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You Only Graduate Once – Make It The Best With These 10 Tips

High school graduation is one of the toughest transitions an eighteen-year-old can make. Read on future graduate, for some tips to make the most of it!

1. Understand yourself first

Many of us who just got out of high school are not ready to get exposed to the diversity, and then we have a hard time struggling. Go out in your city and observe, you are going to find some really amazing things. People from different cultures, countries, tongues, are going to be around you in college. These new things are going to be surprising and shocking, you need to understand the universality, the way things work in this world. To get along with the world, first thing you do is understand yourself. Understand and accept your uniqueness because unless you value yourself, you cannot value others around you.

2. You got to decide.

In college, you have all the opportunities that you didn’t have in high school. It’s a perfect place to put some quality effort in whatever you love. Just how a sculptor carves beauty out of a stone, you have a chance to carve the life you deserve out of these four years. Although, college is not really important for some, it plays major life changing roles. You got to decide whether you are ready to snatch that diamond out of college years or not. If you don’t feel like it, you can take some time off and start college a little later.

3. Be open minded.

You have to know that each and every folk around you is unique. You cannot call somebody stupid just because their way of doing things is a little different from yours. Learn to accept people the way they are. Doing thins, you’re going to have a lot of friends who will share their culture and knowledge with you. Each year, there come many new trends, they are accepted and followed widely. If you don’t like something, just don’t follow it; there is no need to courtesies. Do not avoid doing something new, doing something new can even make that a trend. You can find many things you are good at just by opening yourself to such vast diversity. But, you’ll have to try in the first place.

4. Talk to professors.

Professors can play a blockbuster role in your life. From helping in class to internships, they play their move really well. Do not hesitate in talking, professors are usually very helpful. By chance, if they are not, what’s a big deal in blacklisting one. Getting cool with professors is a work of art. You got to know the moves for hitting it on point and the game will be down your side. Big assignments, project works, research opportunities, internship, whatever it be, a professor will definitely be a helping hand.


5. Don’t cheat yourself.

First and foremost, nobody actually cares what you do, whether you succeed or fail, you are the bearer of your own actions. Think about someone who needs to complete some credits in order to pass a semester. There is a tight schedule to be followed and there is some fascinating stuff. Whether that person will pass the semester or fail it, it depends on him. Tell me one thing, do you care whatever he does? Now place yourself in that position, what would have been important for you? Passing that semester or repeating that semester? Would anyone ever care what you do? I guess you understood my point.

6. Socialize a bit.

Being socially active can make studies easier, just find a study group ready to help you anywhere and everywhere. Best time to expand your social circle is college, exposure to different cultures in social conditions like joining a club or a group will tell you more about life than any college course will. Socializing has many appreciable benefits, it helps keeping you emotionally stable, it can boost your self-confidence if you surround yourself with people who can encourage you to be better, depending on how you keep your college life, future endeavors will most likely be affected.

7. No crap during the class.

Developing in society and extra-curricular activities is one thing, academics is one thing. You should at least keep up your grades up and complete the credits. So much money spent for what? Ditching classes. I don’t think that’s a nice idea. Just imagine, by any chance you ditch a class, Bingo!! You are not going to want to sit in any of that class again; you won’t understand anything. Experience is one’s priority when in college, but ditching classes in the name of experience is just an excuse.

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8. Take back what’s yours.

College education can suck a lot of money out of your pocket. You can earn scholarships and make your parents’ burden a little less. There is a lot of free money around you in college,you just need to be a little aware. There are lot of types scholarships- sports, music, theatre, different academic subjects, research works, any goddamn art, and if you do not fall in any such category, there are special reserved scholarships for handicaps, depending your condition matches with the criteria. Handicap or not, you can work your way with many scholarships, you just have to be a little more aware.

9. Know what’s written down here.

These few lines are going to be a little awkward because it’s something that everybody learns through time. Many of us, when we get to college are new to many college experiences, one of them is drugs. Going to parties, chilling with friends, having beers, marijuana on weekends is cool, not a problem. But, if you do that regularly, make it an important part of your life, it’s not how you live life. That Smooth and curvy Lamborghini, a palace, and a sweet life, who don’t want that. My friend, it’s not what you can get through dreaming, you sow the seed of discipline and cultivate it with hard work, that’s how you get there.

10. Enjoy!

All the tips above are one thing. You got just one life, enjoy it that way you want to. If you have to work to get to your dream life, be a little selfish and go for it. Enjoying all the phases of life is a hard thing to do because life is not a smooth road, it has boulders, check posts, ditches and you are going to fall in every trap life has set for you, but once you conquer all of it, that’s the day when you don’t have to think twice, no bounding, no fear, no cuffs, nothing could stop you from anything. Just remember, life is a journey and it is exactly how you decide for it.

Do you have any other tips for a future high school graduate? Let us know in the comments below!
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