodiac.


Your Friendship Style, According To Your Zodiac  


Aquarius tend to be assertive, independent and easy-going characters. They are very forward thinkers, and friendship is important to them, you need constant mental stimulation from your friends, according to what your friendship style zodiac says. 



Pisces’ tend to be compassionate and dreamy. Quite mystical creatures, openness, selflessness are important when looking for friends, and it is essential you guys have a deep connection in your friendship style. 

Everyone looks for something different in friends, but the most important thing when making new friends is finding people you can have fun with, and who will stick by you no matter what! 

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