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You Know You Go To Temple University When

You Know You Go To Temple University When


When you talk with friends at other universities, you quickly realize how different your school is to theirs, and that is because each school has its own culture. The culture at Temple University is especially unique, and if you start talking about Diamond Dollars, Insomnia Cookies, or the Bell Tower preacher, we’re pretty sure you’re non-Temple friends will have no idea what you’re talking about! So, you know you go to Temple University when:

You’re closet is full of “cherry and white” clothing.

Admit it, we all have a bunch of Temple merch in our closets, such as Temple sweaters, hats, T-shirts, backpacks and more. It doesn’t even surprise us if we go to class and someone is wearing the exact same outfit.



You can never find an open computer at the Tech Center.

Although the building has HUNDREDS of computers, it’s going to take a few laps around the whole building until you finally find an open one.



The line for the printers at the Paley Library are always super long.

You know there’s more printers on the second and third floors of the library, but you’re too lazy to take the elevator, let alone the stairs.


You know that Anderson and Gladfelter are the most confusing buildings on campus.

Even if you just need to get to the second floor, you need to be careful about which stairwell you take because each one takes you to a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT part of the building.

You know that Narnia is so much more than a book series.

Enough said.



You see squirrels EVERYWHERE.

Squirrels have literally become such a huge part of Temple that they have their own Instagram account.

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Protests near the Student Center are an everyday thing.



You know all the best food trucks are next to the Tyler School of Art.

The Creperie, Burger Tank, Richie’s Lunch Box, etc.

You have taken a picture on the TU Big Chair and posted it to Instagram.


What are other signs you go to Temple University? Comment below!
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