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Your Adult Summer Reading List

We all need to decompress during the summer months; sometimes, reading is the best way to do this. Nothing is better than curling up at the end of the day and reading a good book or throwing your book in your beach bag and spending some time reading at the beach. I love a good summer romance book with maybe a little bit of mystery and suspense. I love to fall in love with the characters, locations, and feelings that a good book has to offer. You might have more time for reading in the summer months because you take more vacation time off, so read these books to fill your summer reading cravings.

Your Adult Summer reading list must include:

1. The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy written by Jenny Han

This trilogy is amazing! You won’t want to put any of these books down, and you will probably find that you can finish these books in one weekend. The trilogy starts with Summer I Turned Pretty, the second book is It’s Not Summer Without You, and the trilogy ends with We’ll Always Have Summer. These books will have you smiling, laughing, crying, and even feeling frustrated. You will self-envisioning the Cousin’s beach and genuinely falling in love with the scenery and all the characters. These books will have you feeling, living, and breathing summer. With every turn of the page, you will be emersed in all the drama and love this book offers its readers. This book is probably for the more teenage crowd but trusts me, everyone will enjoy these feel-good summer love stories. It will have you reminiscing about your summers from high school and college and all the summer romances that you had or wish you had. You have probably seen publicity for these books, as the first trilogy book was just turned into a television series you can stream through Amazon Prime. I recommend reading the first book of the trilogy, watching the first season of the tv show, and then going back to finish the rest of the trilogy. Sometimes when books get turned into movies, I don’t recommend watching the movie or tv show because it ruins them, but I found that the author Jenny Han did a fabulous job turning the first book into a tv show. Some aspects of the plot did change, but to be honest, I did not mind the alterations; in fact, quite the opposite. Don’t even get me started on the soundtrack that accompanied the series. It was fantastic! I finished the television series almost as fast as I finished the books! I recommend including this trilogy in your summer reading list.

2. One Italian Summer was written by Rebecca Serle

Suppose you like a good novel that focuses on love; then you should add this New York Times bestseller book to your collection. If you are craving travel and love the Amalfi Coast, you should read One Italian Summer because it will have you transported to Italy within minutes. This book will indeed have you feeling the love from all aspects of life, friendship, and family. The book focuses on the relationship between a mother and her daughter, but the daughter is experiencing her summer with the younger version of her mother. This book portrays how people grieve and move on from the difficulties of losing a loved one. I would add this book to your adult summer reading list if you are obsessed with love and the coast of Italy.

3. The Hotel Nantucket written by Elin Hilderbrand

Elin Hilderbrand, the queen of beach reads, is known for her mesmerizing summer novels on the magical island of Nantucket. This book is all about the scandal. So right off the bat, we love this book as readers are getting their gossip fixed. This story is about Lizbet Keaton, who goes through a tumultuous breakup and works at the Hotel Nantucket and fixes it up as it has declined over the years. And don’t worry, for those who love some romance, there is a nice touch of summer romance. This novel will have you falling in love with Nantucket and all the characters. Be sure to add Elin Hilderbrands’ most recent book, The Hotel Nantucket, to your summer reading list.

4. Every Summer After, written by Carley Fortune

This New York Times Bestselling novel has been given the title of one of the hottest summer novels by multiple book clubs and news outlets. So don’t feel like you’re missing out on any fun. This book combines six years of summer romance into one novel, which makes me love this book even more. It’s a classic spin of a friendship blooming into something more. Turn every page quickly as the characters unveil their past summers and mistakes at Barry’s Bay. This novel will captivate you with the story and characters; make sure to ass Every Summer After to your adult summer reading list if you want in on this phenomenon.

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5. Beach Read, written by Emily Henry

The same author who brought readers the people We Meet On Vacation is bringing us Beach Read. It’s about two authors that could not be more different, one is a romance writer who seems to not believe in love anymore, and the other is a literary writer who appears to be suffering from writer’s block. The two may have their issues all sorted out by the end of summer but read the book to find out. Beach Read should be added to your summer reading list as it has elements that create the perfect summer story.

If you are looking for a good summer beach read recommendations than these are the five summer novels I recommend. Once you begin to read them, you will get every drop of the perfect summer beach read, with romance, feel-good, and writing so good you will be transported to Italy for the summer. So explore all these books have to offer on your summer reading list.

Camilla Berckemeyer

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