20 Signs You Went To Carmel High School

Being a student at CHS definitely had a lot of qualities that most high schools don't offer. These are the 20 signs you went to Carmel High School!

People say that your years in high school are some of the most memorable years of your life. That being said, it’s important to reflect on those memories and attributes that your high school experience have given you. With its very distinct traditions, Carmel High School has left many positive marks on the students who have passed through its doors that they will always carry with them. Here are 20 signs you went to Carmel High School!

20 signs you went to Carmel High School!

1. Going to a large university doesn’t freak you out.

With over 5,000 people attending CHS, you realized that finding your niche isn’t as difficult as it may seem!

2. You’re great at navigating big crowds.

Thanks to having to power walk and shove your body through tiny nooks and crannies during passing periods, any large crowd shouldn’t be an issue for you.

20 signs you went to Carmel High School!

3. Meeting new people is easy as pie.

At CHS, there is a very high chance that there was someone in each of your classes that you had never met before. Because of this skill set, meeting new people in college is much less intimidating.

4. You applied to at least one state university, and most likely are attending one!

There’s a reason they call Indiana University “Carmel South”.

20 signs you went to Carmel High School!

5. You know all too well the eyebrow raise and “pursed lips” look you get at college when you say you went to CHS.

20 signs you went to Carmel High School!

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6. People flip when you tell them that you had a coffee shop in your high school.

Ahh, yes, the Carmel Cafe.

20 signs you went to Carmel High School!

7. When introducing yourself and where you’re from, you tend to brag about all of the state championships your high school has won.

30 Women’s Swimming State Championships in a row? No big deal.

20 signs you went to Carmel High School!

8. You have high expectations for your college’s performing arts department.

Who could forget CHS’s award-winning marching band, show choirs, orchestras, and theatre department?

20 signs you went to Carmel High School!

9. College course loads aren’t a big deal for you.

During your time at CHS, your counselor most likely convinced you to take at least one AP/IB class or maybe 8-12 of them. Either way, the exposure to college course work as a high school student has set you up for success in college.

10. Trekking around campus is a sitch.

Walking up the dreaded trail every day, rain or shine, has prepared you for trekking around campus.

20 signs you went to Carmel High School!

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11. You’re pretty much an expert at finding alternative routes for your destination when construction is an issue.

Anyone who has ever gone to CHS knows that, for some odd reason, there’s always a major construction project going on. Luckily, knowing your whereabouts has saved you from being late to school.

12. You’re a master at navigating roundabouts.

I mean, one would hope that you would be, considering Carmel is the roundabout capital of the United States.

20 signs you went to Carmel High School!

13. It surprises you that your friends and family from out of town don’t know how to drive a roundabout.

Don’t they have these things everywhere?

14. You’re psyched that you don’t have to drive 15 minutes to hang out with your friends.

We all know the frustration of having a super close friend who lives on the other side of town. *shakes fists in indignation* Curse you, East/West Side! Now all of your best friends are within a one-mile radius of one another!

15. You have an affinity for gold and blue

16. You also have an affinity with greyhounds.

Who doesn’t love these adorable little creatures?

20 signs you went to Carmel High School!

17. You know who King John Williams is.

An iconic memory is the King himself. He was always there shaking your hand as you walked across the school to get to class. With a warm smile and a booming voice, this retired principal of CHS will always hold a special place in your heart

20 signs you went to Carmel High School!

18 You know all about the Dance Marathon

You most likely went to one of them.

20 signs you went to Carmel High School!

19. You know what it feels like to live in the town that Money Magazine ranked the “#1 Best Place to Live”.

And it feels pretty great to have had that experience.

20. You’re ready for the world outside of CHS.

“CHS is Great” and it always will be, but your years at CHS have transformed you into an individual who realizes that you are not meant to change the world in your high school. You’re meant to make the world a better place beyond the halls of CHS, and you know you’ve been given the skills to get the job done.

Do you have any other signs you went to Carmel High School!? Share in the comments below!

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