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You Know You’re Adulting When…

You Know You’re Adulting When…

Adulting is hard. That's something we all know. All of the signs listed here are the sure signs that you're probably entering the adult world!

Adulting is hard. It’s never easy when you realise you have to grow up and leave all your childish antics behind you… much to your parents’ delight! With this being said, going off to uni is definitely the stepping stone into becoming an actual adult. However, it is even sadder when you KNOW you’re officially adulting when you experience these following things:

(Note to self: be prepared to relate harder than you have ever related before…)

1. You get excited about any kind of practical homeware product

Yes that’s right, if you’re doing a little bit of window shopping and you see the so called “next best vacuum cleaner” on one side and the perfect pair of classic mom jeans you have been searching like crazy for, without looking twice you will go head first into claiming the dirt sucker as your new BFF! Other things that would be of more value to you include cleaning products of any kind, non-stick pots and pans and definitely some sort of random kitchen appliance (like a pineapple corer)


2. You are obsessively tracking your online banking account

The sad demise of the days were you would get pocket money and student loans only result in you becoming obsessed with keeping track of all your spending and most importantly making sure you have enough money for rent, wifi, electricity/ water bills and food! We have all done it, and by that I mean anxiously logging on to your bank account and hoping to see over 4 digit numbers that are anything other than the number “0”!

You Know You're Adulting When...

3. You don’t have anything to eat!

This one might sound weird at first but if you have lived out at uni you will definitely relate! This applies to the numerous occasions where you drag your lazy self into the kitchen when you’re hungry, open all the pantries and the fridge only to see you have absolutely nothing left to eat… or if you do you have some bizarre choices to choose from, somethings that don’t really make a full conventional meal e.g half a cucumber, some milk and the remainder of some pasta sauce! What makes it worse is seeing the array of options your flatmates have in there stocked up cupboards and on their sections of the communal fridge, making you hate yourself for not going to the shops earlier on!

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4. You get to come home for the holidays!!!

I don’t know about you but what made me feel like a capital ‘A’ Adult is the satisfying and rewarding moment of you getting to come back home for Xmas after spending months away at university. There is nothing greater than the feeling of knowing that you get to spend some time at home and enjoy the festivities after finishing all your exams and assignments that are thrown at you by all your lovely professors! You have a weird sense of accomplishment that arises out of you realising you have survived yet another semester of uni and are still somewhat of a sane person. That epitome seems to kick off the holiday period to a great start and all the great food and presents that come along with it are just an added bonus!

You Know You're Adulting When...


5. The role of Administrator is passed down onto you 😉

The privilege of being a child is that your parents do everything for you, and yes this counts for the incredibly boring, mundane yet highly important stuff. In other words, this includes all the basic admin we all need to do as human beings e.g making/ renewing a passport, booking doctors’ appointments, registering for school/ uni etc… Unfortunately, once we turn 18 our parents soon retire the role of being our personal PA’s, making it our responsibility to fill out our own forms, call up the reception to make our own appointments and in general do all the things we had no experience in doing for ourselves!

So here we go, all the major things that make us realize when we have become adults, or at least the things that we all do when trying to master the art of adulting! Are you adulting yet? Tell us in the comments!
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