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You Know You Go To Sonoma State University When

You Know You Go To Sonoma State University When


A lot of college experiences tend to be universal, like pulling all nighters or that freshman 15. But here are some things that you know only if you go to Sonoma State University. From the fire alarms, to hearing country music everywhere you go, you’ll be able to relate!

1. You hear someone complain about how all the “issues” they have with their dorm rooms, even though they come with a kitchen, private bathrooms and a living room…

2. Seeing campus police patrol, knowing that most likely they were called out because someone accidentally set off the fire alarm in their room…

SSU’s biggest crime on campus is bike theft, meaning the campus cops don’t really get called all that often…but when they do it’s probably because someone set of the EXTREMELY SENSITIVE FIRE ALARMS.



3. When You wanna go out on a Sunday night, but can’t because EVERYTHING IS CLOSED…

Sunday is a day of rest, but Rohnert Park takes that expression a little too seriously. You want to go do something on a sunday night? Better count your losses and chill with friends on campus.

4. When one or more of your classes are in the GMC and you know a simple walk to class just turned into a nature walk.

On the way to your class in the Green Music Center, you will walk by a lake, through some beautiful foliage and over a small rust bridge with water rushing under it making that long walk to class a lot more enjoyable.

5. When you hear people say “hella” or “hecka” after every other word…

This is actually just a Normal thing, but we are hella over it.


6. Knowing that your mascot is LOBO the Seawolf, but not really knowing what a Seawolf actually is….

Is it just a normal wolf? Something like the Loch Ness monster? Nobody knows!


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7. When the Caf food is actually bomb.

If you go to the caf at any hour that’s not the normal breakfast, lunch or dinner hours you’re stuck with just pizza and burgers, but if you show up on the right times you have a choice between different pastas, “foreign” food, tacos, fried noodles and some pretty awesome dessert choices.

8. Walking into a class and having it be mainly girls is totally normal.

SSU is 62% female, so when you walk into a small discussion class dont be surprised if there are only two or three guys out of all 30 of you.

9. Having to explain to someone that doesn’t go to Sonoma State that Sonoma is not actually in Sonoma city, but Sonoma County…

SSU is actually in Rohnert Park, a small city that’s about a half hour away.


10. Hearing country music. Everywhere. You. Go…

Don’t like country music? Get used to it cause you will hear country when hanging out with your friends, in the caf and multiple country concerts at the GMC.

What are some other things you only understand if you go to Sonoma State University? Comment below!
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