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You Know You Go To Marist When

You Know You Go To Marist When

There are so many things that happen to Marist students on a daily basis. These are the things you know you go to Marist when...

Read this if you are interested in seeing all of the relatable experiences that Marist College students encounter on a daily basis. You know you go to Marist when:

1. You make friends with all of the cab drivers.

Shoutout to Phatz for driving me to the mall for $3 (instead of the going rate of $7) and then dropping me back off at Leo (instead of the usual drop-off at Donelly).


2. You have waited on the never ending omelette line in the morning that wraps all the way around the dining hall.



3. When Taco Tuesdays/ Cupcake Tuesdays are the highlight of your weekly dining experience.

Especially when they have buttercream frosting for the cupcakes!

4. You have experienced that tedious walk from your freshman dorm all the way to Fontaine in the freezing cold winter weather.

5. The one place you don’t want to be on campus is the dining hall after 5 o’clock classes.

The dinner rush is real…good luck finding a booth to sit in!


6. You see a Facebook post from an R.A. in your dorm promoting free food in your lounge.

Take advantage of it! (They have had free cupcakes, chicken nuggets, nutella, chocolate cake, and donuts depending on the day.)


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7. Every time you go to the laundry room you leave in a bad mood because the machines are either broken or busy.

8. You use your freshman $25 thrifty within the first two weeks of the semester.

Tip: The chicken quesadillas from the cab are a must! Also Donelly Cafe has really good sandwiches!


9. You go to River on Thursday, Darby’s on Friday and Union on Saturday.

Make sure to bring a second form of I.D. and lots of cash! Plus try to take $2 cabs, not $3 (Trust me it pays off in the end.)

10. You take advantage of the $25 city trips and $5 movie tickets offered in the Student Center.

There have been Broadway shows like The Lion King, Aladdin, The Book of Mormon!

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