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Your Dog Breed According To Your Zodiac Sign

Your Dog Breed According To Your Zodiac Sign

Your Dog Breed According To Your Zodiac Sign

Dogs are the sweetest creatures to walk this earth. They are loyal, loving, and quite frankly life wouldn’t be as great without them. Being a dog lover, have you ever thought about what dog breed you would be if you were a dog? It all has to do with personality traits, so, we paired your horoscope with the dog breed that best suits you!

Aries: Miniature Schnauzer

You are very friendly, smart, and you love attention, just like the miniature schnauzer. Minatare schnauzers require a lot of love because they tend to get jealous easily. Your personality meshes well with the miniature schnauzer, seeing that you both love to socialize!

Taurus: Cocker Spaniel

Taurus’ are one of the sweetest signs in the zodiac, so it only makes sense that you’d be a cocker spaniel. They can be a bit stubborn, but they are rarely aggressive dogs. You would make a great cocker spaniel, due to your loving and sensitive nature!


Gemini: Chihuahua

You are a chihuahua because you are feisty, chatty, and loyal. Chihuahua’s are known to be a bit yappy, but it’s all with good intention. They are very protective of their owners, and they prefer to accompany themselves with certain people and dogs. In another life, you would totally be a chihuahua!

Cancer: Corgi

If you were a dog, you would definitely be a corgi. Cancer’s are very family oriented; the people closest to you mean the absolute world to you. Corgi’s are very much a family dog because they love spending quality time with their owners/family. The characteristics of this loving little companion describe your personality to a tee!

Leo: Golden Retriever

You are kind, friendly, and confident, just like golden retrievers. Golden retrievers are one of the friendliest dog breeds around; they don’t have a mean bone in their body. As a Leo, you are comfortable around people, even people that you don’t know all that well. For those reasons, you would make the perfect golden retriever!


Virgo: Pomeranian

Pomeranian’s are high maintenance dogs. They are attentive and defensive of their territory, much like the Virgo. As a Virgo, you are practical and pay close attention to detail, which is why your observant personality is a perfect match for the Pomeranian!

Libra: Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland’s are very sweet and approachable dogs and Libras are one of the most likeable signs in the zodiac. You both desire a sense of peace and harmony, because you can’t stand when life is off balance. In another life, you would definitely be a shetland sheepdog!

Scorpio: Great Dane

Despite its rather large stature, the Great Dane is a very gentle companion. As a Scorpio, you come across as intense, loyal, and strong. You understand what it’s like to be misunderstood, which is why there is a strong correlation between you and the Great Dane!


Sagittarius: German Shepard

The personality of the Sagittarius resembles that of a German Shepard because both of you are always seeking adventure and a purpose in life. German Shepard’s are one of the most confident dog breeds, and the Sagittarius is the most confident sign in the Zodiac. It’s a match that can’t be denied!

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Capricorn: Jack Russell

Jack Russell’s have a high amount of energy and crave adventure. As a Capricorn, you put your energy into reaching new heights, mentally and physically. The Jack Russell and the Capricorn both display a willingness to be present, so, it only makes sense that Jack Russell is your dog breed!


Aquarius: Poodle

Poodles are a very intelligent and social breed. The Aquarius is naturally authentic and shy and at times, poodles display a reserved side too. This is why poodles go perfectly with the Aquarius!

Pisces: Pug

As a Pisces, you are very intuitive and sensitive. Pugs are underestimated, due to their soft and innocent appearance, and as a Pisces, you can relate to this on a deep level. The Pisces and the pug go hand-in-hand because they are both are charming, adorable, and beloved by many!

Which dog breed do you think best describes your personality? Let us know in the comments!

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