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You Know You Go To Rutgers When

You Know You Go To Rutgers When

Rutgers is the best university. These are the signs that prove you go to RU. These RU signs will make any Rutgers student crack up.

Upon entering the city, your eyes may delight in wonder at the circus called New Brunswick. The tall buildings, the fast traffic, random shouting, it all can seem intimidating to some. However, once you start your semester, you’ll get used to it and simply realize that this is Rutgers. The city is full of restaurants, events, rich people who have nothing better to do, and yes, bums.

During your studies, you’ll experience a lot, but there are key difference you’ll only experience at RU that will remind you that you go to RU:

When You Need Help with Classes, but No One is There to Help

I needed help in calculus, and went to my recitation teacher’s office hours. He was busy grading papers and said “I’d love to help you, but it’s just a bad time.” However, when the cute Asian girls walked in, he was more than willing to help…welcome to Rutgers. You go on the 1 on 1 tutor schedule and it’s all full, so you try group tutoring but there’s just too many people. You ask your “friends” for help,  but they say excuses like, “I forgot it all”. You email the tutoring administrator and they reply with robot like responses. So what do you do? You realize you’re on you’re own…welcome to Rutgers.


big bang theory help GIF

When You’re Running to Catch a Bus

You’re worn out from the day and you’re walking to the Livingston bus stop to beat the crowd only to see your bus going to the Student Center. You then contemplate whether to walk or run, but don’t want to look like an idiot. Just last night it happened and I saw two girls scrambling to their bus, dropping their phone and other belongings on the way. This especially happens when you’ve got night classes. The worst is when you sprint as fast as you can only to watch the bus drift away. Once on College Hall, my physics lab partner and I were leaving when my partner’s bus arrived on. He sprinted and I ran too and waving to make the bus stop for him, but it just kept on going…welcome to Rutgers.

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When You’re Unbelievably Depressed

Suicide rates among college students have risen to scary levels and Rutgers is on the top ten for the most depressed. With the enormous course work and lack of one on one attention, you’ll quickly find yourself overwhelmed and unsure of your future. You talk to others in your class and are shocked to learn that many have failed and are repeating the course, some even multiple times! You pray, you study, but still fail no matter how many hours or tutoring you go to. Things seem hopeless, but you itch on, because your future is on the line…welcome to Rutgers.

inside out sadness GIF

When You Feel Screwed

I was warned about the RU Screw the first week, I didn’t realize it was real. You’ve paid your dues, you work hard, you do your part, but still things don’t go your way. The bus doesn’t show up, you miss the bus repeatedly, professors don’t care, too many kids in your class, tutors are full, nobody is there to help you, all the while you see rich suits strolling the streets without a care in the world. You literally feel like a number. And you think, I paid ten grand for this?…welcome to Rutgers.


screwed the office GIF

When You Get On The Bus

Even if you manage to catch the bus, once you enter, you’ll be quickly reminded of where you are, especially when you see some people who clearly aren’t students and the homeless guy sleeping in the back…welcome to Rutgers.

When You See Your Jam Packed Bus Arrive, but Know There’s No Room

A frequent occurrence at the student center. You’ve waited patiently for your bus only to see it packed like a bullet train in Japan. Other students scramble to get in and you just stand in the background watching the poor suckers struggling…welcome to Rutgers.

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When You Can’t Sleep

Parties, booze, idiots on the streets, there are a thousand things to keep you up at night, not to mention your course work. Cherish the good night’s sleep at your parents, because you can kiss all that goodbye…welcome to Rutgers.

lonely anxiety GIF by Michelle Porucznik


When you Feel You Want to Drop Out

It’s common to feel like quitting school, and when you read the student’s review, you know many have already transferred out. You miss the days of being on the beach, the park, or just taking a breath of fresh air, and yearn for freedom from the hectic city. Don’t worry, most hate Rutgers, they’re only there for the free ride or because there’s hardly any other school that offers respectable graduate programs in New Jersey that is accessible…welcome to Rutgers.

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Rutgers is one of a kind (for better or for worse). One thing is for sure, going there even if it’s just for one semester, will change you forever. You might get screwed, you might fail, or you might get groped. You may find someone special and make best friends. You might even get that job you wanted, make money, and have the time of your life. No one knows for sure, but you might just end up liking it.

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