Your First Time Having Sex Explained By Gifs

First time sex is different for everyone. It could be with someone you’ve known for years, or someone you’ve just met. It could be with someone who knows exactly what they’re doing, or you both could be just as inexperienced. Regardless, your first time having sex will be quite an adventure.

1. When you try to break the ice at the start.

2. When you realize the ice doesn’t need to be broken and instead you’re just ready to do it.

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3. When your clothes come off and all of a sudden your insecurities show up.

4. But then you realize you’re about to have sex for the first time and none of that matters.

5. When you finally get it together and it actually happens.

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6. When your partner starts trying to do something they saw in a porno.

7. And finally, when you finish for the first time.


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