You’ll Always Run Into These 10 People at Clemson

From the guy in the room next to yours to the infamous frat boys, you’ll always run into these people at Clemson. Read on for our complete list.

1. Your hall mates.

This is always the best, because you no longer have to walk home alone.

2. The frat star.

Khakis, sorority t-shirt, and probably accompanied by his matching bros.

3. Someone who hasn’t slept in days.

Coffee in hand, defeat on their face.

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4. Your best friend.

You’ll scream at her obnoxiously until she notices you.

5. Your ex best friend.

The one person you want to avoid at all costs of course is around every corner.

6. Your RA.

This is weird because you aren’t exactly sure if she’s your friend or your mom.

7. Parking services.

You will be running to your car as you watch them write the ticket.

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8. Your orientation ambassador/welcome leader.

Just like your RA, are we friends or am I supposed to pretend we don’t know each other?

9. Someone with a dog.

These are the best kind of people.

10. The athlete.

They stick out like a sore thumb. Who else wears an orange beanie with an orange jacket over their orange pants while carrying their orange backpack?

What other people at Clemson do you always run into? Let us know in the comments below!
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