You Totally Know You’re An Introvert When…

Being a introvert can mean that you are usually more on the quiter or shy side. However if you feel like you're unsure, check out this article!

Are you someone who likes to snuggle up to a good book and spend your time watching Netflix rather than going out with your mates getting smashed? Then read our article all about being an introvert.

1. Answering The Phone

You know you’re an introvert when you don’t want to answer the phone and you let it go to voicemail. You won’t answer the phone because you’re scared of not knowing what to say or what to do if they ask you a question. It’s always difficult for anxious introverts to answer the phone unless they know who’s calling.

You Totally Know You're An Introvert When...

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2. Deep Thinkers

Because we have so much time to ourselves, introverts are deep thinkers and can think of the wildest things imaginable. Although it’s both a blessing and a curse to think so deeply, they are usually clever people to be around, therefore meaning they are very caring and empathetic.

3. Cosy Weekends

You know you’re an introvert when all you want to do on a Friday night is snuggle up with your fur babies and read a good book until a blanket fort while all your friends are getting ready to go clubbing. You’re the mum friend who is giving them tips and pointers on what not to do on a night out while sitting there in your sweats. You’re perfectly happy reading with your glass of wine than going out meeting guys and flirting.

You Totally Know You're An Introvert When...

4. Netflix and Chill

You know you’re an introvert when your friends call you up asking to hang out with you but you’d rather hang out with your cat and watch Netflix, so you make up any excuse possible not to go out with your mates just to spend time binge watching the latest series of Making A Murderer. It’s okay, we’ve all been there.

5. Making Plans

Us introverts don’t like making plans – they make us anxious and annoyed. We’ll agree to make plans with you and then cancel last minute because we would rather hang out at home getting the chores done. Even though we aren’t always considerate, we’re still good friends and will be there for you in times of need.

Don’t expect us to actually turn up to things. We pray that the person we planned on going out with cancels. We hope that the family meal gets canceled because someone’s under the weather. Don’t judge us; it’s just in our nature.

You Totally Know You're An Introvert When...

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6. We Love Our Own Company

As introverts, we don’t often feel lonely. We love to spend time by ourselves, thinking and watching TV, blogging or making cakes. We enjoy spending time with our own thoughts while other girls hang in big groups chatting loudly about having a girly sleepover with booze.

7. Best Friends

You know you’re an introvert when you decide to recruit one person, only one, to be your designated best friend. Whether it’s an online friend (these are handy as you never have to make plans) or a who lives close by and enjoys just hanging out watching TV, we will recruit someone to hang out with. We don’t want to go out, we’ll just have sleepovers in our pug PJs and bake cookies.

 You Totally Know You're An Introvert When...

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We hope you enjoyed this article and let us know one thing you struggle with by being an introvert in the comments!

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