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You Know You Go To San Diego State University When…

You Know You Go To San Diego State University When…

You know you go to SDSU when you notice the following things we've listed here for you!

Every university is unique in their own ways, including San Diego State University. At SDSU we take pride in a lot of things such as our academics and sports teams. But there’s so much more about this university than meets the eye. So, you know you go to SDSU when you notice the following things down below.

What can we say, we love Starbucks!

If you’ve attended San Diego State University for a while, then you have probably noticed that there’s 3 Starbucks scattered on and off campus. The first Starbucks is located a little bit off campus near a Jack in the Box. The other two Starbucks are literally on campus by Student Union and Storm Hall. Even though having three Starbucks may seem a bit excessive, it is actually needed because there’s thousands upon thousands of students at SDSU.

Starbucks and Laptop

I’m not kidding, there are skateboards, scooters and bikes everywhere.

Although SDSU is not an extremely huge campus, it’s still considered a large campus that may require you to use a skateboard, bike, or scooter to go around campus. For example, if you have ten minutes to go from GMCS to Storm Hall, you may want to use a skateboard or bike to get to your class faster. Of course, there is definitely a popular transportation on campus and that is a skateboard. You know you go to SDSU when you have a least one skateboarder in your class for the semester. Also, don’t be surprised if a skateboarder happens to be very close to you when they are making their way to their class. Honestly, it’s just one of those things that most SDSU students have gotten used to because it happens on a daily basis.


There’s one strict deadline that every student must remember every semester.

Every students has around 3-4 weeks to add or drop their classes before they have to finalize it. Once the deadline has pass, you are stuck with your classes for the rest of the semester. In my opinion, make sure you write the deadline on your planner because you’re most likely going to forget the date.


“Free Money”

You know you’re a student at SDSU if you’ve been approached by a some people who have handed out coupon booklets to you. Most of the time, they will call the coupon booklets “free money.” If you’re a student on a budget, I recommend taking advantage of the coupon booklet because you can find some amazing deals that’s going to very kind to your wallet. Some students may not know this but you can get some amazing discounts at your local restaurants and supermarkets in the coupon booklet.

We LOVE Chipotle

I wouldn’t say every single student on campus loves Chipotle, but it’s definitely a popular fast food restaurant on campus. Chipotle is so popular that sometimes, you’re stuck in line for 20- 30 minutes just to order and pay for your food. So, depending on what time you go to Chipotle, you may have to stand in line for a very long time. Hard to believe, but even on Fridays when a lot of students are not on campus, you will still find yourself standing in a long line at Chipotle.

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Justin Bieber

You will quickly realize that parking structure 12 is very popular.

Let’s have a quick conversation on one of the most popular parking structures at SDSU. For some reason, everybody seems to go to P12 first before they park anywhere else on campus. It almost seems like most students have their classes on the West Side of campus because everybody is parking in P12. In my opinion, the East side of campus has more parking spaces and rarely do find yourself struggling to find a parking spot.  Also, traffic is more tolerable on the East side of campus, except for the beginning of every semester. Either way, you know you’re a student at SDSU when you can’t find parking in P12 in the day time from Monday to Thursday.

There’s a lot of traffic on and off campus.

No matter what side of the campus you go to at SDSU, you’re always near a freeway. That’s very convenient because some people have to go on the freeway in order to go to their internships, jobs, or to go home. On the other hand, the main issue about SDSU’s location is that everybody in San Diego uses the same freeway, so traffic can become very hectic really fast. You can expect traffic to begin around 2:30pm. Whether you leave campus from the West or East side, you’re going to run into some traffic if you need to use the freeway. My best advice is to turn on some good music, be patient, and drive safely.



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