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Your First College Party As Told by GIFS

Your First College Party As Told by GIFS

Attending your first college party (as a college student) is probably one of life’s biggest milestones. High school parties are just so beneath you, and you’re ready for this. You’ve pictured in your head what it’s going to be like forever, and it’s actually happening. But, many times what happens in your head, isn’t really what happens in real life.


1. You’re preparing during the day for the night and you’re a little torn with your emotions.

How you thought you’d feel:

Ready to party


How you actually feel:

Im so scared

2. You have your outfit picked out in your head, and you start to put yourself together. But, that doesn’t go as planned either.

How you thought you’d look:

make up


How you actually look getting ready:

That YouTube tutorial totally failed you.


bad make up

3. You finish your pregame drinks with your girls, and make your way to the party. Your head is spinning with thoughts at 50 mph.

“Oh my God, this outfit is so tight.”


“But, I don’t care I look fabulous”



“I already feel a little drunk. Did I pregame too hard? I better not puke. I can’t be THAT freshman”

just did a shot


“It’s ok. Just breath… I wonder if there will be hot guys here.”



“AH. We’re here. Be cool.”

be cool

4. You arrive and you feel like a boss… kind of.

How you walk into the party in your head:

how you want to walk in

What really happens when you get there:

I feel so awkward


5. So, you and your girls stand together, acting like you’re having a good time, when in reality no one knows what to do. Except take selfies.


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6. You finally start to see people you know, and things start to feel a little more comfortable. Maybe a little too comfortable.

loosen up


7. You might see a cute guy that you make eye contact with. And you want to approach him.

what you really say

8. But you don’t. You just try to be discreetly cute and wait for him to come to you as you laugh chat with your friends.

be cute

9. But, he never comes over. You will never be able to tell people you met your husband at your first college party. You’re kind of annoyed by it.

are you kidding



10. But, it’s OK. You just keep mingling, and drinking. And then you decide to try and play beer pong. But, you’re not the champ you thought you’d be.


11. After a little bit longer, it’s time to go back to your dorm. You have no energy to change out of that tight outfit. So you just plop on your bed, and fall fast asleep. You wake up the next day officially a college student who went to their first party. And you can’t wait for the next one – tonight.


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